Second Infantry Regiment

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Luther Patton
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In reference to the VFW article on The Battle of Bong Trang. My neighbor is letting me barrow his VFW magazine. I have not read it as of yet. Its a long article. But I know it will be some very intense reading. A lot of Medals were awarded.
Bill settles.
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This is for brooklin , daniel was 2 men in front of me when he was kia. If this a secure site , will send pho. Number
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This site is a wide open site.  Not secure.  If you put your correct email address in when you posted, guys can contact you back channel.  it does take a day or so though, as the email goes thru the Association.

Post phone numbers at your own risk.
Bill settles.
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn
I've been trying to track down information on a cousin of mine who I believe was in the battle of Bong Trang. No one in my family knew the details of where he had been or how he died, his name was SP4 Daniel Lee Earlenbaugh. He served in the 1st Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry, C Company. The only info i have found was the date of his death, 08-26-66 and the location, Bong Trang, South Vietnam, Binh Duong Province. Im looking for anyone who had served with him, or remembers him at all. I would like to talk to them if possible. Thanks
Larry G
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BCC no emails go through the association first, they go directly to the message board. Where did you ever get that idea?
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I thought the association handled the message board.
Larry G
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Well you thought wrong!
Bill settles
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This is for maria , i was there 8-25-66 ,, if u went to vn , would like to talk to u. And if so did u take pictures ??
Jurgen Wijnands
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I'm Jurgen Wijnands and I live in the Netherlands.
For our website http://www.16thinfantry.com i'm writing an article of the Battle of Bong Trang.
Could some one help me with some details of this battle?

Thank you very much.

Jurgen Wijnands.
John Kerins
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BCC, the Association does handle the message board since it is part of the Association's website. But we are very laisez faire. I don't thing we've addressed anything in over two years. All together, I think we may have become involved three or four times. Only the administrators of the site can access a posters email on the message board.

Part of the Message Board  that was picked why back when has the feature where if you post your email then others are enabled to reach you THROUGH the board. Your email is not disclosed unless you respond to the email that has been delivered to you automatically by that feature.

So posting your email only opens you up to receiving emails from those who use this MB. It is not revealed.

I just send an article on Bong Trang to Jurgen Wijnands via the message board
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