Second Infantry Regiment

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Eddie (Andy) Oliver
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Checking in for the month of May. Had a very warm April and things are being to happen at and on the lake.

Andy Oliver Co C 1/2 68-69

Curtis Parker
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Daring Bravo Bandit 31 reporting for duty for the month of May 2017...4 May 1968 is Daring Bravo Bandit's 4th day on the Rome Plow operation. General Keith Ware "Danger 77" the First Division (Big Red One) Commander visited our (Daring Bravo Bandits) NDP during our first week of the Rome Plow operation. Also this month on 24 May 1968 the 2/2 Infantry engaged and defeated a NVA force in An Loc/ Loc Nihn.  On 25 May 1971 during my second combat tour in Vietnam assigned to E Troop, 2/11th Armored Cavalry Regiment I was wounded in battle during a night ground attack in the Hobo-Boi Loi Woods.  Hope that all of you brothers have a very solemn and peaceful 2017 Memorial Day.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
John Adams
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Checking i for May. My bees are starting to buzz alot. Out getting pollen. Hoping for alot of honey this year. Looking forward to the reunion next week.
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