Second Infantry Regiment

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Larry G
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The 172nd Infantry Brigade began deploying to Afghanistan the end of July.  Some units of the brigade have already taken over their areas of responsibility from units of the 101th Airborne.  The 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry (TF1-2) is part of this deployment and according to battalion CSM Brian Woodall they will assume authority for Western Nangarhar from 1-61 Cavalry (101st).  This will be the first time since Vietnam that both battalions are in the same combat theater.  More information will be forthcoming.

Tom Copeland posted this information on the message board earlier but here it is again.  The TF1-2 “Black Scarves” Battalion has a Facebook page.  Click on the link below and it will take you there. 


Mike Walden
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I think it is great the both Bn's are together again like we were at Fort Devens as part of the 5th Infantry Division. Then all of us took the wonderful cruise to Viet Nam. I think that was one of the last times our two bn's were together. We were the BRO orphans at that time. What a time it was. God Bless both BN's.

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Mike, yes I remember those days, out at Ft Devens.....By the way the beer garden was the Battle zone when the 2 Bn's have some beer together.---Hoooaaah.
By the way there were 2 Sub's following us on that Cruise to the land of Nook-Mam.
My best to those young warriors of the 2 Bn's stay safe.
B 2/2 1964 to 1967 Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
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Here is the picture of the beautiful cruiser that we went in all the way on 1st class cabin...
Mike, I know you remember the pictures...

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Mike Walden
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How did they get all of us on that little ship? It sure looked different in Boston Harbor when we loading full of vehicles and gear at night so no would know what was going on. That was one long ride and I was glad us west coast guys got on last in Oakland and the only room left for us was the officers rec room. Having to go below was bad news. Then climbing down the rope latters when we arrived to get in LSU OR LSTs. And the band played on and off to Ben Whoa to dig fox holes for the night. Welcome to Viet Nam. The ship was the last good meal for a long long time.

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Mike the ship was build to Carrie 1,200 troops--they load 1,800, combat load troops....
Larry G
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There are some new photos on Face Book of the 1st Battalion troops in Afghanistan.  You can view them by clicking on the link located on the first posting of this thread.
Larry G
John Kerins
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Do we have any address to send packages to the 1-2?

Brian Woodall
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John ---- the address to 1-2 is:

CSM Brian Woodall
TF 1-2 IN
FOB Andar
APO AE 09311
Luther Patton
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Juan, you guys had two Submarines that escorted you all to the Nam!!! We had only one as far as I know.  I have a picture of it... that i need to post on the message board.  It surfaced when we were right off the coast of Viet Nam.
And we all know that this was during the Cold War  and we never trusted the Russians or Chinesse.  One torpedo would be all it would take more or less to sink a troop carrier on its way to The Nam.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2 
Dan Hanley
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Hey guys, welcome back. Every year around Memorial Day I surf around looking for units, bases stories friends etc. Still haven't been able to find any body with a deployment story like mine. So here it is maybe someone will recognize it:

June 1965 after basic assigned to Fort Devens HHC Motor pool 1st Bn 2inf 5th  Div. (soon to be Big Red One) with at least 1/2 dozen guys.

Spent till Sep 65 preparing vehicles for shipment to Nam, dying all underwear green and qualifying on M60 to be fitted on 5 ton wrecker. No one told me 5T wrecker is at rear of convoys, but I digress.

Sep 65 1st Bn 2inf boarded 707 for flight to SF/Oak to board troop carrier, Capacity 4000 troops and equipt, 6 high hammocks, salt water showers, constant yelling, "GANGWAY SICKMAN", salt tablets, required near naked sunbathing.

First week at sea ships boiler breaks down, floated around for a couple days then continued on.

Arrived Saigon Harbor late Sep 65 after stop over at Naha AFB Phillipines.

Convoyed to Bien Hoa staging area. 1st combat order, "DIG A HOLE". Ammo issued then taken back after we started shooting each other, some accidents, some self inflicted.

My 1st assignment, air guard on top of 2 1/2 ton loaded with 155mm artillery shells convoying to base camp. What ammo? still not issued. I'll always be thankful VC intel wasn't that great.

So that's MY story is there anybody in the 1/2 that recognizes this or did I dream it. I am old!

Thanks for reading hope I didn't bore you

What submarines? Did ANYBODY ever dig a foxhole in Vung Tau?

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