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Joe Fair
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The 2018 Budget Proposal by the VA is eliminating the IU (Individual Unemployability) benefit once the Veteran starts receiving Social Security. This will affect thousands of veterans.

This would financially penalize disabled veterans to pay for other VA program enhancements. The VA wants to cut this benefit to help offset allowing Veterans to seek medical assistance outside the VA. The plan would force veterans, who are unable to work because of their injuries they received during military service, to surrender their benefit when the reach retirement age. These cuts would amount to tens of thousands of dollars annually for an average veteran and could financially devastate our most severely disabled veterans.

We should cut Foreign Aid before Veterans benefits!!!! Americans first!!!!

We must fight this proposal. Already, this proposal is placing undue mental hardship on our veterans as they have to wait and see if their benefits will be cut. Having to wait and think about a huge cut in monthly VA dollars is uncalled for and places huge amounts of stress on Veterans who are already under stress from their disabilities. 

All Veterans must take action. Contact you members of Congress and tell them to oppose the proposed cuts to Individual Unemployability (IU). Call President Trump's new VA hotline at 855-948-2311.

WE must get united on this critical issue! Make the call today!

Joe Fair 1SG Retired
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970

Hoyt Claburn
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Thanks Joe for info. For those who have never contacted you congressman are senators it is easy to do on computer.  Google reps name and click on contact and follow direction Someone reads the emails I do it lots and get a response

Hoyt CLABURN 2/2
John Venn
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The topic is being discussed at this link:

Joe Fair
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To All

Looks like the VA has backed away from this.

Fantastic. All the calls to the President's Hit Line and to our Congressional members has paid off!

Thanks to all.

Joe Fair
John Venn
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This issue has been heavily discussed on vets@yuku.com.
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