Second Infantry Regiment

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Tom Copeland
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On October 17, 1967 the 2/28 were ambushed near the Ong Thanh stream. The majority of the battalion was either killed or wounded during the 4 hour battle.
Several companies of 2/2, including HHC, B, and C were operating out of an NDP and securing an artillery unit, south of the battle site on Rt 240. I think the NDP was Lorraine II. Elements of 2/2 were sent in to secure the battle site and help evacuate the dead and wounded.
I would like to talk with anyone who was part of that operation. I have written a book and one of the chapters is about that battle, as I remember it. I just want to do some fact checking.

Tom Copeland
HHC, 2/2, Ground Survellience
Feb '67 - Jan '68
Terry Skinner
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Brig.Gen James Shelton wrote a book on that battle called "The Beast Was Out There". Maybe that will help you.
Curtis Parker
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Tom have You read the book "The Beast Was Out There"by James Shelton,good reading,highly recommend..It may help You with your book!!!!Good Lück...Noli Me Tangere

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Plt, Track B 231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Tom Copeland
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I read two books on this battle.
"The Beast Was Out There"
"They Walked Into Sunshine"

Neither of the books mentions the information I am trying to validate.  This information was passed along n the evening briefings at 2/2 TOC on the 17th and 18th.

I also read Stephen DeLacy's book and it mentions the same information I have in my book.  Steve and I have exchanged a few emails but his info came from the same briefings.  I am looking for someone who was on site and is willing to talk about what they saw. 

I also have a video in which members of the NVA battalion talk about going back into the battle site later that night to look for American survivors. 
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Try contacting "Doc" Hinger.  He contributed to GEN Shelton's book.

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