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Larry G
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I received this information from Mary Anson earlier today.

Below are some e-mails sent to us yesterday by Gary Tucker’s cousin Ann.

Subject: Gary Tucker's medical situation

 Friends, I have heard from my cousin that her brother, Gary Tucker is in the hospital.  Thought you might be interested in what she said.  Please remember Gary and his wife, Patricia in your prayers.

9/26/11  Hi Ann,

Just wanted to let you know that Gary has been in the hospital since Tuesday (20th) after a series of falls.  They are talking seizure, concussion, diabetes and his oxygen level is unstable. He has been incoherent and delusional, sleeping a lot.  He failed a swallowing test yesterday and they are not sure of the cause.  Please remember him in your prayers.  I will keep you updated - he just doesn't seem to be getting any better.


9/27/11    Hi Ann,

Here is an update re: Gary.  Please feel free to send this to his friends.  We are thankful for all the support.  He is sedated due to seizures and has a partially collapsed lung.  He also is having problems with swallow reflexes.  All this makes it very hard for him to talk clearly, be coherent and to move because of bruising from falls (tailbone, ankle, knees and arms).  Patricia will have another report for me tomorrow after she talks with the primary doctor who was off today.  Please remember him and Patricia in your thoughts and prayers.

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Sorry to heard that Gary is in the hospital, hope he gets well soon. He will be in our prayers. Hang in there "Ramrod".

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Curtis Parker
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My prayers goes out to Gary and his family. Gary is one of our great heroes and warriors.  Very sorry to hear that he had such a bad accident.

"Wild Bill"
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Hang Tough Gary. You are in our prayers. 
Bill and Carol Benson
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  Our prayers go out to Gary and Patricia, we pray for his recovery, hang tough Ramrod

Jim Clark
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Gary and Pat, you are in my prayers

Jim Clark
John Kerins
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I know Gary's been having tough times off and on for a few years. But as all the guys who knew him back in 68-69, he's proven he's a tough little *&%#!!
All the best buddy
(Does anyone have an address where a card can be sent?)
Luther Patton
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Im with all of you Brother's my Prayer's are for Gary Tucker and his wife Patricia.  Hang in their buddy, when the goins gets tough, the tough get goin.  God Bless you Bother!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2 
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Hang tough.  Don't let anyone step on your tangerine.
Dave Lippert
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 Prayers go out to you and your family from ours

Roger Beeman
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Prayers to and for you Gary. God Bless you and hang in there BROther.

HHC 2/2 VTR 95  67/68
mike ogden
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 my prayers for a quick recovery to you and your family
BROther Gary Tucker!!!
  mike ogden 1/2 BRO '68'-'69'
Larry G
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Our prayers that you have a quick and complete return to health.

larry & Kathy Grzywinski
Larry G
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I receive the following information on Gary's medical condition and where he is hospitalized.  He and Pat have moved to San Antonia, I do not know their current address or contact information.

Larry G

Here is the latest update we received concerning Gary from his cousin, Ann.

Mary Anson 


Subject: Gary Tucker

Gary has been moved to the hospital listed below. One for patients with more complex medical issues. He is doing a little better - no IV, no oxygen, regular diet, no brain bleeding, no neurological damage, not diabetic (miscommunication). His speech is better as well as his cognitive memory.  He did have pneumonia when he was admitted with a partially collapsed lung.  He still has a fever, is weak.  They are doing a bunch of new tests as they always do when moved to a new facility.  He will be in physical therapy 5 days a week.  Sounds like he will be here for a while. Thanks for all the prayers and the forwards which I will pass on to Patricia.


LifeCare Hospitals of San Antonio
8902 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 690-7000


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Larry, thank you for the information on Gary. Juan.

Larry G
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I received this update on Gary just a while ago.  It is from Mary Anson who is in contact with Gary’s cousin.



This is the latest update on Gary sent from his cousin, Ann.  Thus far the news on his recovery doesn’t seem too good, but we all pray for a speedy and complete recovery.


Mary Anson


"Gary is about the same, some improvement with his memory I think.  His physical therapy is not going well because of pain in his knees and ankles, especially the left one that he broke two years ago.  His upper body is so weak, once he has fallen, he can't lift himself up, roll over, even get to his knees.  I'm not sure how much he will be able to improve.  He only does physical therapy to a point and then quits or refuses to do more.  Maybe this time will be different since he is hospitalized and is a "captive". He  continues to have x-rays and tests, pain patches and pain meds.  Please keep them in your prayers."

Jim Clark
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Thanks for the update Larry.
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