Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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How many of you Brothers remember doing and or seeing others doing the Red Ants dance to get those little suckers out of your jungle fatiques during a S&D, patrol, LP/OP or had the misfortune if being attacked in some way form or fashion in the NAM, ha, ha, ha.........fun, fun, fun.....

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Terry Sage
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Curtis, I remember two run ins with those little Red Devils both while we were at bandit hill. I had one crawl up my leg while out on a ambush and go for the family jewels, OUCH ! Then while going through the rubber the track bumped a tree and the top of the track was suddenly overrun by the red horde causing an imedeate withdrawal and then a counter attack, body count was too high to count and we only sustained wounds to our dignity.

Terry Sage. B co. 8/68- 11/68
HHC recon 11/68 - 8/69
Curtis Parker
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Hi Bro Terry, which platoon were in assigned to in the Bandits. By your post you would have joined the Bravo Bandits either when we was in the Iron Triangle or securing the 105 Howitzers before we occupied Bandit Hill in late August 0f 1968, the same month that 1LT. Richard E. Brown became B36 and the that we corden off the village that later as we know as Bandit Hill. I can relate to being attack by Red Ants especially during S&D operations in the jungle...those little suckers would make you dance the Hucka-buck and discharge your flack jacket and clothes faster than a speeding bullet....those Red Ants could stop a firefight immediately and believe me they could make you loose your dignity with humorous honor..welcome to the boonies..Funny those Red Ants never attacked the Vietnamese people.  By the way if you were in the 3rd Platoon do you remember aguy we called "STICK" ?  Noli Me Tangere. Have A Nice Day. PS: I am happy to know that there are more people still around besides John Kerins, Richard E. Brown and myself who was at Bandit Hill.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
John Venn
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When the red ants bit, everything else stopped.  It seemed one of the little basta&ds would always manage to sneak up your pant leg and then crawl into your crotch area and bite down.  That would definitely get your attention.  I hated them so much that I would slice their nest open, where ever I found them, insert a mortar charge and light a match.  Worked better than DDT!
Terry Sage
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Curtis, I was bandit 13 . I joined the unit in the field about 2 weeks prior to the night we encircled the village where we set up Bandit Hill. I was the point on one leg of the circle with a flashlight with a red lense to identify us to the other leg of the encircling force. I was out in the rubber with you when the attack on Bandit Hill took place. My track had broken a drive sprocket and was being towed. When you left and headed back to the NDP my track and the one towing us were left behind. Made for a suspenseful night. We limped in by ourselves the next morning. There must be more of us from Bandit Hill around ,would be great to hear more from them.
Terry Sage ( Bandit Hill Alumnus )
Curtis Parker
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Hi Bro Terry, You were very lucky to make it back to the NDP "Bandit Hill" being towed down that always mined road early in the morning and especially now through John Kerin's and Richard E. Brown's (Bravo 36) update that the VC was waiting for us to come down that road to ambush us...I guess that God was with both of us during that time and day. I know that we shared many times in the chop-chop line together and stepping in the same muddy slush at Bandit Hill. After you left the Bravo Bandits you said that you were assigned to HHC 2/2 Inf. Did you go to the battalion Recon? On one of the nights in August when we (Bravo Bandits) and some ARVN Soldiers sealed off the village (Bandit Hill) three guys from the 1st Platoon were killed from a VC trying to leave the village. From the SITREP the three GI's had told the VC to halt and the VC noting that they were Americans shot in the direction where the voices came from....two of those guys were friends of mine. During August 1968 that is when we got introduced to LRRP rations-just add water...The best meal I like was spegetti and meat balls...all the other meals especially those scallop potatoes and peas looked like puke and the chilli concarni took too long to soak up the water in order to eat...I was happy when September 1968 came we went back to eating the regular C-Rations my favorite was Turkey Loaf with peaches and pound cake...haaaa what a meal.....Bravo company lost alot of Tracks at Bandit Hill due to mines in the road.  The night before I left Bandit Hill my Track B231 hit a mine on the road, A friend of mine we called Big Man was the TC on the track that night, luckily he survived the blast. Another time in early Sept 1968 a Track from either the 1st or 2nd Platoon hit a land mine just as it came out of the wood line on the same trail that we took on the night Bandit Hill was attacked. The Track was a combat lost and my squad had to stay out there for two days alone to guard the track...On that day a helipcopter 78 landed at the position a white silver haired General jumped out to talk to Capt Hansen (Daring Bravo Bandit 6) about the situation then took off, a few minutes later anpother helicopter 79 landed and another white silver haired General jumped out to talk to Capt. Hansen...then within ten minutes later another helicopter landed 77 General Ware and he talked to Capt. Hansen asking him how long had it been since the companyhad a stand down because we all looked like we had battle fatique. Bravo 2/2 Inf had not had a stand down since July 1968 after we came out of Song Be. General Ware our First Infantry Division (Big Red One) Commander ordered Capt. Hansen to stand down Bravo Company for 48 hours immediately.  The company stood down while my squad stayed out there at the wood line with that combat lost track for the next two days...Noli Me Tangere. That was life at Bandit Hill. As we know in Sept. 1968 General Ware was killed when his helicopter was shot down in An Loc/Noc Ninh and we still had to fight those little Communist Red Ants.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Luther Patton
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I know that I have posted this before. Yes, we all refer to those little red critters as Fire Ants. The real name is Weaver Ants. Because they weave leafs together to make their nest. 
And yes, even if your getting shot at and have ran into a nest of the Fire Ants at the same time.  You will stop in your tracks to get them off.  Never mind the bullets  sucking air by your head.
It amazes me that something so small can inflict so much pain in a short amount of time.
I know the feeling!!!!!

I just returned from the sunny state of Florida vacationing with my family.  Had a great time in Clearwater, Florida, Saint Petersburg, and Port Ritchie.

While we were jet skiing, the Dolphin's came to play right along our jet ski. They are amazing and we saw Manatees as well. 
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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