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Tom Copeland
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Just curious about how many of you who are 100 Service Connected through the VA have filed for and got SS disability as well.
I have been talking to some young vets who are drawing both. One of them got to 90% on VA, then took it to SS and got disability. Took that to VA and they upped him to 100%.
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 When I got my 100% I took the VA letter to SS and they gave me SS disability
John Venn
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100% SC may or my not help in getting SS benefits.  In order to obtain SSDI one needs to be disabled but 100% SC schedular from the VA does not necessarily mean someone is disabled.  There are many, many 100% folks who hold down good jobs.  

If someone is rated by the VA as IU, 100% mental (Total occupational and social impairment) or is rated for disabilities that preclude them from working then that would push an SSDI claim along.  Further, with SSDI any disability can be used to push a claim (whether it is SC or not).
Harold defibaugh
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I filed for ss disability twice, after I got my total and permanent , unemployable. I live in ok., and I was told that because I had not worked 5 consecutive years after I retired from the fed prison system, I did not qualify for ss disability. I decided not to fight with them, because ss is a pain to deal with.
John Kerins
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I had to leave my job in 2010 because of PTSD related issues. My company even provide a letter citing the symptoms and claiming it was a 'mutual agreement' that I leave. Their lawyers would not allow them to come out and say I was laid off because of a disability. That would have opened them up to a lawsuit.
I thought the describes problems would support my PTSD claim.  Despite the letter the VA rated me at only 50%.

Having heard that SSDI was harder to get then the VA 70% individual unemployable, I didn't apply to SS until 2013. They took the letter and immediately decided that's why I was no longer working. They even gave me a year of back benefits. That's the max allowed by law.

I took the SSDI award to the VA and they said, "sin loi", still has me at 50%
John Venn
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I filed in 2008 and used a self-report (template found on the VBA website-PTSD Forum) which lays out the case that PTSD qualifies a person for SSDI.  That along with two letters from my doctors resulted in a first time approval (without any SS medical exam).
Luther Patton
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I worked for Rainbo Baking for 20 year's.  In 1987 the past came to my door step, called Viet Nam. I filed for PTSD, received 30% while employed at Rainbo. After the bakery closed in 95' I filed for 100% for PTSD which I received. So then I  applied for SSI, they turned me down, because they did not think having PTSD would keep me from holding down a job. Duhh.  I had to go before a judge to prove my case. The judge turned me down. I must say he was a dick.  So I had a two year wait or maybe it was a year in order to appeal my case again for SSI. So I hired a good lawyer who represented The Veteran's, he took on my case. We filed a claim on my bad back, and not PTSD, so he sent me to one of his doctor's. I won the case. 
After I turned 65 I received my regular SS. And not SSI. I still received the same amount of money.
Black Scarf's 1/2
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