Second Infantry Regiment

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Luther Patton
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Hey Goodaim, I thought maybe that you made a trip back across the Big Pond to pick up some lent you left behind. LOL
I talked to the Duck a few weeks back.
It was during Operation Shenandoah Two, it may have been two days after Recon. 29er was ambushed, the Black Scarf's pulled out of that NDP, marched a few clicks to the west and dug in at the base of a large mountain to the southwest of our NDP. Some said it was The Black Virgin and from another source said it was the Razor Backs. While we were operating out of this NDP, is the place that  Recon. Platoon almost shot my Di....k off, but that is another story to be told.
We operated out of this NDP for a few days and then the Battalion marched a few clicks to the North into an area called The Postage Stamp. We were digging in and we had noticed that artillery rounds were landing closer and closer to our NDP. Until one finally made a direct hit on Charlie Company's C.P. LTC Joseph Stauffer was not far from the impact area,  the body parts of those that were hit by shrapnel splattered all over LTC Stauffer. And that is when he lost it. So he was dismissed and was replaced by Captain Lowery. I heard that it was ARVN Artillery. Maybe someone else can add more information.   
I believe that within just a day or two the battalion was airlifted out and we flew back to Phuc Vinh.
The puzzling thing about this is that in the First Infantry Division In Viet Nam book does not list LTC Joseph Stauffer as the Battalion Commander. It list LTC William C. Simpson, From Nov.  1966-April 1967. LTC Mortimer O'Connor April 1967- April 1968.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
John Adams
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Since both of us are getting older and our memories are shorter, here is what I THINK I remember.
SGT Mikesell, the C Co. Arty FO Sgt was adjusting in some FPF targets. One round landed in or very near a hole and 3? men were KIA. I knew Mikesell and it tore him up. I later heard, I think, the US battery had our NDP plotted in the wrong location. SGT Mikesell was scheduled to DROS in December bit I do not what happened to him. 

Luther Patton
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John, it was a terrible incident. Even more so when your short.  We heard that it was ARVN Artillery. I believe that your right on about the FO from Charlie Company. It seemed to me that the last NDP that we just vacated the rounds were being walked from that old NDP to the one we were in,"The Postage Stamp."
Maybe Larry G. has some more information on this. I know that Captain Lowrey took over the Battalion after our Battalion Commander lost it. The brains and blood from one of the men that was killed, had splattered all over him.  Luckily he was not hit with shrapnel, but then again, shrapnel would be better than body parts. Just sayin!
Our Platoon Sargent who was from Puerto Rico, went over to help police the area, when he got back to our CP he was white as a sheet from the carnage he saw.
Larry G. posted the different Battalion Commander's.
The one's who were killed, May They Rest in Peace. 
Nam June 67' June 68'
Larry G
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I know about LTC Stauffer being in command of the 1st Battalion and of his being relieved and about his name not being listed as a battalion commander in the book Luther mentioned but I will not discuss the whys and wherefores of it. I have put a copy of the news release from when he was put in command of the 1st Battalion in this post. I have also put a link to the Virtual Wall list of all the casualties sustained by both the 1st and 2d Battalions. http://www.virtualwall.org/u-army/2ndinfrgt.htm

For 4 October 1967 just scroll until that date and look at each casualty and read what is recorded for each. I can attest to the accuracy to what is there because the folks that did the site have documentation from the military for every one of them. They can only go by what the records say.

Larry G

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