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Curtis Parker
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Hello Richard, I hope that as you are reading this you are feeling good and in the best of health; and as for me me I am doing fine but only still during this time of the year after 49 years after the battle of Bandit Hill this month of October it still dwells in my mind exactly what the recommendation citation would have read that you recomended me for the Silver Star Medal. I watched about a month ago when President Donald Trump awarded the Medal Of Honor to a Medic for his heroic actions in 1969 in Vietnam, and I thought to myself again exactly what significant act I did during the early dark morning while Bandit Hill the NDP was being attacked while the company- minus was out on a ambush patrol operation. I was really surprised after reporting back to you at your Track in our sector on the NDP that you told me that I had done a "Damn Good Job" and that you were recommending me and my driver Ken for the Silver Star Medal in which you did. I wrote home telling my parents that I had earned the Silver Star Medal, and my Mother wrote back to me that my Father was telling/bragging to his friends and to those people where we did shop that I earned the Silver Star Medal in Vietnam. When I went back to the rear in Lai Khe to go on my second R&R to Bangkok at the end of October, the guys back in the rear also congratulated me for being recommended for the Silver Star Medal; the Rear Detachment NCOIC of our company constantly asked me during breakfast about being recommended for the Silver Star Medal being that I did not get wounded during the battle....I told him that I had killed two wounded VC with a hand grenade that laid moaning and groaning about 30 meters in front of my track in the position that I took that night in the 1st Platoon sector after I entered the NDP until the rest of the company got there(Only Ken my driver, B16 and my friend from Brooklyn,NYC witnessed...I even had not mentioned that to you. Before I reported back to our sector that morning I swept the perimeter in front of my Track and that the hand grenade that I had thrown had blown the heads of the two VC off). I asked the company clerk about the Silver Star award and he said that it was at battalion. While at Camp Alpha awaitng to go to Bangkok I met some guys from the company there and they also congratulated me for being recommendated for the Silver Star Medal. I got back to Bandit Hill during the second week of November to only find out that I was the only oldtimer from the Platoon that was still in the field and approached you with the situation. You told me that you were going back to Lai Khe that Friday to be reassigned to the 4.2 Mortar Platoon and would take me with you and for now I did not have to leave the NDP but to only teach the new guys how to use the 50 Caliber Machine Gun. Friday came but you did leave Bandit Hill, but had made sure that I was on the list to catch the resupply bird back to Lai Khe. The night before I left Bandill Hill my Track hit a land mine, no one was killed but Big Man and my driver Ken was shook up pretty well.The last time that I saw you and the rest of the guys from 3rd Platoon I was at the CP as you marched by on foot going out on a patrol. When I got back to Lai Khe I was greeted by Johnson, Larson, Tatri from our Platoon and the company Rear Detachment NCOIC. The company Rear Detachment immediately put me on a Sh-t Burning detail....then when that detail was finished he handed me my promotion orders to Sergeant E-5...they all laughed. My first official duty as a Sergeant was to be Sergeant of the perimeter of Lai Khe ttwo days later at night.The company made it back to Lai Khe for Thanksgiving Day (1LT. Gary Tucker was now B36). I spent that time with Robinson, Booker, Wells and Big Man Finally I went to battalion HQ's to out process. I went to the awards section to get my awards. I received all my awards except for the Silver Star. I asked the awards clerk what happened to my Silver Star Medal, he replied that he had not received the request...I then approached the company clerk and he said that he had given the recommnedation to the S-1.  I left the Battalion HQ!s really upset and went back to the company area. I met Captain Hansen coming out of the shower and explained to him what had happened.  He said that he had approved the recommendation of the Silver Star Medal and that I would get it. I told Captain Hansen that I was derosing, he said that you had been reassigned to the 4.2 Mortar Platoon and that he would get you resubmit the Silver Star Medal recommendation.  After finally corresponding to you again through my Brother, in a Xmas card that you sent to me about four years ago you said that you did resumit the Silver Star Medal recommendation while you were at Thunder 4 in December 1968.  I know that I will never receive the Silver Star Medal, but I would really like to know what you wrote in the citiation so I can close this part of Vietnam from my life.  I think that I deserve to know that....Noli Me Tangere. 

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Luther patton
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Hi Curtis, 
I hope you don't mind if I post here.  After reading your post.  I was wondering did you receive your orders on the Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry and the citation?  I have the orders that I can send to you or anyone else that does not have them.  No Sweat! It might take me awhile because my printer is down, but I will look in my Documents. 
I should of received The Purple Heart, but I was not put in for one. Oh well!
I hope you succeed in your request for your Citation.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
Curtis Parker
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Hi Bro Luther, I have all of my Awards from my Tours of duty in Vietnam except for the Silber Star Medal from my First Tour with the Big Red One as I have written about and my Bronze Star Medal when I was assigned to the 11th Amored Cavalry Regiment,E Troop & HHT Troop from 19 April 1971-12 Feb 1972....I got a two month drop and the First Sergeant told me that the Bronze Star would be forwarded to me at my next Station at Fort Polk,La. I got wounded while assigned to E Troop in the early morning on 25 May 1971 during a VC ground attack.I stayed in the field for two dass before being evacuated to the 24th Evac Hospital in Long Binh. Because of my Million Dollar wound I was reassigned to HHT Troop. I finally recieve my Purple Heart Medal in January 1972 ha the Squardron Commander.Seems like I just do not have luck recieve my awardsdecorations. Thanks for your Uncle generous offer of assistance Bro Luther..Noli Me Tangere!
John Kerins
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Curtis, I did get a BS/V and a PH earned 8 Jan 69 something around August 69. I was out of the Army by then and received a letter asking if I wanted the 'awards presented at Fort Dix.' Yeah! I'm sure the guys formed up for that would love to me just show for an at a boy. I had them mailed to me. Funny neither made my DD214 but I have the orders for the BS/V (2nd), but I guess I lost the orders for the  PH (3rd)
Curtis Parker
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Hi John,good to hear from you Old Bandit Hill Brother;AS we can see the military system can Work 80% of the time....AS for me of seems like the units that I Server with in Vietnam was always in the move to more important combat operations thus forgetting about a Combat Solcher,ha,ha,ha.....John if you have copies of your of your medical records indicating when You was last wounded you can still recieve the Purple Heart Medal(3rd Award). I am Happy that you were able to recieve your other Awards and I would have been Proud and honored to Salute you.....Noli Me Tangere....PS:I helped a Work colleage recieve His Combat Infantrymans Badge (CIB) after serving in Vietnam in 1966;He recieve the CIB in 2006...wow He was really Happy.I know that I will never recieve the Silver Star Medal John,all I want is to what the Award citation would read that 1LT. Richard E.Brown and Captain Hansen recommend for during Bandit Hill (October 1968).

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt,Track B231
9 Der 1967-10 Dec 1968
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