Second Infantry Regiment

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Jim Gahagan
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HHC   1/2  3/66 to 3/67 I served under several of these guys. LTC Prilleman was by far the best officer i ever opened a C ration case fore I would have died for him! I even played catch with a baseball with him. I was a pretty good pitcher in high school but after he warmed up god he pitched way faster than me. I can tell other stories how good he was in the field but i wont. Jim

maggie olmstead
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Originally Posted by John Kerins

In late 68 – early 69 it was LTC Michienzi, not McKenzie. I know he was still in command in Jan 69 and I thought still there when I left in Feb 69.



LTC Michienzi was one of the commanders awarded the Silver Star but he wore a 101st combat patch, not a MACV.





There was no COL of the 2nd Inf Regiment as has been stated the battalions operated independent of each other. Few regiments were still intact by Vietnam. The best known was and still is the 11th Armored Cav.Reg.


That uniform may be a composite of several people’s items. Any or all of the COL insignia, the 2nd Inf Crest, the CIB and decorations may have come from different sources and been pinned on a jacket with MACV and 1st ID patches already sewn on. All commanders of the 2nd Bn would have worn the Presidential Unit Citation that the battalion was awarded soon after they arrived in 65. I’m sure the 1st Bn was also awarded various unit citations, that like the PUC would have been displayed above the right breast pocket, but are missing from the jacket and list of awards.


Each item could certainly be genuine yet not have come from a colonel serving in the 2nd Inf Reg. Also, I believe an officer’s jacket had a black stripe around the sleeves near the end, or cuff. If you blouse doesn’t have that stripe, it was an enlisted man’s uniform.


Now for my stupid question to everyone, “If COLs commaded brigades, what did Brigadier Generals do?”

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 Corrections on the Bn Cmdr's for the 2nd BN are

LTC. Geer was there from Jul 68 To Dec-68

LTC. Michienzi from Dec-68 to Jun -69

LTC. Vinson  From Jun-69 to Oct -69

LTC. Brown  from Oct -69 to ??


Marshall Prange

HHC 2/2 (Recon) Feb -69 to Mar -70

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 One Star Generals  were  the Asst.Div Commander.



From what LTC.Michienzi told me in 1999, he wore the 101st patch from his early D-Day landing,I could be wrong on that now, but he did serve in Korea during the Korean War and was in MACV during 64-65 he was in the Tay Ninh/Dau Tieng area then


HHC 2/2 69-70

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Thanks for the undated information on 2/2 commanders.  As I said I my earlier posting, the information was from a 1st Division history book and I should think a history book should be correct.  Just as a example, if you picked up and read the copy of Duty First at the reunion, if I am reading it right, on page 13 it says that Junction City was in 1968.  Wrong, 1967, the 2/2's first major operation as a mechanized unit.  How any other things are incorrect, if any, in the magazine, I don't know.


Larry G

Rob DeFriese
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Can any one out there remember me? Charlie 1 - 3 - Delta. I'd like to get in touch with a few people who can help my memory.

Tom Copeland
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Can you post a little more information about your time in Vietnam?


What unit were you with?

What time period were you in Vietnam?




Tom Copeland

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I think Greer took the bn home. Michienzi was definitely there Mar-June of 69, as he rode on the pc I was on a few times during that period (with his box of grenades).

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 Just to add LTC.Geer was replaced by LTC.Michienzi in Dec 68 LTC.Vinson came on in Jun of 69 and was replaced by LTC. Brown in Oct or Nov 69.I left in Mar of 70, at that time I believe LTC.Brown was still the Bn Cmdr..and he brought the unit home in Apr?
Marshall Prange
HHC 2/2 Inf
Recon Plt(38 Section)
Bravo Charlie Charlie
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Marshall is correct. LTC Newell Vinson passed the guidon to LTC Paul Brown, who was the last 6 in VN. LTC Vinson passed away several years ago, shortly after I had contacted him via email. I have close up pics of last "passing of the guidon" in VN, with CSM Knox passing guidon to LTC Brown. On the Bandits website.

As Marshall knows, I have located 159 Bandits from 1969 (either 68-69 or 69-70) alive and well, plus 22 from 69-70 who passed back in CONUS.

The last blooded company (B) guidon from VN also led the active company into Kirkuk in 2003.
Bravo Charlie Charlie
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Hope this pic uploads. CSM Knox (r) passing the guidon to LTC Brown, during last 2/2 change of command in VN (Dau Tieng)
rich garcia
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I was with A Co. 2/2 3/68 to 3/69, 1st squad 1st platoon
on 12-30-68 at 0915 hrs., while OPCON to 11th ACR in Rome Plow security, our squad engaged NVA at a stream
Took out 17 and captured 7 NVA
One of our guys was KIA'd there, Mark Gorhaam
My Lt Ken Tucker put the entire squad in for Bronze w/V thru 11 ACR A&D
Nobody got anything but the KIA
Col Mc Kencie flew in next day, chewed out 11ACR and we left for Holiday Inn
Looking for any information on this contact from anybody knowing anything about this

Rich Garcia
(614) 804-2870
Curtis Parker
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I know how you feel. I was assigned to Bravo Bandits 2/2 Infantry from 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968, the company was UPCON to the 11th ACR while at Bandit Hill where I was recommended for the Silver Star by my Platoon Leader B36 1LT Richard E. Brown in October 1968 during the Battle Of Bandit Hill that is on not file on a Duty Log "DA Form 1594" by the 1st Infantry Division and the 11th ACR during that time period..War is Hell..I have gotten used to being the unsung hero..life goes on BRO just keep your courage and duty to country in your heart that will never die or corrode...Have A Nice Day and a wonderful Christmas holiday season.
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nancy denise griffin
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Dear Mr.Roger k Bravor 1/2,,

i seen where you posted you was with the 1/2 from sep. of 68 to aug. of 69.

my uncle johnny paul grissom was with D co,2nd.infantry,1st infantry div.
from sep of 68 to march 9th 1969.(also wih november batalion,black scarfs 1/2)
he was kia on march 9th 1969 in a ambush in Bien Hoa. i was just seeing if you may recall

                                                             much thanks and prayer....denise griffin

Curtis Parker
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Hey Guys LTC Davisson passed the colors to LTC Mckensie in June 1968. LTC Davisson was till commander of the 2/2 Infantry during the Battle 3 April 1968 B2/2 Infantry.
Terry Sage
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LTC Michienzi took command of 2/2 in December of 1968 . I had the honor of being LTC Michienzis' TC from January until he turned over command to LTC vinson.I have first hand knowledge that he was a soldiers' soldier who led by example from the front.
Larry G
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Terry is correct as to when LTC Michienzi took command, December 1968-June 1969. 

LTC Henry Davisson was in command September 1967 to July 1968, then came LTC George Greer, July-December 1968.

COL george buck Newman
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Originally Posted by Doug Tabb



I served as Delta Company Commander under 3 Battalion Commanders(Simpson, O'Connor, Slominski) in 1967 - 1968. There is no Regimental Commander under the "ROAD" organizational program of the Army at that time. We were assigned to the 1st Brigade commanded by COL George "Buck" Newman during this time. I think you must have a uniform that was worn by one of the Battalion Commanders. He must have served in the Korean War if he had the star on his CIB Badge.


I hope this helps. 


Doug Tabb

Luther Patton
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Does any one now if COL. Newman is still living?
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67 June 68
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Here is a photo of Col. Newman, taken in 2010, posted on the web.  He is standing, back row on the left.


Go Army.  Beat Navy.
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Here is a 9 page article written by Brian Wright O'Connor, Appointment at Bu Dop.  In PDF format

Leon Smith Jr.
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Originally Posted by Schottzie

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me who commanded the 2nd infantry regiment during Vietnam as an O-6 colonel.  Was there just one man, or was there several?  Thanks in advance.


Leon Smith Jr.leons
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Originally Posted by Schottzie

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me who commanded the 2nd infantry regiment during Vietnam as an O-6 colonel.  Was there just one man, or was there several?  Thanks in advance.


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 I was with A Co 2/2 3/68 to 3/69
I am in need of contact information for LTC J McKenzie 
Would appreciate any information

Richard Garcia
(614) 804-2870

Originally Posted by Larry Grzywinski



As Tom Copeland said there were 2 Battalions of the 2 Infantry. According to information I have the commanders of the 1st Bn were:


LTC Steven S Phillips       Jul 65-Mar 66

MAJ Ronald Thoeiss         Mar 66-Apr 66

LTC Richard Prillamen       Apr 66-Oct 66

LTC Douglass A Huff        Oct 66-Nov 66

LTC William C Simpson      Nov 66-Apr 67

LTC Mortimer O'Connor     Apr 67-Apr 68     (KIA)

LTC Martin L Slominski      Apr 68-Jul 68

LTC Thomas E Fitzpatrick  Jul 68-Dec 68

LTC Thomas A Rehm         Jan 69-Jun 69

LTC Winfield Holt              Jun 69-Jan 70

LTC Richard W Anson        Jan 70-June 70


The commanders of the 2nd Infantry were:


LTC George M Shoffer Jr      Jun 65-Mar 66

LTC Jack L Conn                 Mar66-Dec66

LTC Edward Collins              Dec66-May67

LTC John D Pelton               May 67-Sep67

LTC Henry L Davisson Jr       Sep67-Jul68

LTC J McKenzie                   Jul 68-Dec68

Ltc George Greer                 Dec68-Jul69



Larry G

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