Second Infantry Regiment

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Billy Richardson
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I served with B company 1/2 from Sept 68 to May 69. I was platoon leader for 2 rifle platoons, mortar platoon, and XO. I later was S2 liaison at brigade. I lead the platoon that made the initial contact at Loc Nihn in Sept 68, the battle in which the commanding general of the 1st Division was KIA.
I can never thank all the soldiers of the Division for fighting so bravely during that battle. I especially want to thank the members of the 11th ACR that came to our rescue during that trying time.
I would like to connect with any of my comrades from that time.
Rebecca Blackford
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Hello. I do have a original black scarve. My dad was in Vietnam in 69-72. His black scarve is a dark green from age. But I do have the real original that he wore through the jungle. Army. He passed away. Sadly very missed!
Luther Patton
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Hi Rebecca,
First of all!   I'm so sorry to hear about your Dads passing.  May He Rest In Peace.
My condolence's.
On your Dads Black Scarf.  If the color  is Green then he was in Delta Company.  I shipped over on the Ship USNS Geiger with 1700 other men.  June of 67 landed in the Nam July of 67'.  We made up three new Companies for The First Battalion Second Infantry Regiment Big Red One.  Each company had a different color 1/2 on their Black Scarf, it was to distinguish which Company you were in. That is in case you did not know that.    HHC was Yellow or Gold, Alpha was Red, Bravo was White, Charlie Company was Blue, Delta was given the color Green, because us new guys were Green. But not for long.
Safe guard your Dads Black Scarf it has so much meaning in the pride that we had just to be a Member of The Black Scarf Battalion 1/2.

Here is the Poem. 
                                    The Black Scarf Battalion"
                     by SGT. William Grady, Mortar Platoon C 1/2.

There is a "Black Scarf Battalion" in Vietnam
In this battalion every man is a man
Around their necks the Black Scarf they wear
A symbol of strength of those who dare
Fathers would be proud of this generation
For they are the product of a great land and nation
They have fought and they have won
And they will stay till the battle is won
Their leaders are proud of their impossible task
No one have to be told, none have to be asked
No one can see the misery they bear
For it is all hidden beneath the Black Scarf they wear
They surely answered freedom's call
For there are many Black Scarf's hanging from the Wall
Some are tattered and torn
Willed to Sons still yet unborn
They want no fame, no fanfare or glory
Their mission is as old as the infantry story
Perhaps some day history will record
And the BLACK SCARF BATTLAION' will have its reward

At the time this Poem was written.  Little did SGT. Grady know that a Black Granite WALL would be built to honor all of those who where killed or missing in Viet Nam. 
A Wall built in Washington D.C. to hang their Black Scarf from, to honor their lost buddies who were killed in Viet Nam, while wearing The "Black Scarf".. Or on the wall of his home after he returned from Viet Nam for his Sons and Daughter to see.

Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon
HHC Recon. Platoon 29er
Nam June 67' June 68'
God Bless America!

Luther Patton
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Hi Rebecca,
I need to make a correction; the three new company's was the 1st/26th, Blue Spaders, the 1st/28th, Black Lions, and the 1st/2nd Black Scarfs.  
Best regards,
Craig Smith
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Hello Big Red One,

Just wondering if anyone remembers my father, Ivor G. Smith a medic from 1966-67. He may have had the obvious nickname “Smitty”. Unfortunately, my father passed 20 years ago from colon cancer. I still remember his stories that he was present either delivering the black material to the seamstress or helping pick up the finished scarves from the seamstress. At dinner tonight, my Mother, Sister, and I were trying to remember some of the details of my father’s stories and I came across this thread when searching for black scarves. Anyone out there that can fill in any of the blanks. Thanks in advance and Thank you all for your service.

Craig Smith
Tracy Brown
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Greetings Gentleman,
First, I would like to thank you warriors for your service and sacrifices for this great nation.
I found this site while looking for information on my Uncle John Brown, C Co. 1/2, 67-68. I was delighted to see Mac McPeak's post in which he mentioned my uncle. I am saddened to report John Brown passed away on April 27, 2012. Growing up he was my personal hero. Although he never spoke much of his time in country, I saw his medals and other memorabilia. John never had children of his own so he treated me like his son. Upon his passing he left me some of his military service memorabilia and a photo album from Vietnam. I would like to get copies to anyone who would be interested in looking through the photos. I don't know if this will show how to contact me but I did leave my email address when leaving this post. God Bless all of you!
Thank you, Tracy Brown

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Originally Posted by Sgt Curtis Wallace
I was with the 1/2 sept 1968 to sept 1969 I was in combat support company
I wonder if you knew my husband Sgt. Robert Cannon KIA 10/27/68.

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