Second Infantry Regiment

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Ryan Morrissey
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My father was 1LT Dick Morrissey. He passed away recently. He was close with CPT. Sonny Gratzer who was company commander Bravo co. and he is the only person from my fathers unit that I know of. I have pictures but that is it. I am trying to make contact with anyone else who may have known him. Its so very important to me. Thank you all in advance for your help and service to our nation.

Ryan Morrissey
Ryan Morrissey
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I neglected to put this in my first post but my father, 1LT Dick Morrissey, was Platoon leader of 3rd platoon/ co. B 2/2 in 67/68 before he was assigned to batallion HQ in may 68. I will post a platoon photo tomorrow. If anyone knew him or served with him it would mean the world to me if you could post here.

Thanks in advance and thank you all for your service.

Ryan Morrissey
Larry G
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Sorry to hear about LT. Morrissey's passing, May He Rest in Peace.

L R Grzywinski

HHC 2/2, 66-67

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Rest in Peace, Bro

Ryan Morrissey
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Thank you for the condolences. Attached is a picture of what I assume is my fathers 3rd platoon/Company B 2/2 in late 1967 or early 1968. Would love to know who is in the photo.

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