Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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I know that it will be very hard for some of you guys who did the old Duffle Bag Drag and remember the basic issue of uniform clothing ie: socks (two pair Cotton & four pair Green Wool), four pair under wear,four T-shirts, four fatigue uniforms, one field jacket, one rain coat, one over coat,two web belts (with brass buckles),two kakia uniforms, Dress green uniforms (one Winter & one Summer), two poplin shirts, two black ties, one pair low quarter shoes,two pair combat boots, four towels, one garrison cap (Cunt Cap), one Overseas Cap,one pair black leather gloves and with two pair green wool inserts, two base ball caps....now get with it old soldiers, pack your duffle bag...have fun....ha, ha, ha!!!!!
John Venn
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I still have night mares about getting to a new base and not having all my required gear.  Then I have to find a PX on the base to purchase the required item(s).  Think the service had an impact on me?
Joe Fair
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My memory just won't recall all that good stuff.

I retired as an E-8 1SG in May 1997 and believe me I can't recall the initial issue of clothing and equipment but it was a lot.  I know when I retired and turned in my issue I was short a few items like poncho liner, field jacket, and rubber boots. Thankfully the Army let me slide on these items.

Joe Fair
Curtis Parker
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Really....to pack the duffle bag depended on the time of the year that you were traveling.  After doing the old duffle bag drag continously over many years it became a normal event/procedure. And I know for many of us that time has passed by that is was enough to do the old duffle bag many, many years ago that we did not really enjoy back then......have a very nice day until the next Duffle Bag Drag.
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I am guessing I only packed a duffel twice one time to go to armor school and once for a tropical vacation....  My bag got slit open in Laikhe and nothing left... Came home with the clothes on my back.............
Curtis Parker
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Hi Ron good to see your name and hear from you....To make eveyone comfortable about the old "Duffle Bag Drag" packing.....There was and there still is not any Army/military regulatory guidance/policy on how to pack a duffle bag with the initial issue of clothing. The best way to pack a duffle bag is using logical thinking during the time period of travelling (Just as long as you pack all items issued.  I have been more fortunate than most of you old timers being that after my first tour in Vietnam I was stationed at Fort Polk, La. in January 1969 - April 1971 becoming a Drill Sergeant assigned to Company A-4-1 BCTB (Basic Combat Training Battalion) going through the two month repetension training cycle after training cycle showing and explaining to the new Trainee "GI Joe" the recommended way how to pack the duffle bag in order to put all their initial issue inside to eliminate wear and tear and to have immediate wear and use of the items when needed in the immediate near future with the minimum of irioning and cleaning. Also I have done alot of Duffle Bag Dragging during my 25.6 years of continuos military service.  I should have been awarded the "Duffle Bag Drag" packing Badge with full honors.....Ha, ha, ha, Noli Me Tangere.  Have A Very Nice Day. I saw my duffle bag three times after I put it in a quansenhut container in our company area while at Lai Khe, the first and second time when I went on R&R to Bangkok and when I left Lai Khe in Dec 1968. Sorry to hear about your duffle bag!!!!!!!!!!
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