Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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April 1968 was a very sever month for our 2nd Infantry Regiment; on 3 April 1968 Daring Bravo Bandits 2/2 Infantry suffered heavy casualties engaged a NVA Brigade with Red Chinese that was reported by the 1st Inf Div LRRP's (I remember coming out of the jungle after the 4 hour battle meeting Daring 6 "LTC Davisson" just when he had landed asking me where Bandit 6 was, I pointed back into the jungle,we both looked around at our casualties laying on the ground Daring 6 then said "Bravo Company you did a damn good job)....... and on 4 April 1968 "Dracula 6" 1/2 Infantry Battalion commander was KIA.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968

Luther Patton
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Hey Curtis,
If you are referring to LT. COL. Mortimer O'Connor Dracula 6!  Correction, he was KIA on April 1st, 1968.  During Operation Quyet Thang..
Our Recon. 29er Platoon stood down that day for ambush that night!  So we did not go out on patrol that day with the battalion, when the Colonel was KIA.  It was a very, very sad day for the Black Scarf's.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company
Recon. 29er Platoon
Nam June 67 June 68
Curtis Parker
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Hi Luther, thanks for the correction of 1 April 1968 when Dracula 6 LTC. O'Connor was KIA. It is always sad when a good Soldier and or a good commander is WIA or KIA whom you know and served combat time on the battle field with.  Take care BRO and have a very nice NOLI ME TANGERE day.

Luther Patton
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Curtis, No Sweat Brother!
I should of mentioned some of the other's that were killed that day. 

1st LT. Robert A. Lulla
SGT. Munoz De Jesus Alejandro

There could be other's that may have been wounded that day and died of their wounds later.  I will do some checking.
We were operating in the Trapezoid;  it was a bad ass place. That is not to say,  that there were not a lot of other places in Viet Nam, that were bad asses places to be operating in.  Lots of booby traps.  I acquired a lot of grey hairs.
Yes, its very sad to loose anyone in war. It is because of the close bond that we all had for each other.
Curtis Parker
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Right on Bro Luther, there are just some bad places the the Nam that was/are more detrimentally deadly to your health than others (COMES WITH THE TERRITORY THAT YOU FIND YOURSELF OPERATING IN; IE CLAYMORE CORNERS HAD BEACUE BOBBY TRAPS, SONG BE TO ME JUST DAMP, SPOOKY AND CREEPY; The IRON TRIANGLE, Thunder Road "Highway 13" between Phu Loi- Ben Cat-Lai Khe- to An Loc/Loc Ninh, and the east of Highway 13 between Lai Khe and Chanh Thanh also bad NVA/VC country. The bad thing about April 1968 the BIG RED ONE had no reserve forces to reinforce company size units in the field because the Division was so spread out trying to conduct too many combat operations at once...that is why B 2/2 Infantry with a Infantry Rifle Platoon from the 1/16th Infantry (Ranger's) "Devour Bn" on 3 April 1968 found itself engagingand fighting our asses off alone for about four hours against a Brigade of NVA with Red Chinese, we could have used a little bit of help that day..The next day 4 April 1968 the entire battalion of the 1/16th Infantry was sent into the same area.....we observed from thunder 2 on Highway 13 attack helipcopters "Huey's" firing rockets in support of the 1/16th Infantry.  As you know that when we-you-I was told that we-you-I were going into a certain area again you knew that you had to pack extra ammo and get yourself mentally prepared for that combat operation...... After I had returned to the field from R&R in Bangkok in late April 1968 the company B 2/2 Infantry along with the Tank Platoon from Drednauht was engaging a NVA battalion to capture a tunnel complex/hospital across the east side of Highway 13 south of Thunder 2, after three days of battle the NVA finally withdrawn from the area..Luckily we suffered no casualties and we found was as usually was blood stained trails and left behind equipment ..NOLI ME TANGERE!!!!!!


Curtis Parker
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Bro Luther, on 3 April 1968 I came to really realize and understand the First Infantry Division "BIG RED ONE" MOTTO: NO MISSION TOO DIFFICULT, NO SACRIFICE TO GREAT, DUTY FIRST. NOLI ME TANGERE!!!!!!!!

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