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Luther Patton
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To Whom it May Concern;
There was a LT. Priddy who sailed with us on the ship USNS Geiger June 67' July 67'. As you all know that we made up three new Delta Company's. LT. Priddy was in Delta Company Black Scarf Battalion.  LT. Priddy was with the Battalion for a while then he was sent up North to I Corp. We received word later that he was killed.
So I have tried and tried to find anything about his death etc. He is not listed on the Wall. There only two Priddy's listed that were killed in Viet Nam. The LT. Priddy that I knew does not in any way match those listed on The Wall. 
I made contact with Durey Felton who was the Head Curator for the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial in D.C. he wrote to me and in an e-mail, he said'" that LRRP teams were in and out of Laos, and if they were killed they were not listed because you know as well we were not supposed to be in Laos. That was considered classified.  Durey told me that families that had lost loved ones in Viet Nam, could not find any information about them while  they were serving in the Nam.  Because of those secret incursion. Durey said," that may be why LT. Priddy is not listed.  But then again was he even killed in the Nam???
So what say you!!  Any impute would be appreciated . Maybe Larry G. or Saint, can shed some light on this matter.
Blacks Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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