Second Infantry Regiment

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Donovan Kolness
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Gentlemen...forty years ago today was a bad day for the 2nd & 2nd. This was the day (July 12, 1969) when Alpha company was ambushed while on patrol for a body count on Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain). All total, Alpha had 9 KIA and 37 wounded on July 12 and on July 13, 1969 Charlie company had 2 KIA and (?) wounded while tryng to retrieve one KIA from Alpha from the July 12, 1969 battle.

I tip my hat to the boys from Alpha for what they went through at the base of the mountain on July 12, and pray most have been able to over come what we had to see. Also, I tip my hat to the boys from Charlie company who came to our rescure that day and for the sacrifices they made to save so many of us who would not be here if not for them....We are Brothers all!

At his time of day I am hoisting my glass in memory of all who gave their all those two days, and also the wounded too. God Bless You All....You will live in my heart forever!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
Oct. 1968 - Oct. 1969
Luther Patton
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Spike, sorry to hear about those who made the ultimate scarifice.  I to will toast and salute to those living and dead for their courage at Nu Ba Dinh. May they rest in peace. Lets Never forget, the loss of our Brother's. 
Sincerely, Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2 
Delta Comapny, November Plat. RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man 
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  I too raise a glass, to honor those who gave their all at Black Virgin Mountain, and pray for peace for those who survived

A 2/2
Oct 68-Mar69
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Spike I to will toast these brave brothers. May God be with them all.

Dominic Mish
2/2 Recon
10/1966 - 05/1967

Richard Garcia
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Hi Spike,
You are right about all that you mentioned. We serve a mighty God who has a special place for His soldiers.

The Saint
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May they rest in peace.

Bill Sly
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  To fill in your post honoring the men of Alpha and Charlie Cos. on the 12/13 of July 1969. The correct number of wounded for Charlie Co is 4. One on the 12th and 3 on the 13th.
   I am in contact [again] with someone that may help me publish my manuscript of that battle. I will keep you informed of future developments.
Donovan Kolness
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Hello Bill, and thank you for the correct number of wounded from Charlie company on July 12 and 13, 1969.

It would be great if a publishing house would do something with the book. I think it would be a pretty good seller.

As far as publishing company's, I had a good contact from New Orleans who I talked to about publishing the book. At that time he was somewhat interested. Unfortunately, he left that company for another company and I have not had contact with him for over a year.

Anyway, all the best to you and let's hope some publishing company takes this book on.

Take care,
Donovan Kolness
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Today, July 12, 2010 marks the 41st anniversary of the Battle of the Black Virgin Mountain. July 12th & 13th, 1969

May God Bless all who gave their all at the base of that mountain, and may they all rest in ever lasting peace.

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
A 2/2
Oct. 68 - Oct. 69
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Bill and Donovan,

A friend is a publisher in the Boston area. Among his publications are "Tuskeegee Airmen" and Chris Noel's autobiography, "A Matter of Survival: the War Jane Never Saw"

Here is submission info.

Attention Authors:

After having perused the titles published by Branden Books, and you feel your book would fit into one of those categories, then send one to two paragraphs describing your work together with an appropriate SASE to:

Branden Books
PO Box 812094
Wellesley MA 02482

We will respond right away either to ask for a copy of the completed manuscript, or to tell you that we cannot use it. Please no fax, phone or Internet submissions.

Best wishes.

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I just got off the phone with the publisher (above) and he will give a good look to the submission.

As a side note, he is a retired US Army Colonel.
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This is a MUST see web page, on one of A Company's KIA, Dan Wagenaar.


It not only tells a bit about the battle, but also about the dedication of the Pasco, WA Army Reserve Center in his name.

He reseived the Silver Star for this battle, and his commendation is jpg
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  Thanks for the post on Dan Wagenaar, a toast to all our brothers here and gone, may the good Lord bless and keep you.

Luther Patton
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A BIG SALUTE goes off to each and everyone that was at the Battle Of Nu Ba Din. May those that paid the ultimate scarfice with their life REST IN PEACE. We truly are Brother's!!! That only we know in our heart's.... what it took to become Brother's in a place called VIET NAM, and that is....... we took care of each other.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67-68'   
donovan kolness
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Well said Luther...

It is hard to believe 40 plus years have gone by for us who served together in Vietnam back in the 60's. I'm proud to be a Vietnam veteran and always have been. But even more so, I'm proud of guys like you and all the other Vietnam veteran's and the bond we created in the mjost difficult times of our lives.

I salute all my Brother's who served in Vietnam and didn't run north to Canada. We can hold our heads high knowing we had the courage to risk everything in an unpopular war at the time when our country and even our peers were against us.

That is what I call courage!

God Bless All Vietnam Veterans for not running, but doing what their country asked of them. You all are heroes!

Donovan (Spike) Kolness
mike ogden
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 Donavan, I thank you for the compliment, when I was 18 a buddy of mine and I desided we wanted to hitch hike to Canada, not because of VN war but we wanted to see the country side. We got as far as Theif River Fall, ND and ended up in a bad auto accident and since we were minors law inforcement got involved and sent us back to SO. CA, shortly after getting home I wanted to join the Marines and the recruiter was out to lunch so I volunteered for the Army draft at which they took me right away. I have no regrets and must say am proud I got to serve with the Best the Army had to offer the 2 Regiment Black Scarves of the Big Red One, I praise and thank God for our brothers in arms who were KIA for their the true hero's,
 " all gave some but some gave all ", I thank all my brothers out their and a Big Welcome Home To All Of You!!! Let's not forget to continue to pray for our brave troops that are in harms way fighting for the cause of PEACE!!!
                                         mike ogden
                                         1/2 HHC Recon 29er
                                         Black Scarf Battalion
                                         Big Red One '68'-'69'
The Saint
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Donovan, thank you for the compliments I too, I am proud to have all my brothers that served with pride. The fist time I went to S.E.A was in 1959 Laos for about 2 1/2 month, then I went to Vietnam in 1961 for 89 days and another time in 1963 for anther 89 days no TDY here which is 90 days, then I went to Nam in 1965 with the 2/2 and left the country in 1970--lot of fun..... Yes, I seen some combat from the ground and from the air been a Door Gunner/ Crew-chief in gunships and Ute-21 airplanes.....
Be Careful Out There.

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Spike its an honor to know you and serve with guys like you, popcorn and the Italian stallion. May God Bless you and all who went to Hell and back............
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      Meeting and talking with you and all the brothers at the reunion and on the Internet, makes me proud to have been a little part of every ones life and accepted as a friend and brother, to all of you who served, thank you and my God bless you and take care your love ones.
    Steve Brozyna
    A 2/2 68-69
Alvin Howard
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Sipe it hard to believe we made it.  There is not a day goes by that I dont think of all you guy, and thank God for you all,  I was talking to Sammy this past week and we all had each others backs.  If we hadn't i believe there would be more names on the WALL than there is. God Bless you are all in my prayers.  Alvin Howard A 2/2 1st INF. Div 68-69

Alvin Howard Al
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Spike I misspelled your name Love you Brother Al

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August 1969....I was with the 25th Inf., 2nd/34th Armor, track A/35 out of FB Beull. Ran the road around the Black Virgin alot. Anyone remember that unit. Can't find any decent doocumentation.

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Tanker check your back door mail.
Sergio Lugo
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Tried this once yesterday, to no avail.  Doing so again.

Hello once more.  Ran across Donovan's post from 3 years ago on my annual once a year visit to the 2nd's website.  Noticed TANKER's comments about the 34th tank battalion. 

I remembered comments I'd made about the 34th in at least one post on the engagement at Nieu Bau Den on July 12-13th, 1969.  Went back and found them.  Posts on this message board can be found from 6/22/07 (last answered 8/12/07; currently pg. 39); 7/11/07 (last answered 2/6/09; currently page 30); 5/10/09 (last answered 6/19/09); 7/17/11 (last answered 8/12/11; currently pg. 9); and Donovan's 7/12/69 (last answered 1/14/12; currently pg. 6).  More immediately for TANKER, I seem to recall (but don't recall mentioning) that the 34th's tanks were included in our R.O.N. encampment about 1 mile west of the Nui Bau Den saddle on the evening of July 12th.  

I also seem to remember that as the 3rd platoon swung off the main road (dirt track really) as Charlie Company's point to advance into the saddle  between Nieu Bau Den and Nui Cau (???), there to the left in the distance (towards the northeast) about a half mile sat 2 to 4 tanks.  Did the 34th field M-60 tanks?  I remember something about they couldn't advance because they would have bogged down in the rice paddies and grassland at the base of the saddle where the dismounted men of A company had moved up the saddle .     

Funny how things flash back!  Also, on the night of either the 13th through the 15th, we were on the east side of the mountain (about 8 miles as the crow flies, and 35 miles as travelled by our tracs) when the saddle was once again hit by an ARCLIGHT strike.  It was around 8pm (2000 hours) - absolutely no B52s visible, just lots of bomb explosions.

The aforementioned posts explain some of what happened that day in lengthy discussion from the perspective of Charlie company.  One day, perhaps, Sly will publish his history of (from my perspective) this f***ked up operation and the explanation for its being overlooked in the anals of both the 1st Infantry Division and the 25th Infantry Division.

But despite that, the memories live on in some. At least the Roster of the Fallen maintained on this website now correctly cite Bradbury and Worrell as casualties from Charlie Company.   Take care

Sergio Lugo
Charlie 36 

Latasha Gann
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Sitting here with a heavy heart, missing My Hero SGT Eddie Dean Gann 2/2 1st Infantry Division Big Red One 68 - 69. Reading all your post about Black Virgin Mountain, a day that haunted my daddy for years which he had only started to really talk to me about in the more recent years. The one thing was never left out of when speaking of Vietnam was his "Family". He Loved you dearly . . Alvin . . . .Spike. . . Joe visaya. . . Moose. . . And so many more!
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