Second Infantry Regiment

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me who commanded the 2nd infantry regiment during Vietnam as an O-6 colonel.  Was there just one man, or was there several?  Thanks in advance.


The Saint
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The commander of the 2/2 in 1965 in Vietnam was LTC (Ret. Brig Gen) George Macon Shuffer, Jr. He pass away on 5 Feb 2005.


Hope that this help you some.


Take care and be careful out there.


The Saint.


B2/2 1964-67

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Thank you for the reply. Was he the only commander of the 2nd infantry Regt. during the war?  Thanks again!


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I ask because I am a militaria collector, and just bought this uniform after the reserve was not met from the seller on ebay.  It has 2nd Infantry Regt. DI's, and 1st ID patch, as well as Colonel's rank.  So I am trying to figure out who it belonged to.  I found Gen. Shuffer's list of medals online, and they do not match these.






Tom Copeland
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During the Vietnam war there were two battalions of the 2nd Infantry Regiment in Vietnam.  The 1st Battalion and the 2nd Battalion, also known as the 1/2 and 2/2.


I was with the 2/2 in 1967 - 1968.  During that time we had 3 Battalion Commanders, and I have heard of a 4th who was there before I got there.


LTC Conn

LTC Collins ? - May 67

LTC John Pelton May 67 - Sept 67

Maj Hank Davisson Sept 67 - ?


There were also a number of commanders for the 1/2.



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Thanks for the reply, I will have to look into thiose names, to see if their awards match those on the jacket!  Thanks again,


Larry Grzywinski
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As Tom Copeland said there were 2 Battalions of the 2 Infantry. According to information I have the commanders of the 1st Bn were:


LTC Steven S Phillips       Jul 65-Mar 66

MAJ Ronald Thoeiss         Mar 66-Apr 66

LTC Richard Prillamen       Apr 66-Oct 66

LTC Douglass A Huff        Oct 66-Nov 66

LTC William C Simpson      Nov 66-Apr 67

LTC Mortimer O'Connor     Apr 67-Apr 68     (KIA)

LTC Martin L Slominski      Apr 68-Jul 68

LTC Thomas E Fitzpatrick  Jul 68-Dec 68

LTC Thomas A Rehm         Jan 69-Jun 69

LTC Winfield Holt              Jun 69-Jan 70

LTC Richard W Anson        Jan 70-June 70


The commanders of the 2nd Infantry were:


LTC George M Shoffer Jr      Jun 65-Mar 66

LTC Jack L Conn                 Mar66-Dec66

LTC Edward Collins              Dec66-May67

LTC John D Pelton               May 67-Sep67

LTC Henry L Davisson Jr       Sep67-Jul68

LTC J McKenzie                   Jul 68-Dec68

Ltc George Greer                 Dec68-Jul69



Larry G

Larry Grzywinski
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It appears that the information I provided on battalion commanders for at least the 2Bn(Mech) 2Inf is incorrect and incomplete.  I took the information from The 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam History book and thought it would be accurate and complete.


LTC Shuffer is spelled with a U not an O and the 2/2 did not leave Vietnam until April 1970 so therefore there is a possibility of at least 1 or 2 more commanders that are not listed.  As of this time I hope the balance of the information is correct.


Larry G

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Great info guys! Thanks!  Do you know of any Bird Colonels in this regiment, or if any of those LTC's listed received the silver star?



Roger K Bravo 1/2
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OK,  Justin, you have brought up a question in my mind.. I served under LTC Patrick, Rehm and Holt during my tour from Sept 68- Augt. 69 with the 1/2... The only one I remember talking to face to face was LTC Rehm... that's a whole different story...


My question is.... Did the Second Infantry Regiment have a Regimental Commander in VN or only the two Battalion commanders who where under division command... ?


John... Dave... ?

I don't know but it wasn't like a grunt would care back then..

Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Justin, I'm not sure but I do believe one of our most famous Commanders, LTC O'Connor (KIA) did receive a Silver Star for has actions in combat.

Roger K  Bravo 1/2

Tom Copeland
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The Battalion Commanders reported to the Brigade Commanders, who reported to Division.  I think there were three Brigades in the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam.



Roger K Bravo 1/2
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Thanks Tom, That's kind of the way I had it figured... forgot to mention Brigade.

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Thanks again!  Brigade commanders are usually O-6's right?

Tom Copeland
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Normally the Battalion Commander is a LTC (05) and the Brigade Commander is a Col. (Bird Colonel - 06)


But it didn't always happen that way.  The uniform you have may have belonged to a man who was promoted to 06 while he was in the 05 slot.


As far as I know there was never a 2nd Infantry Regiment Commander in Vietnam.  They were either Battalion Commanders or Brigade Commanders.



John Kerins
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In late 68 – early 69 it was LTC Michienzi, not McKenzie. I know he was still in command in Jan 69 and I thought still there when I left in Feb 69.



LTC Michienzi was one of the commanders awarded the Silver Star but he wore a 101st combat patch, not a MACV.





There was no COL of the 2nd Inf Regiment as has been stated the battalions operated independent of each other. Few regiments were still intact by Vietnam. The best known was and still is the 11th Armored Cav.Reg.


That uniform may be a composite of several people’s items. Any or all of the COL insignia, the 2nd Inf Crest, the CIB and decorations may have come from different sources and been pinned on a jacket with MACV and 1st ID patches already sewn on. All commanders of the 2nd Bn would have worn the Presidential Unit Citation that the battalion was awarded soon after they arrived in 65. I’m sure the 1st Bn was also awarded various unit citations, that like the PUC would have been displayed above the right breast pocket, but are missing from the jacket and list of awards.


Each item could certainly be genuine yet not have come from a colonel serving in the 2nd Inf Reg. Also, I believe an officer’s jacket had a black stripe around the sleeves near the end, or cuff. If you blouse doesn’t have that stripe, it was an enlisted man’s uniform.


Now for my stupid question to everyone, “If COLs commaded brigades, what did Brigadier Generals do?”

Larry Grzywinski
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On the spelling of LTC Michienzi it just goes to show that even history books can be wrong and these books are part of the library at Cantigny.  When Turner Publishing Company reissued the history in on volume they either transcribed incorrectly or the originals were also wrong.  Does anyone know if and who commanded the 2/2 after LTC Greer?


I do believe a Brigadier General is an assistant Division commander.




Again, according to 1st Division in Vietnam History and Vietnam Order of Battle there were 3 brigades.  Tom I do believe it's time for a road trip to Cantigny.


Larry G

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i was in c 1/2  mar67-mar68.  i was wondering if anyone knew who the men in the background of picture 5 are?  the pictures of c 1/2 of course. i believe i was there at the time but i can't put a name on them.
The Saint
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The Commander of the 2/2 in 1965 in Nam (Ltc---Ret BG)

George Macon Shuffer,Jr have the following.


C.I.B with 2 Stars Meaning 3 Awards (WWII, Korea,Vietnam).

Silver Star 2 Oak Leaf Clusters.

Legion of Merit W 3 Oak Leaf Clusters.

Distinguished Service Medal.

Bronze Star W 3 Oak Leaf Clusters.

Air Medal W 5 Oak leaf Clusters.

Army Commendation Medal.

Purple Heart Medal.

Good Conduct Medal.

American Defense Medal.

American Campaign Medal.

Asiatic-Pacific campaign Medal w/ 4 Campaign Stars.

World War II Victory Medal.

Army of Occupation Medal (Germany).

National Defense Service Medal W/1 Oak Leave Cluster.

Korean Service Medal W/4 Campaign Stars.

Vietnamese Service Medal W/2 Campaign Stars.

Philippine Liberation Medal.

Philippine Independence Medal.

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry W/ Silver Star.

United Nations Service Medal.

Vietnam Campaign Medal W/ Divice.

Presidential Unit Citation.

Valorous Unit Award W/i Oak leave Cluster.

Philippine Presidential Unit Citation.

Korean Presidential Unit Citation.

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry W/ Palm ( Unit Award).

Parachute Badge.


He Entered the Army August 16 1940. He went from Private-E-1 to Brigadier General. Retired July 1, 1975.


Passed away on Feb 5, 2005. Rest In Peace Sir.


Take care and be careful out there.


The Saint.


The Saint
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John you asked what BG's Do. A BG can be an Assistant Div Commander, or command a large separate Bde, or command a Bde--size support unit, Or be Chief of Staff at a corp level or make coffee at the Pentagon.


Take care and be careful out there.


The Saint.


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I realize that I'm probably on the wrong page to ask this question but I clicked on the photos above in John Kerins e-mail . That is why I asked the question on this page.  But I made a mistake on the pictures. I said the pictures for C 1/2 but I meant the 1/2 pictures for BuDop. I wanted to know who the men where in the background on picture #5.  I think Lowery and Broadwell were the officers. Sorry if I'm on wrong page.  GOD BLESS ALL.

Recon Doc
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In looking at the great photos of the 2/2 Inf, I saw a picture of David Shannon.  I remember Dave as one of the battalion's very best medics, someone that we all looked up to with pride.  I also remember that, some time no later than March, 1969 Dave lost an arm to friendly fire.  We were told that he and Henry Moore, another medic, were looking for wounded men after a firefight, and they were mistaken for Charlie by a helicopter gunship.  Henry received much less serious wounds, and I was reunited with him at Ft. benning after my tour ended.  I wonder if anyone has heard from or about David Shannon?  I've thought about him over the years, and hope he's been alright.

John Kerins
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The Association has an address for Dave Shannon that's a few years old. We don't give out that information without an OK, but if you email you name and contact info to me at SECINFREG@aol.com, I'll get a note off to Dave as to how he can reach you.  Hopefully you two can hook up.


John Kerins


Ronald Halovanic
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Originally Posted by Schottzie

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me who commanded the 2nd infantry regiment during Vietnam as an O-6 colonel. Was there just one man, or was there several? Thanks in advance.


LTC George M. Shuffer Jr Jul 1965-Mar 1966
LTC Jack L Conn Mar 1966-Dec 1966
LTC Edward Collins Dec 1966-May 1967
LTC John D. Pelton May1967-

Ron Halovanic

Doug Tabb
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I served as Delta Company Commander under 3 Battalion Commanders(Simpson, O'Connor, Slominski) in 1967 - 1968. There is no Regimental Commander under the "ROAD" organizational program of the Army at that time. We were assigned to the 1st Brigade commanded by COL George "Buck" Newman during this time. I think you must have a uniform that was worn by one of the Battalion Commanders. He must have served in the Korean War if he had the star on his CIB Badge.


I hope this helps. 


Doug Tabb

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