Second Infantry Regiment

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Larry G
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Just returned from a trip to Southeast Asia. Started out in Singapore, went to Cambodia and went to Angkor Wat and several other temple ruins, they are all amazing sites. From there went to Vietnam. Started out in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), went to the tunnels at Cu Chi and actually went into one. From there went to Lai Khe where I was stationed in 1966-67. Walked around the company and battalion areas. Highway 13 is a 4 lane road now. Then to Hoi An and My Lai. Then to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. The trip was an amazing adventure. 
Terry Skinner
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Larry i was wondering if you got back where C 2/2 was located. Also could you see where the airstrip use to be?

Terry L. Skinner
C 2/2 - 66-67
Larry G
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Terry we did not get to any of the areas where the companies were located, just the area where Headquarters and Headquarters Company was located. There are houses built on most of the site where the runway was, but we did walk on parts of the hard stands where they parked the helicopters. There is nothing remaining of the battalion area from back then, all has removed and just rubber trees. But when we got to the crossroads in the battalion area I could still see in my minds eye where everything was located. S-1, S-4, the mess halls and kitchen. Where the 4.2 mortars and motor pool was is still cleared with just seedling rubber trees planted on a portion of that area.
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