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46 Years ago today, an Air Force pilot, Charles Shelton,(Owensboro, KY) celebrated his 33d birthday by piloting an RF-101C Voodoo unarmed photo recon over Ban Nakay Laos. He was shot down and captured alive. He was held in the cave complexes at Ban Nakay and was shortly united with another Air Force pilot, David Hrdlicka, flying an F105 "Thud", from Littleton Colorado, who was shot down just over two weeks later, and was photographed at time of capture.

Neither has eturned home.

Charlie Shelton was the last man "Officially" kept on the LIVE POW list by DIA until his wife and my friend, Marian Shelton died in 1990, at which time his kids relented and allowed the DIA to list Col Shelton as "presumed KIA BNR."

Happy Birthday, Charlie.

Bob Fulps, please chime in and tell us what Owensboro did today.
Bob Fulps
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BCC, sorry for the late response to your post concerning Col. Shelton. As far as I know, Owensboro did nothing that was publicized on 4/29. Most of the activities surrounding Col. Shelton takes place during Memorial Day week when the Rolling Thunder Bikers stop off in Owensboro on their way to the "Wall" in Washington, D.C.. We usually have A POW rally at the Shelton Memorial. This year it will probably be held at the Sportscenter since the memorial has been dismantled and placed in temporary storage while extensive riverfront construction and landscaping is taking place. I will attempt to attach a poem I wrote in honor of Col. Shelton and in tribute to the rolling thunder bikers who have made the "run to the wall" each year  since about 1987. Hang Tough. Bob

Bob Fulps
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We come from across the nation

This group they call the “Bikers”

To pay respect to our comrades

Who answered our nation’s call

And as yet -

So many –

Have not come home at all


We ride for their sons and daughters

Lovers, families, and friends

Why can’t we get an answer?

So this hurt for them can end


They know not of their loved one’s fate

Instead they cry

And hope

And wait


Our leaders and government officials

Say they are doing the best they can

To bring our hero’s home at last

From that faraway, desolate land


We ride in honor of Col. Shelton

The only one our government will declare

A confirmed P. O. W.

Still suffering over there


This ride to the wall is our mission

And will be repeated again each year

To show that our missing brothers

Will never be forgotten

And that we will always care


Unpublished copyright

Robert C. Fulps

1SG. U.S. Army Ret.


Postscript:        Since I wrote this, more tragedy has befallen the Shelton family.  I can find no way to put this in rhyme.  Mrs Shelton took her own life when this terrible burden of waiting, hoping, and praying became too much to bear.  The Colonel has been declared dead at the request of his children as they seek some sense of finality to the anguish they have suffered for so many years.  We Veterans must now continue to support any effort to find and return our P.O.W./M.I.A. to their rightful place with their families and loved ones.  Our commitment to this cause can never be diminished.  We must never let their sacrifices be forgotten.

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Yes Bob, It was 1987. I was in that one, with the only Jeep CJ-5 among 2860 (by clicker count) scoots. Returnee Col Laird Gutterson rode as my shotgun.

Good words. You are now published, by dint of this webpage, and can legitimately copyright it through the US Copyright office.
Jack and Jill Ryan
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Hello from Australia
We seek to find information on a blue Harley Davidson Ultra Guide painted as a memorial to Charles Shelton since been exported to Australia we are now the owners of this extroadinary motorcycle and wish to know or find the history behind this mysterious bike.
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