Second Infantry Regiment

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I was with A co 2/2 3/68 to 3/69
I am in need of Lt.Col Michenzi's contact information for a DD 638 for an action 12-30-68
Would appreciate any info

(614) 804-2870

Originally Posted by Gunner



Thanks for the undated information on 2/2 commanders.  As I said I my earlier posting, the information was from a 1st Division history book and I should think a history book should be correct.  Just as a example, if you picked up and read the copy of Duty First at the reunion, if I am reading it right, on page 13 it says that Junction City was in 1968.  Wrong, 1967, the 2/2's first major operation as a mechanized unit.  How any other things are incorrect, if any, in the magazine, I don't know.


Larry G

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I was with track 66 recon black scarfs an loc jan 69 jan70 McKenzie was the 2/2 commander recon would give our lives to protect him. he hated communists after a fire fight he would piss on the pile of dead n v a troops we moved out of an loc after he left. we needed him during  the sapper attacks and ambushs  on hwy 13 at thunder 3.
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Was wondering if someone could help me find info/pics or a flag flown on my father's tanks. He was in the 2nd battalion 34th infantry. His platoon was known as Cornns's Assasins. Thank you.
Luther Patton
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This goes out to Silva.
How could you be in the Second of Second MECH. On a track and be a Black Scarf Recon.???
You would have to be in The 1/2 in order to be a Black Scarf. The First of The Second was the only Battalion designated; that could wear The Black Scarf.
Black Scarf Battalion
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'
Luther Patton
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Silva, what your saying is that you were Recon. Black Scarf Battalion 1/2 and you guys were assigned to the 2/2?  Things really changed after 68-69.
Luther Patton
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This is for Brice Williams
You asked who the men were in the background in picture five. This was the morning after The Battle of Hill 172.  I'm one of the guys in the background I have my hands on my hips, wearing a rag hat. Luther Patton.  One to my left looks like Joe J. Parker a very good friend of mine.  We were RTO's in November Platoon. A few days later at Bu Dop Joe and I joined up with Recon. 29er.  One of the other guys, a black  kid in the picture would join Recon. 29er.  later on. I have no idea what his name his.  I hope this helps a little bit.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
Larry G
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Luther for some reason, of which I have never gotten an explanation for, the soldiers of the recon platoon of the 2d Battalion were wearing black scarves during the period Silva was there and is writing about. Perhaps someone out there who reads this and was with 2/2 recon at the time can tell us all what the reasoning was.


Terry Sage
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I don't know when the 2/2 recon platoon started wearing the black scarves but when I got to the recon platoon in November of 68 they were wearing them. I still have mine.
Terry Sage. 2/2 "B" co and HHC recon plat.
68 - 69
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From what I read about LT.COL. Prillamen, The father of The Black Scarf Battalion. After the bolts of Black Cloth was found in the village of LO GO. and LT. Col. Prillamen came up with the idea of making Black Scarfs from the material. He approcached his superior's and asked for permission to make it part of the uniform of the 1/2.  And so he was given the OK to do so. And that no other unit could wear the Black Scarf only the 1/2.
When the three new Delta companies arrived in Viet Nam and I was assigned to The Black Scarfs we were told that if we were caught without our Black Scarf being worn we would be fined 5.00 dollars.  But I never knew of anyone having to pay the five bucks.
But after LT. COL. Prillamen came back to the World, or he may have still been in Country a lot of things changed.  Terry, I guess the ones that were wearing the Black Scarf, thought that they could, but in truth they were not. And I know that if LT. COL. Prillamen was there and saw a 2/2 wearing a Black Scarf well its not going to happen. My own opinion.
Let me just add, that there was an Australian combat unit in Viet Nam that wore a Black Scarf with the Kiwi bird outlined in white in the corner of the Black Scarf that they wore.
And again, I agree Larry if there is someone out there that has an explanation of why the Second of The Second was wearing the Black Scarf, I would  like know who gave them the authority to do so. When the 1/2 was the only battalion in Viet Nam who had permission to do so. Now, I know that the 1/28th wore a scarf that was camo. and in the corner they had their Lion Patch sewed on.
I still have my H.H.C. Black Scarf that I wore, and a Delta Black Scarf and a Bravo Black Scarf. I left one Black Scarf at the Moving Wall when it came to Tusla, Oklahoma. I plan on leaving the Delta Black Scarf at The Wall in D.C. most of The Recon. 29er Brother's have signed it.
I was very proud to be A Black Scarf Member, but I would have just been as proud to been in the 2/2. Or with any unit of The Big Red One.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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Someone asked earlier, if any Battalion commanders received a Silver Star.....Dad got one, but refused to ever admit what it was for.  I asked him once, and he joked and said, "I stood up, when everyone else was sitting down...."  I think he felt embarrassed to be given recognition, when in his mind, all the soldiers of the battalion were the brave ones who deserved to be recognized.  He would never take credit for anything, because he placed all the credit on his soldiers. 

And....the scarf was meant to be unique to his battalion, no other.  It was a useful "tool" in the daily jungle life of the soldiers, and he told me that the first reason he thought of them was because it helped keep the ants from going down the shirts of the guys when they would brush against the trees in the jungle.  It was dangerous to stand around, while the ants were removed from their clothes, etc.... and it had the great side effect of being a source of pride and a morale builder.  But as I've said before, that pride started with the great guys who were in that battalion when Dad was the CO.  They set the standard that continued over time, with the brave soldiers who came to the battalion later and added that scarf to THEIR uniforms!  What a fine legacy they have all handed down...   I can see why other units would have wanted to say that they were part of it or be a part of it, but the truth is, it really was The Black Scarf Battalion, not the Black Scarf Regiment!  Maybe that has changed since then.

Having said that, I always want to tell you all, Thank you now and forever, for all that you ALL did.  No amount of thanks could ever equal all that was sacrificed by every soldier there. 

Robin Prillaman Lessig

Luther Patton
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Thank you so much for your reply.  
I sure would of like to have met your dad. One day soon; I hope to meet you Robin.
Is your dad buried at Arlington?
God Bless you Robin
Luther Patton
Black Scarf battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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I'm looking for information on my dad, Rodney P Franklin, Army. He received the Army Commendation Medal with "V" device for action taken on 2/2/68. According to the award letter sent by A.F. Crowley,  he was serving as an armored personnel carrier with an infantry unit. As they neared the location of a suspected enemy base camp near Highway 245, they fell under intense automatic weapons and rocket fire. While firing at the hostile fortification, he noticed that the machine gunner was rapidly depleting his ammunition supply. He constantly exposed himself to the hail of hostile rounds while keeping his fellow men supplied until fighting ceased. He still fights that way for his kids and grand-kids and I'd love to know more!

Says he was Company A 2d Battalion (Mechanized) 2nd Infantry. I'm trying hard to find any photos or information. He is still alive and I'm trying to find more information for him. I want to make sure his mark in history is honored and his grand-kids keep his story and time in history accurate.

More than proud of my dad and thank all of you for your service.

Any help is more than appreciated.
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Deb,  Your dad got his Arcom during Tet 68 according to the info you posted.

Here is a discussion thread on this website dealing with Tet 68.  (from 2011)  check it out with your dad, and he may see some names he recalls, or incidents.  Get your dad to post or have you post manes he recalls.  They may well be seeing our site.


In never met him.  Was there 69-70 in Bravo Company.
Luther Patton
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This goes out to the men of the 2/2nd. A good friend of mine is trying to find out more about her dad and his medals etc. So she can pass them on down to her Son.
His name is Henry Castro, B 2/2 Jan. 1967. His Daughter does have his Purple Heart Order's. The Purple Heart Order's are dated January 21st, 1967. Henry was a PFC, N/A.
Does anyone recognize his name? Maybe you served with Henry Castro?  
I told his Daughter that she needs her Dads DD214, in order to receive his medals and  medical records. If she does not have his DD214 is there another way she can obtain his medals and medical records? I know that you have to fill out a form along with your DD214.
Her Dad passed away several year's ago.
I was just wondering if there was a major Operation or Battle that he could of been a part of when he was wounded. I could not find any around that time line.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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Have her contact her congressman's office locally.  His website will show his local office addresses and phone numbers.  Ask for the "veteran's aide".  Explain the situation to him, and let them do the work.

They may even want to present the medals to the family in a ceremony.  They LOVE being seen doing good for vets.
Luther Patton
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Thanks for the impute.
Hoyt claburn
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Anyone wishing to get deceased family members awards and medals . Go one line google service members medals and follow directions .You don't need DD214 all you need is service dates  (as close as possible) ,SSN number or old service # number . fill out form on line and down load form and send to address provided takes about 3-5 months . need first middle and last name .I just got my neighbors brother awards .

Hoyt Claburn
2/2 66-67
thomas prato
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Originally Posted by Terry Sage
I don't know when the 2/2 recon platoon started wearing the black scarves but when I got to the recon platoon in November of 68 they were wearing them. I still have mine. Terry Sage. 2/2 "B" co and HHC recon plat. 68 - 69
steve hartzheim
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Hi : Today on ebay I have listed a medallion with the name BG Conner on it . I think but I am not positive he was a general in Vietnam . The medallion is from the 2nd Infantry regiment Ramrod as stated on the front . This is a very nice and unique item . It can be seen under ebay auction number 372221541683 . If you would like to own it . Feel free to make your best offer and if I accept the offer I will place a buy it know price on ebay for it , and once paid for as per pay pal plus shipping which would not be much . I will send it out at once . 
Thanks Much 

Larry G
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BG Robert E. Conner commanded the 3d Battalion of the 2d Infantry Regiment from August 1944 through to the end of World War II.  He began his service with the 2d Infantry Regiment as a 1st Lieutenant with Company L, 3d Battalion in 1941.

L R Grzywinski
2d Infantry Regiment

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Maybe you guy's can help me out, my father served in Vietnam i believe under 1ID 2nd battalion 2nd infantry Mike K Goss my mother spent time looking for someone he served with before she passed away 4 years ago now i'm picking up where she left off. Dad has been looking for a guy named Danny Hare also know as rabbit. Dad doesn't speak much of what happened there and i can understand why. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Zabasearch.com shows 84 results for Daniel Hare.

It would help greatly if your dad says when he served, and if he knows Hare's hometown or home state.
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Originally Posted by BCC
Zabasearch.com shows 84 results for Daniel Hare.

It would help greatly if your dad says when he served, and if he knows Hare's hometown or home state.

Dad served from 66-68, he does not know what the rabbits home town was.
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Well, one option is click on the link I posted, and start calling each Daniel Hare.
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