Second Infantry Regiment

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Sergio Lugo
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Some of you know that I search out military related ephemera and postal history - both as editor of the Military Postal History Society Bulletin, as a history and international relations educated individual, and as a member of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.  Here are two recent acquisitions related to the  topic that I've acquired.  

(1)  Previously provided to the Association, a photo of the officers of the 2nd Infantry, circa 1905 in Connecticut.

(2)  A special order of June 20th, 1865 relieving Pvt. J. Stokes of his duty with A Company of the 2nd U.S. Volunteer Infantry, and assigning him to messenger duty (apparently with the regiment's headquarters company).  The order (dated June 20, 1865) was signed by Lt. J. Barber, the Acting Adjutant General of the Regiment, then stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.  Pvt. Stokes was ordered to report to Captain Murphy, C.S. (I have no idea what that refers to  - possibly Signal Corps) by order of Lt.  Col.  Paul (???) Heinnichs.  

I have no doubt that messenger service in that day and age involved endless amounts of riding through miles upon miles of desolate, uninhabited prairies, always being on the alert for westward bound pioneer trains,  Indians as well as former Confederate soldiers.  
Larry G
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I have a question or two and a comment concerning your post.

You stated that you provided a  photo of officers of the 2nd Infantry, circa 1905 in Connecticut to the association. May I ask who in the association? Also if in fact the photo was taken in Connecticut I can say that neither the regiment nor any companies of the regiment were ever in Connecticut as far as I can find in the regiments monthly reports or Colonel Shaw's 1930 history of the regiment. The regiment was located at Fort Logan, Colorado during this period of time.

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