Second Infantry Regiment

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Chuck Awot
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Originally Posted by mike truax
hi guys, I was stationed at the rock from sept 71 until sept 74, just looking at some pictures from the web site and can't believe how much it's changed in all those years. alot of good times there and some of the coldest days of my life. I was in A troop 1/2 ACR. Just wanted to put that out there.
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I think he is looking for a different group.  Try http://dragoons.org/ which is 2d Cavalry Association.  This is 2d Infantry Regiment.
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I was a brat born in Spain and lived coast to coast in the USA. Was in Bindlach from Dec 70 to around March 74. We traveled all over made good German friends we're still in touch with to this day. I missed it so bad I went Army to go back but wound up on the other side in Neubrucke 84-86. More travel, more friends and so many memories. Back stateside now and miss Germany every day. I will be going back! 
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