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John Kerins
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Christmas is coming!

And the 2-2 is deployed in Iraq. We need to get something to our troops for the holidays.
I apologize for not getting this effort a little more organized, or organized at all in fact. Mea culpa!

The best way to support the troops is, to my mind, through the FAMILY READINESS GROUPs. And the Association would like to make a donation to assist them. We are therefore asking for contributions to be sent to our treasurer;
Karen Mundahl,
8312 Emery Parkway N.,
Champlain, MN 55316


Please make checks out to 2nd Infantry Regiment Association. And please write Christmas donation on the notation line. Karen will send an Association check to the FRG for all moneys donated. We will check with the FRG to see what date they will need the funds by, and our appeal will be kept open accordingly.

Again, I am sorry for our late entry with this effort, my fault, But I know we veterans can move pretty quickly and decisively when called upon.

Thank you for your attention. And thank you in advance for your generosity

John Kerins
Sec Inf Reg Assoc

(In charge of piss poor prior planning)

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John, great idea, checks in the mail
John Kerins
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Ladies and gentlemen


Our Christmas drive for donations is well underway and as expected the generosity of Ramrods past and present is over whelming.


It's been decided that the Association will handle the purchase and shipping of the various items for those deployed. Time is of the essence if these are to reach the battalion prior to Christmas. So we are in the process of purchasing roughly $3,000 worth of sundries. And will get them in the mail, certainly before the end of the month.


The amount is being “underwritten” by one of our members. He will front the money and be reimbursed from the donations. With you help we expect to clear the $3,000 and be able to repay these costs in full. If we do not receive enough to cover the costs here our member has agreed to accept the amount we do receive in donations. If we exceed the amount spent it will be put in our treasury for future efforts in supporting the troops.


So we all, and that member in particular, would appreciate you getting your donations in.


If you are more comfortable supporting those deployed via the Family Readiness Group, or on your own that's fine. You don't have to go through the Association to support the battalion. But through us, the FRG, or on your own please consider our soldiers deployed this Christmas.


If you decide to make a donnation to our effort, please make the check out to

2d Infantry Regiment Association

Write Donation on the notation line

Karen Mundahl

8312 Emery Parkway N.

Champlain, MN 55316

Happy Veterans Day to all,


John Kerins

Joe Fair
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A check is in the mail today. 

I am so glad to be able to help.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970
John Kerins
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SIT REP Follows!

John Kerins
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We have word from Iraq that our Christmas mailings have started to arrive. All in all we mailed just over 400 lbs of sundries to the Battalion.

Thanks to all who assisted in this effort. I think we all can take pride in this accomplishment,

Merry Christmas to you all and all your families!

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