Second Infantry Regiment

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This Christmas, we are all in our later years, most have lived long enough to acquire all of our desires, homes, cars, toys.

There is one group  from our era that still lacks one thing, however, that has their hearts empty this Christmas.  CLOSURE.

These are the families of those who have not come home from SE Asia.

Remember them in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas, and keep passing the following words I wrote 31 years ago tonight, around.

(c) M. Bartlett, 1986, 1987, 1999, 2007, 2017.

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the land
No Americans were stirring
Though over two grand
Pilots and grunts
Some civilians too
Were still held in cages
Made of bamboo

Some had been held
Twenty years or more
Waiting for FREEDOM
To reach their home shores
Like Shelton in Laos
And Hall in Viet Nam
Some hit by small arms
Some downed by S.A.M.

At the end of the war
We thought they'd be free
By the terms of accords
Signed in Paree
Those who came home
Had all gone through Hell
As soon we would see
From the tales they would tell

Denton and Stockdale
Dengler and Rowe
They're all in the know

Now Christmas once more
Is dawning anew
Since Seventy-Three
We got only two
Last there was Garwood
But first, Emmett Kay
How must the rest
Feel on this Christmas Day?

Have we deserted
And left them to die
Standerwick, Bodden,
Parker and Wrye?
They cannot wait
Another year to go past
It's already late
How long can they last

We must get them home
Even if there's but one
The next time it happens
It might be your son
All these brave men
Who wont to be free
Have been forsaken...
By that lady.......Liberty.
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