Second Infantry Regiment

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jack fratzke (doc jack)
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i need to know who posted the picture

1st SGT Delgado


i was the lima platoon medic under 1st sgt delgado - 68' thru 69'.  he was a great leader and person.  please contact me.  doc jack - john_fratzke @hotmail.com

john peterson
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jack i've been trying to hook up with you since you were on the bro board awhile back whats up?? are you still in iowa city?? pete co c 1st med bn 69

Roy Marshall
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I was in D co 1/2 inf Lima PLT 67-68.We lost are PLT.SGT.{Hamilton} in Sept.67 and I believe Delgado became our Plt.SGT. We started D company 1/2 inf. in 67. I was about 90 days short and went to B co 1/2 so I don't know if he made 1st SGT. He was a great man. He was like are father out there.

Roy D 

Mark Lowrey
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This is for Roy Marshall.   I was the Delta Co. Commander when Plt Sgt Hamilton was killed.  The Platoon was on patrol just west of Hwy 13, not too far north of Lai Khe when one or two short rounds from one of our own Artillery Battalions detonated close by.   Sgt. Hamilton was wounded in the chest and if the first Dust off Chopper that showed up had been equipped with a Stokes litter he might have made it alive to the Hospital at Lai Khe and survived.  Sadly, that ship had to be replaced by one with the proper equipment and that delay probably cost Sgt. Hamilton's life.   My memory tells me that there were two men killed that day.   Do you recall whether that is correct and, if so, can you remember the name of the other KIA ?


I believe that Sgt. Hamilton was from Louisiana, was married with two children.   All losses are terrible, but it is particularly bad when they are caused by friendly fire.  


Mark Lowrey 

Roy Marshall
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This is for Mark Lowrey. How are you doing sir. Glad to here from you. I was Sfc Hamilton RTO the day he got killed. When the rounds hit they pick me up and threw me in the air about 10 feet. Someone was looking out for me. Yes SFC Hamilton was from Louisiana and so am I. I have met his wife and some of his family. She works on Ft. Polk like I do. I remember we had wounded Black Scarfs down and we were trying to clear a LZ for the dust off. When my head cleared I went to SFC Hamilton, he was down and was laying in alot of his blood. I will never forget the look in his eyes and the words he spoke. They were Lord,God don't let me die. I don't know if any one else died. I have, like I said met his wife. She was pregnant with his daughter that he never met. She has asked me to have a meeting with her daughter and to talk to her about her dad. It have not happen yet but I'm kind of glad for I don't fill right about it. Sir I want to thank you for helping me and all the scarfs in D Co 1/2 making it home.

Roy D

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According to my records, SFC Hamilton was the only person in the entire division who died that day, 27 Sep 1967.



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