Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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I find it good to let you guys know that I have registered for the 2nd Inf Reg 2014 reunion this year..hip, hip, hurray...I will be happy to see you guys there...Noli Me Tangere!!!!!

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
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Curtis, looking forward to seeing you again !!  Take care Bro, Norm
Curtis Parker
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Hi Norm, roger over...I am really looking forward for that also D MINUS 3.5 months and I know that it will really be a wonderful pleasure and honor...Take Care Till Then....
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my reservations at the Norma Dan are made and Israel has my grocery $$$...   ronZ.
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Mine too. Take care Bro's. Norm
Gene E Daniels
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Does anyone out there in Ramrod country have the forms or info as to where to get copies for the 2024 Reg. reunion in Pigeon Forge. I received a call tonite from Alvin Howard who noticed a picture of me and called and told me about the reunion. I need to get the forms for it. Any help will be appreciated.
                                          GED  Gene E Daniels

                                          D1/2 68--69
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 go to http://www.secinfreg.org click on event and click on 2014 reunion p f and download form plus all the info good luck
Gene E Daniels
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Thanks for all the info on the reunion for 2014. Hope to see you there, esp. members of D1/2. I haven't made the last few because of medical reasons but hopefully we can make it this year.
                                          Thanks again
                                                               Gene E Daniels   D1/2  4-68---4-69

                                                                        BLACK SCARVES   NOLI-ME-TANGERE
robert farrell
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whats the scoop on the 2nd and 2nd reunion for 2014?
Larry G
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Go to the main page of this site and click on the EVENTS button located on either side of the page.  This will open a page with links to various events that are taking place this year.  If you are referring to the 2nd Infantry Regiment annual reunion at Pigeon Forge that information is there.
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