Second Infantry Regiment

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John Kerins
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Mother, I'll try again in January!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and will have an even better CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas!
Terry Skinner
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Checking in for the month of December. Local weather is calling for heavy lake effect snow starting early Wednesday morning into Friday. Snowmobile riders and skiers will be happy. Me, not so much. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

C 2/2 Apr 66 - Apr 67
John J Adams
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John Venn
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Merry Christmas from Knoxville!  Hope all enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year!
Luther Patton
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To all of The Brother's.  May you and your family's have a very Blessed Merry Christmas, a healthy, and safe Happy New Year.,
Happy Birthday Jesus.
May God Bless Us One and All!
Nam 67-68
Joe Fair
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Happy New Year 

I hope everyone is doing well. 

Joe Fair
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970
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Happy New Year to all ramrods and families hope this will be a great year for all. Time for count down for PF in May .Hope to see a large group a few more 2/2 66-67 .Everyone be say and CYA
Terry Skinner
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Checking in from a frigid upstate NY. Had a -28 reading here this morning.Hope everyone had a great New Year Day. Enjoy the college football playoffs.

Terry L. Sninner
Apr 66 - Apr 67
Terry sage
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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Ramrods out there! 2018 is here and here's hoping it is a great one for all of you and for our great country.

Terry Sage. 2/2. 68-69
Luther Patton
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Happy New Year to all!  Patton checking in for the month of January 2018, from the Great State of Oklahoma.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
Eddie (Andy) Oliver
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Oliver checking in for the month of January. Hope everyone had a Merry 
Christmas and Happy New year.

Eddie (Andy) Oliver Co. C 1/2 68-69 
John Adams
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Happy New Year from Kingwood, Texas. An unreasonably cold day, it was 29.
Curtis Parker
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Daring Bravo Bandit 31 signing in fot the month of Jan 2018. I am very happy to have received a SITREP from Daring Bravo Bandit 36 (1LT. Richard E. Brown) in reference to Bandit Hill. I thank you Richard for giving me closure to that part of my life as a Combat Infantryman. I wish all 2nd Infantry Regiment Brothers a very happy wonderful peaceful 2018 New Year and hope that you all had a very special Merry Xmas. It is fifty years this January to mark the 1968 TET Offensive (B 2/2 Inf fought the NVA/VC from 31 Jan-13 Feb 1968....On the night of 31 Jan B 2/2 Inf under the command of Cpt George (Sonny) Gratzer fought the VC at the ARVN Compond at Ben Cat......Noli Me Tangere.....

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
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Checking in for 2018

B co 2/2 3rd Plt
Tracks 232 & 234
7-67  7-68
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