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Glenn Haring
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Last night the first part of a new 6 hour series on the Vietnam war was aired. It went through the summer of 67. The next part is tonight a 9 PM and will I expect, begin with Tet.
Last nights 2 hours covered our entry into the war and the early history of our combat. It was very focused on what we as soldiers did. Many of the well know battles were covered in depth. There was some but little about mechanized infantry and tanks but I suspect to see more of that in the second part.
This is the best coverage of our war I have ever seen. You will see clear explanations of well known battles, and see the best video/film ever to come out of that war.
This is a do not miss for all of us. It also would serve a great teaching tool for family members or younger people who want a real sense of what we did.

B 2/2nd
Daring Bravo 6 Kilo

"If you have a negative sit rep break squelch twice"

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I have that series already at home.... Need to look at them.

Thank you for the info.


Glenn Haring
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Got those pic coming Juan. I expect a lot of what you saw will look like the moon to us after all this time.

Mike Walden
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I have also seen those many others and the BRO is not covered a lot in the 1965 through 1967. There is more coverage after wards do to more commutations available. During the early days we did not know the names of most operations we were on. Also a couple off foot notes we all did the tunnel rat thing in recon and just about everything else. The line units also crawl in tunnels also. Sometimes we were in the field for a couple of weeks and they would drop food and water to us by choppers. We went in with the M-14'sand did not get m-16's until 1966 and they would bind up and try loading a new round into the old one. The took them back the a month two gave new ones to us which did not jam. This FYI There were not Black Scarfs until 1966.
Mike Walden,
Hq's, Recon. 1st Bn, 2nd Inf. BRO
Luther Patton
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I watched the Viet Nam in HD. Order the series in Blu Ray, I would think that it will be so much better in Blu Ray than in HD.  Have to wait and see.
In a Series, that came out in the 80's put together by CBS, The Ten Thousand Day War, which i have all of the video's from that series.
Walter Cronkite of course narrated it.  He said that one of the things about the Viet Nam War was Body Count.  And they showed a clip of The Black Scarf Battalion at The Battle Of Hill 172 of Black Scarfs piling up the bodies of dead NVA that had been killed that night during the battle.
I have the rough draft of CBS footage before it was edited... on CD.
The point I'm getting at is that during the showing of Viet Nam last week in HD, showed the clip of Black Scarf Member's piling up body's of the enemy.
 It was a very short clip.  But it was the Black Scarf's for you can see them wearing the Black Scarf's. I was there during the Battle. And lost a good friend Paul E. Dufford. He was awarded the Silver Star for saving two of his fellow soldiers, at the cost of his own life. RIP Dufford.
I have seen the same clip from that battle in other documentary's about Viet Nam as well.
One of the reason that The Battle Of Hill 172 was so publicized and that was about Body Count. We had the proof to show that the Big Red One did not lie about its Body Count.
In the film the reporter was interviewing LT.COL. Mortimer O'Connor, and COL. George E. Newman. Of course LT. COL. Mortimer O'Connor would be KIA on April 1st, 1968 four months later during Operation Quyet Thang. May He RIP.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
Mike Walden
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Hi Luther,
It it has been a long time. Hope all is well. I have yet to see the clip your talking about. I have seen just about everything that has come out. I will have to go back and look at. I was referring to the earlier days. The Recon group of Hq's 1st Bn was flown in the morning after Apu-Nat and we did the same thing during clean up and stacked bodies and at times we could not tell who was who. I had a couple of friends killed who left For Deven's with me. Could not believe how the tanks and stuff fired point blank. We found M 14 rifles of some of the guys with the flash suppressors melted and bent. Things were still smoking. I know Frank and Juan and some of the others can confirm this. I am glad this did not make the news because it was very gory. This is just FYI and I  am not trying to compare to what you went through. Hope to see you this year Luther at one of the reunions if I can make it.
God Bless
Mike Walden,
Recon 34 & 00, Hq's, 1stBn, 2nd Inf. 65-66

Dennis Peterson
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I watched every minute of this doco.  I did not see much from the 'early' years.  Especially 1966 -67.  I desperately wanted to see the 'Black Scarves', but I must of missed the scene you mentioned...
The next time around I'll pay closer attention.
HHC 1st inf. 2nd reg.     Phuoc Vinh Vietnam  JUNE '66 - JUNE '67
Steve DeLacy
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If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, the History Channel is running the Vietnam series starting this Saturday (11/19) afternoon.  Got the DVR set to record.

Co. B
Track 221
'Mar '67 - Mar '68
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