Second Infantry Regiment

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mike o.
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Hi Guys, does anyone remember this great commander of ours?
           Happy Veterans Day Brothers!
Mike Ogen
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Honorable Major General Keith Lincoln Ware, United States Army,
         Commander of the First Infantry Division in VietNam
   To all my combat brothers,
          First I want wish you all a Happy Veterans Day! I was there and witnessed when Gen. Ware,s huey helicopter got shot out of the sky, the remaining helos came down and picked us up and took us in to secure the area at which a firefight ensued, he, his german shepard dog King, who's also a hero, and everyone in the helo died that day, what a tragedy it was. A brother by the name of Terry Hough shared what he recalls about Gen. Ware, he says: I can barely remember this man and he would carry a case of mason jars each one filled with a grenade with the pins pulled out and would fly over us during a firefight and lob these glass jars with perfect aim at the enemy positions.... I always thought of his bravery as a commander was impressive!!! He also fought beside Audey Murphy
during WWII, if you look up his biography on the internet you'll be amazed at what a great commander we had bros.
 Brothers, please write if you knew of Gen. Keith Ware and his great leadership!
                              your bro, mike o.
mike o.
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Hey i've shure gotten alot of hits but no comments bros., come on don't be shy, I know some of you guys knew of this great commander of ours, please step up!!!

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Though I was there in 69-70, of course I know of MG Ware. At Ft Riley, the HQ bldg, 1801, sits at the MG Keith L Ware Memorial Parade, where there is a nice memorial to MG Ware and all staff on the chopper, including CSM Venable, and King. On the same Parade, there is a memorial to BT+RO MoH recipients.

Below is MG Ware's MOH citation:


Rank and Organization: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S . Army, 1st Battalion, 1 5th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and Date Near Sigolsheim, France, 26 December 1944. Entered Service at: Glendale, Calif. Born: 23 November 1915, Denver, Colo. G.O. No.: 47, 18 June 1945.
Commanding the 1st Battalion attacking a strongly held enemy position on a hill near Sigolsheim, France, on 26 December 1944, found that 1 of his assault companies had been stopped and forced to dig in by a concentration of enemy artillery, mortar, and machinegun fire. The company had suffered casualties in attempting to take the hill. Realizing that his men must be inspired to new courage, Lt. Col. Ware went forward 150 yards beyond the most forward elements of his command, and for 2 hours reconnoitered the enemy positions, deliberately drawing fire upon himself which caused the enemy to disclose his dispositions. Returning to his company, he armed himself with an automatic rifle and boldly advanced upon the enemy, followed by 2 officers, 9 enlisted men, and a tank. Approaching an enemy machinegun, Lt. Col. Ware shot 2 German riflemen and fired tracers into the emplacement, indicating its position to his tank, which promptly knocked the gun out of action. Lt. Col. Ware turned his attention to a second machinegun, killing 2 of its supporting riflemen and forcing the others to surrender. The tank destroyed the gun. Having expended the ammunition for the automatic rifle, Lt. Col. Ware took up an Ml rifle, killed a German rifleman, and fired upon a third machinegun 50 yards away. His tank silenced the gun. Upon his approach to a fourth machinegun, its supporting riflemen surrendered and his tank disposed of the gun. During this action Lt. Col. Ware's small assault group was fully engaged in attacking enemy positions that were not receiving his direct and personal attention. Five of his party of 11 were casualties and Lt. Col. Ware was wounded but refused medical attention until this important hill position was cleared of the enemy and securely occupied by his command.
mike o.
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Thanks BCC,
         You've opened my eyes up, thanks brother!
You shared more than I knew about this Great Hero!
              Thank again,
                                   bro. mike 
Ranger Joe Shelley
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Does anyone know if MG Ware has any living survivors?

Kimberly Beaumont
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Originally Posted by Ranger Joe Shelley
Does anyone know if MG Ware has any living survivors?

yes, I am his granddaughter and he has several other living relatives. Thank you all for keeping his memory alive.
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