Second Infantry Regiment

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John (JJ) Adams
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In remembrance of our brothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

CPT Howard M. Gerstel             28  Bn Surgeon
SGT Craig A. Verlinden              20
SP4 Donald G. Schrenk              21  Medic
SP4 Terrance H. Schneider         21
SP4 Charlie F. Sauler                 28 Recon
SGT Max W. Batchelor               21 C Co FO section (1/5 Arty)

May GOD keep them close and comfort their family members.
They will always be remembered.

B Co

Tom Copeland
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May they rest in peace.
Luther Patton
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Hi John, yes, it was a bad day for the Recon. 29er Platoon.  I was in Delta Company and RTO for Lt. Green, Novmber Platoon. Cpt. Lowrey our Company Commander called November Platoon to come in and secure the L.Z. for the Dust Off chopper's coming in to take out the wounded and dead.
This was during Operation Shendoah Two.
I don't know if you knew this or not some of you that was there will probably remember.
The Recon. Platoon 29er scouted out the area a day before the whole Battalion went in to set up a NDP.  Recon. killed one Viet Cong,  and a few of us walked down to where the dead V.C. was! And  it was my first time to see a dead enemy.  A few guys were given the task of burying the dead V.C. that was killed on the 3d of October. So on the fourth day when Recon. 29er went  out about 900 meters from the NDP for the morning sweep the V.C. were waiting on them.
After November got into positon of securing the L.S. i looked over where the viet cong was buried and what those guys did was that they left one hand sticking up out the ground with a Big Red One Patch in his hand and then tied a Black Scarf around his wrist.  It was a bazzare thing to see.  It really pissed the Viet Cong off.
Paul Charles who was in Recon. and in the heat of the firefight was kicking ass, and he was awarded the Distinguish  Service Cross, and in time LBJ would be the one to pin the medal on Paul Charles chest when LBJ made a trip to Viet Nam. 
We watched as they carried CPT. Gerstel body off the battle field he had a large hole in his head and we carried a lot of the equipment out on a strecher back to our NDP. WE held CPT. Gerstel helment there was a bullet hole clean through it. It had to be  sniper.
October 4th, 1967  was a very bad and sad day for The Black Scarf's.
I eventually joined Recon 29er after the Battle Of Hill 172, Dec. 8th 1967.
May all those that died on this date 43 years ago REST IN PEACE!
And Peace to their families!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Bn. 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man 
Luther Patton
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My apologies to everyone . I did not mean to get so into detail, on what  war can do to a person!!! And  we all know that answer!!!!!!
 When i wrote my last post today i was back there 43 year's ago today, October 4, 1967.  
I did not know any of the men that were KIA that day. But now i can get to know them better for i have their name's! Thank you John!
There's not a day that goes by that i don't think about them, or any of my other Brother's.
Patton B.S. 1/2 
John (JJ) Adams
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I was there that day and I carried a stretcher when B Co went out to sweep the area and recover the 2 bodies. I do not remember which one I carried back to the NDP, but I do remember how we found them. One was on his back and the other one was lying across him, like he was working on his wounds when he was hit. I also remember a nasty head wound on one. I rode in the helicopter with them to the base camp.

Thank you Luther for your memories of that day.


Luther Patton
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Its a small world now isnt it!  I was right there and saw you carrying the guys out that were KIA that day.  It was a sniper that killed the Battalion Surgeon.  
As we were securing the L.Z. after the first Dust Off came in and  the rotorary blades just cleared the trees as he came in, damn good pilots to do that with out crashing.  Anyway after the first chopper came in we started taking fire, and we returned fire!
One of the Boys Of Delta Company who had the detail of buring the dead Viet Cong with his had sticking up out of the ground took some picture's  and he had his own web site.  And i cannot find it now or remember his name.  I have been trying to remember his name but for the life of me i cannot remember.  But if and when i do find out i will let you know.
We had a kid in Delta Company who trained with us at Tiger Land, his name was Small a black kid.  He was ebony Black, wore dark rim glasses, very tall kid, and he did not believe in killing, he was a draftee. But during the firefight, the ammo was getting low, and while we were securing the L.Z. we watched Small run from the NDP, to where the firefight was going on carry cans of ammo and i dont know how many times he did this. He had no weapon just the ammo. He was amazing.
Major Lowrey.... Captain Lowrey at the time wrote to me in an e-mail about Small.  And mentioned that Small should of gotten a medal that day!  Thats for sure!
Thanks for your post John. 
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company
Recon. 29er
Larry Grzywinski
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These are very interesting accounts about what happened on that October 4th day so long ago.  You fellows have very good memories and I thank you for sharing them with the rest of us.  I will be adding your accounts to the records I have been compiling on the 1st Battalion
I have a question to ask of you, who was the battalion commander during that time period?
Larry Grzywinski
John (JJ) Adams
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Operation Shenandoah II took place from Sep 29 to Nov 19 1967. According to the 1st Brigade After Action Report for the operation there were 2 commanders for 1/2 Inf. First was LTC Joseph R Stauffer then LTC Mortimer L. O'Connor. The report does not say when the change took place and I do not remember either. 

Gary McJimsey
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The correct age for Donald G Schrenk at time of death is 24.  A Remembrance Profile page is maintained for Donald by Army Together We Served (ATWS) at


Does any of you Black Scares know if Don Schrenk, SP4 medic received a Silver Star and / or Bronze Stare for Valor?  The web site Virtual Wall shows these 2 awards but there appears to be no supporting evidence that I can find.

Gary McJimsey
Army Clinical Specialist (Advanced Medic)
HHC/1st/28th/1st Div RVN 1968 Region 3

Attached Files
pdf Schrenk_Donald_George_KIA_10-04-1967_NARA_-_AAD_-_Displ...ber_2005_Upda.pdf (50.83 KB, 33 views)

Larry G
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If the Virtual Wall shows that Donald G. Schrenk had a Silver Star and a Bronze Star with V, which it does, then he did receive them.  I have had email conversations with them on their information and I can say that their information is very accurate.

Also, if his medals were awarded with individual orders they will be on file in the research library at the 1st Division museum at Cantigny. The link for the library can be found on this site under the Links button.

Gary McJimsey
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Thanks Larry for this informaiton.
Luther Patton
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The Big Red One Book list LT. COL. Mortimer O'Connor of the 1/2 April of 67 to April of 68.  I hope that this helps.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battlion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68

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This is a VERY interesting read on MSG Brendan O'Connor, son of LTC Mortimer o'Connor.  He is a Special Forces medic and received the DSC in Afghanistan in 2008.  It is good to know he carries on a family tradition of duty to country.




Curtis Parker
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Hi Luther, You do not have to apologize about what you feel to all of your 2ND Infantry Brothers, that's what we are here for. I myself find myself getting carried away when I express memories of the battle on  3 April 1968 of B 2/2 INFANTRY. To all our Brothers of the 2nd Infantry Regiment if you have a story to tell still after all these many years that you want to share and express don't keep it on your chest if you can bear to talk the talk...we are all ears and here for you.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Curtis Parker
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Hi Luther, You do not have to apologize about what you feel to all of your 2ND Infantry Brothers, that's what we are here for. I myself find myself getting carried away when I express memories of the battle on  3 April 1968 of B 2/2 INFANTRY. To all our Brothers of the 2nd Infantry Regiment if you have a story to tell still after all these many years that you want to share and express don't keep it on your chest if you can bear to talk the talk...we are all ears and here for you.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Mike Canty
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That was my first day in the field as an RTO in RECON. I can remember getting off the Chinook as they were ready to load body bags on it. I heard that RECON had walked in to an L shaped ambush and were pinned there for quite awhile before they got some help. Thanks Luther for your history on what happened.
Luther Patton
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Life Go's On.

Black Scarf BN.
Bryan L. Dale
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Donald G. Schrenk did indeed receive a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and purple heart. They are in a wood and glass display case in my living room, along with the flag that draped his coffin. Donald was my wife's father, Tamara K. Schrenk. 

Luther Patton
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May they all Rest In Peace. They were all  heroes in my books.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
John (JJ) Admas
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Hard to believe it has been 48 years since that day. God keep those that died that day and watch over us that survived.

Luther Patton
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JJ, you are so Right on Brother, it is hard to believe that it has been 48 year's; it seems as though it just happened.
One has to remember that Vietnam is one day ahead of us here in the States side. So actually when it is the third of October here in America or the Western Hemisphere it is already October 4th in Viet Nam.
May all of those who lost their lives' on October 4th, 1967.  Rest In Peace. I gave a toast of Crown Royal to those who died on October 4th, 1967. 
Life goes on.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
John Adams
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49 years ago today, they gave their lives for their country and their comrades. I will
always remember their sacrifice.

John (JJ) Adams
RTO, FO Team
B 1/2
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Someone asked who the commander of the 1/2 was on Oct 4. I don't remember his name but I do know he had a nervous breakdown and had to be re leaved. I'm almost positive that  
Mark Lowery was asked to take over the battalion until a replacement arrived.
A hearty hello to all you bad ass dudes. The Duck and I have been on a secret mission 
to take over all the golf courses in the world.
Lute & Mike you might be interested that our man the Duck has $hit canned number four and is going to re-marry number three.
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So glad to hear from you since you have been traipsing around the world checking out various dens of iniquities, but have you sold any contracts for pocket lint?

We have accumulated so much up here, the skiers are asking me to install a rope tow for the winter when the snow arrives. 
larry G
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Goodaim the battalion commander was LTC Joseph Stauffer, 2 August 1925-14 March 1999. Took over command from LTC William Simpson August 1967 and was relieved October 1967 and replaced by LTC Mortimer O'Connor.
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