Second Infantry Regiment

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2nd Inf Reg
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This 2013 Pigeon Forge RAMRODS reunion willl be held on 16-19 May at the Norma Dan Motel. As soon as made available the itinerary and registration form will be posted on both this thread and on the events page which can be found by clicking on the EVENTS Button located on the main page of this site. 

Please use this thread for all inquiries and comments concerning the 2013 reunion.
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Thank you John.

The Registration forms are already finished. I will be mailing them in the next couple months.

I was informed by the Norma Dan Motel that they will be closed Jan to mid March for maintenance. If you call during that time your call will be recorded and someone will contact you at a later time to make your reservation.

If you need to find out about the reunion please be free to contact me by clicking on my name.

Hope to see you'll at the reunion   May 16-19- 2013.
Thank you and stay healthy.
B/2/2 1964 to 1967.
1965 to 1970.
John Kerins
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You're welcome Juan. But I DIDN'T Start the thread, nor did I "PIN" it.
Like I said anyone can start a thread and, the pinning was probably someone in the association. It's nice we are all on the same page.

Bob Fulps
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John and Juan, you two are a great team. You always come up with practical solutions that are beneficial to everyone. Thank you. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Hang Tough Amigos. Bob 
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We would like to say thank you to the moderator of the message board and to John K for posting the Reunion Information on the board.

Now if you need a registration, program or cover letter form you can download it from the EVENTS section on this site.

Thank you.
Juan/ Israel/ Carmen.
John Kerins
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Incase you guys didn't see it, on another thread Goodaim claimed he'll have regimental hats for ALL the vets who show up a Pigeon Forge next Spring. What say we get 200 or 300 hundred this year?  See if Goodaim is as good as his word. (Sorry but he's not including the wives etc. Cheap b*st*rd!)

I'm getting my reservation in as soon as Norma Dan reopens!

Dennis Sentelle
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I called the Norma Dan to make a reservation this week and was told that i couln't make it because i was a first time visitor for the reunion that i would have to wait till after the previous reunion visitors had made there's if anyone can help in this matter please let me know. I want a room with one king bed from the 15th till the 19th four nights. I thank anyone in advance if you can be of any help in this matter.I have checked a lot of other motels but they don't have to many that have good reviews. I don't need a four star hotel but i don't want a tent either. I have already spent my time there.
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Dennis, I talk to the same lady you talk to and she infomed me that you have been taking care off. You do have a reservation for the dates you told her you want. No sweat G.I. Numba 1.
Denny Sentelle
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Juan thanks for checking for me. Its always nice to know a brother from the 2/2 has your back. thank you again. And may the Good Lord bless you and your family
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You welcome Dennis anything to help the troops.

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 FYI.  I reaize that it is still early to register for the re union, but we called Norma Dans, and received the same speech as others, pretaining to making reservations, We were told that Norma Dans would accommidate former attendees first [that fair] but the issue is that we are past attendees.
   We will stay in touch with Norma Dans on a regular basis, to acvieve or goals.   Thank  You Frank
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Mr. Frnk, I called the Norma Dan and talk to then on the subject you have wriet on the forum. They will take care of the situation.
Thank you for the info.
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hey are guys the 1/2 allowed to come to this Galla affair D Co 1/21969
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ALL 1/2  and 2/2 guys are welcome to all events ( unless otherwise stated, like a platoon get together, for example)  ALL are encouraged to jump into this message board on a regular basis.  The water's fine.

 We are, however, trying to get Juan to get more couches so we can all go to Florida for the winter and stay at his place.  No luck so far.

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Dennis everyone is welcome. Also you can bring your family members too.
Welcome Home.
Check your back door mail.

Dennis Sentelle
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What up guys just wanted to report the i received all the information for the reunion today in the mail. I wanted to thank you for getting it out so quick., I will fill it out and send the check the first thing this week. i will be busy tomorrow as i am going to the Redskin Vs Seahawks game tomorrow,Thanks to my lovely wife who surprised me this morning and told me to get the ticket on-line. After searching several ticket outlets and looking at some really high prices, I only wanted one ticket as my wife is still feeling the effects of the chemo.most prices for upper deck the cheapest seats were over $200 dollars then you add in-the service charge and ticket delivery you had to add another $50 dollars making the ticket way above my price range. No VA benefits yet.Well to my surprise i found someone selling just one ticket and the price very reasonable only $85 before the extras. total price $107. upper deck 7th row so i don't have to climb all those steps. My old season tickets were the 20th row. thought i would have to dial 911 before i got to my seat.How about cheering the Redskins to victory tomorrow for me. Just get load as hell and chase mama San from the huch.
                                                    PS I probably should have posted all this some where else. Sorry
Denny Sentelle
HHC 2/2
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Dennis, I am glad that you got the paper work for the reunion. It was fast, I send them on friday. Thank you. Looking forward to see you.
B/2/2 1964 to 1967
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
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Today while at the Ramrod unveiling ceremony at Ft Knox, KY I have the chance to speak with the CSM of the 1st Bn and 2nd Bn. I informed them about the Veterans of the 2nd Inf Reg Reunion. They indicated to me that they will try send some troops to the reunion. They told me that they will be training and that maybe it will be hard to send the troops to the reunion... They have all the info about the reunion this year at Pigeon Forge, TN on 16-19 May.

Thank you.

Luther Patton
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Hi All,
Well, it looks like that I plan on attending the reunion this year in Pigeon Forge.  To those of you who were Black Scarf Member's that plan on attending I have something for you to sign.  And that is a Black Scarf tattered and torn that I will leave at The Wall in D.C. this year if things work out and I'm able to go to The Wall this year. 
Robin Lessing is planning on attending this year, and if she does attend.  Then I will ask her, if she will sign the Black Scarf on behalf of her Dad. LTC Richard  Prillaman The father Of The Black Scarf Battalion 1/2. 
On another note I would Love to trailer The Second Infantry Chopper to the reunion for all to see. But that will not be possible at this time. So I will bring picture's of it to show. The Custom Chopper that I had built in 2004, is well know in the Biker World. So many picture's and video's have been taken of it. Some of those that have seen it  has brought tears to their eyes for they had know Viet Nam Veteran's.  And I have been told from so many people that it is the prettiset bikes they had ever seen, and what it represents. When I ride it...... it turns heads and thumps up is given to me.  I have one picture of a beautiful blonde in a dress sitting on it and no she did not have any panties on. Gee I know that I should of got her phone number!!!! OH Well!!! life goes on. She is out there in Tulsa, Oklahoma somewhere. LOL
This will be the first time for me on attending The Second of The Second Reunion. Looking forward to attend.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company  November Platoon RTO
Recon. Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67 June 68
Luther Patton
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One other thin that I forgot to mention, and that is that I have entered The Second Infantry Chopper in several bike Contest and it has won four Trophies  and I will have pictures of those as well.  The trophies are dedicated to the names of The Brother's that I had placed on the back fender. One of the names is Larry Perwitt who I graduated with in 1965.  He was killed in a helicopter crash in Viet Nam.  LT. COL. Prillaman name is on there as well.  The names are just like they are on The Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.
The painter inlay-ed 24 karat gold around the names and unit crest, and Big Red One. .  I have been told that he did a magnificent job on the in-lay which is a very difficult thing to do. 
That is all.
mike ogden
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Brother Lute, Thank You for sharing here and continuing to ride and show your HD for all to see and give Honor and Respect to Our Fallen Hero's, God Rest There Souls!!!
Mike Ogden
1/2 HHC Recon 29er Patrol
Black Scarves BRO June"68"-Feb"69"
John Kerins
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Originally Posted by Luther Patton

This will be the first time for me on attending The Second of The Second Reunion. Looking forward to attend.

Luther my friend, and anyone else who isn't clear about the reunion, the reunion is for the EVERYBODY of the Second! Happily the first, second, and THIRD battalions are all represented at the Second Infantry Regiment's REGIMENTALreunion. (We even have a few Nam vets from other units and ALL are welcomed.)

The second battalion used to have its own reunion (that was opened to all). Then a while back, Don Rochat of the 1st Bn wanted to hold a 1st Bn reunion, (again open to all) in Pigeon Forge. He got together with Bob Fulps who had overseen the 2nd Bn reunions and with Juan Santiago and they put on the first reunion in Pigeon Forge. Don passed away after that initial reunion but Juan and Bob continued the idea of a single reunion for all the Regiment at Pigeon Forge, the Second Infantry Regimental Reunion.

Today we have a great reunion with active members of today units, and vets going all the way back to WII. Not only a great bull session and a lot of laughs but more than that, a real bonding in a great comfortable atmosphere (I'm never so relaxed as when I'm there) No matter what war or battalion the fellow you shoot the sh*t with is, you feel right at home.

We’ve all gotten a wonderful gift from BobFulps, Don Rochat, Dom Mish, Juan Santiago in the past, and now Juan and  Israel Tames. These fellows, with their wives and families have all worked to keep the reunion going and GROWING. Other guys have chipped in from time to time in different ways and are too many to mention. But we owe the core group recognition and thanks for a job very well done!

I hope Luther, and I am pretty sure, you’ll feel the same once you’ve attended this great do! Let me be the first to welcome you Bro. And be assured, you'll be greeted to the reunion as the brother you are and NOT some FNG.

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I wanna see a picture, Lute.  (of the blonde, not the bike).
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Luther, I will be there to welcome you to The Veterans of the 2nd Inf Reg Reunion. The drinks are on me.

We will be glad to see you. Last time I saw you and the first time I think it was in Las Vegas at the 1st Inf Div Reunion many moons ago.
Take care and be careful out there.

Juan (AKA) The saint.
Luther Patton
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Thanks to all,

John, its sounds like a true bond of Brother's for we all have something in common.  We are Veteran's, for we all know we represent one of The Most Famous Division in the military, The Big Red One.

Juan yes, we did meet in Reno, and then again in Chicago.  It will be good to a toast to all of us Brother's the World War Two, Second of The Second,  The First Of The Second, Iraq, and Afghanistan Veteran's and to those who still serve in The Big Red One.  For we could not have completed our mission's in Viet Nam without each other helping each other in the face of war, in the most difficult of times.

And for you BCC if I could find her, I would bring her to the reunion as well.  LOL  I will see what I can do on the picture.

I will get my paper work done and send it in with my check.

Thanks again. 
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
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