Second Infantry Regiment

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Tom Copeland
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Thought some of you might enjoy this You Tube video.
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Thank you for sharing.  That was well done and brought back a lot of memories.
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Tom, thanks
Luther Patton
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Thanks for posting Tom. This video is awesome.... job well done. So many memories'! 
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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Tom Copeland:  Thanks for sending this. It sure made the memories come flooding back. Who was the Guy in the picture at the beginning of the film wearing the flak vest & holding the M-16. He sure looked familiar to me. I was assigned to the 1st Platoon of Aco 2-2 1st Inf Div in 68 & 69. My Call sign was Tarpon Alpha 1-6. And I was at most everyone one of the Thunders, Firebases, and Basecamps that were mentioned many times. Also spent a lot of time on Thunder Road ((( HWY 13 ))), and working the Rubber Plantations. Around An Loc, Loc Nhin, and Quan Loi. Seems like only yesterday not 52+ years ago. 
Thanks Again:
Ton Copeland
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I think that guy is the one who made the video. Gordon Fowkes.

HHC, 2/2, GS (Anti personnel radar) '67-'68
Curtis Parker
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Tom this is real good footage...brought back alot of memories....Thanks for the memories as Bob Hope used say. Noli Me Tangere!

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt, Track B 231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968

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