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Doc Foster called me and ask that we pray for Bob he has postrate cancer and is in need of our prayers please lift him up to the Lord
"Wild Bill"
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Our prayers are with you during this time. We pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

CPT W.K.Benson, USA-Ret
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   You are in our prayers
Eddie Oliver
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Thoughts and prayers for you and yours Bob.
Luther Patton
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I had Prostate Cancer  three year's ago, had it removed robotically.  The doctor did a great job.  Not the V.A.
Of course Agent Orange was the culprit. 
Bob, you will be in my Prayer's Brother, as well as your family.  
God Bless!
Joe Fair
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I had prostate cancer in April 2000 and had a radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland).

At that time the techniques were not as new and there was not a robotic procedure available for me.

The two conditions that resulted are urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction but living sure beats dying. I submitted a claim and was awarded 60% just for urinary incontinence and awarded Special Monthly Compensation for loss of a reproductive organ. So it has been 17 years so I deal with it. Chin up, chest out and I have a loving and caring wife. Life is good.

The best to you Bob and if you need any help or understanding in dealing with the loss of the prostate gland please feel free to contact me. It can get you down if you let it.

Joe Fair 1SG Retired- Author of Call Sign Dracula
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970
Luther Patton
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The first thing that they ask me,  after they found out that I had Cancer of the Prostate! Can you still get an erection?  Yes, I can.
Then my doctor told me that he would take his time to cut those nerves.  And he did a great job in doing just that. Thank you Doc. a million times over. Robotic surgery is the only way really to save your manhood. Per say. And it was the V.A. that recommended a civilian Doctor.  They said he was one of the best, and they were right on that one.
The only thing after the surgery is having that damn gathered in for two weeks as you heal up. You just have to grin and bear it.  Better than dying of cancer.
So I 'am doing great now.
Bob if you have any question feel free to ask. That is what we are here for, and that is to help our Brother's, like we did in the Nam. 
Your in my prayer's.
John Kerins
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Bob, I've no doubt you'll come through this with flying colors. You beaten a lot worse. But prayers never hurt so I'll keep you in mine. I'll keep the poor doctors who have to put up with you in my prayers too.
"Suck it up, Buttercup!"
See you down the road hermano!
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Bob:  Just heard of your problem. My prayers have been sent. And will continue to be sent till, you beat this. If there is anything I can do to help you, all you have to is just ask.
Take Care My Friend:
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Our prayer are with you Bob get well soon.
You are a fighter I am sure that you will come out winning.

Sfc Ret
Juan Santiago
B 2/2 1964 to 1967
1965 to 1970.
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