Second Infantry Regiment

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Does anyone have dates on when the 2nd IR came and left Fort Snelling in 1921?  Wikipedia says they arrived in October, 1921 and left soon after for Fort Sheridan.  The 3rd IR arrived at Fort Snelling in November, 1921, so it must have been before then.

I know I'm getting obscure here.  I research the history of Fort Snelling and the 2nd IR is one of the units we don't have on the roster, probably because they were here so briefly.  Sorry.  History geek here and I like to get the facts correct.

Larry G
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The 2d and 3d Infantry Regiment were at Camp Perry for the National Matches in August 1921 when the 2d Infantry was ordered to Fort Sheridan and the 3d Infantry to Fort Snelling after the matches were over. The 2d Infantry arrived at Fort Sheridan on 15 October and also on 15 October the 2nd and 3rd Battalions were eliminated leaving only the regimental headquarters and one battalion. My information does not show when the 3d Infantry Regiment arrived at Fort Snelling so your information on that is probably correct.  Prior to this the 2d and 3d Infantry were at Fort Sherman, Kentucky, therefore the 2d Infantry was not at Fort Snelling at all during the 1921 time frame.

Several companies of the 2d Infantry Regiment were located at Fort Snelling March-December 1854, Companies F and K June-December 1857 and Company E April-May 1859.

L R Grzywinski


2d Infantry Regiment

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