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The Saint
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Those of you that are requesting or writing claims for diabetes make sure that you write down if you are taking medicine-Pills or shot for it, that will make the different of a 10%. When I submited my claim I was not taking medicine so they awarded me a 10%, now that I take medicine pills it should be up dated how ever if I put in for an up date they might give me a whole physical all over again and take some percentage away. So be very careful and don't open a can of worms. I am 80/100% unemployability.

Take care and be careful out there.
The Saint.
harold defibaugh
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thanks for the info about agent orange. i have a friend that is a american legion rep and he can do the paperwork for me. i am already total and permanent for ptsd, so as far as anymore money, i don't think it would matter, but it would be on paper. roger, not sure if i will be at st louis this year. i went to d.c. on my bike for the rolling thunder trip, and that was pretty expensive. maybe next year, but i'll be thinking about all of you.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2 dec 67-dec 68
Clarence A. Grow
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Have there been any studies about agent orange and it's effects on the children of those exposed?
Thanks for all the info in these messages.
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I haven't read this whole thread, so forgive me if I am redundant.

I suggest reading the following book, if you can find it. "Waiting for an Army to Die: The Tragedy of Agent Orange." by Wilcox. I believe it was published around 1978. It does discuss, anecdotedly, kids of V Vets, and increased incidence of things such as Spina Bifida.
The Saint
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Clancy, check with the Veterans Representative at the county office, he will give you the information you need..

Take care.

The Saint.
Glenn Haring
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I was treated for prostate cancer starting in Dec. of 05. I was 58 and had two prostate tumors one of which was almost outside of the prostate capsule. The clinic (Dattoli Cancer Center in Sarasota Fl) using seeding and radiation did a fine job and at 6 years post treatment they will consider me cured.

My point here is two fold.

1. One way we got Agent Orange (dioxin) contaminated even if we never were sprayed or in direct contact with Agent Orange is to realize that our water supply all along Hwy 13 was a downstream in the water shed that was so heavily sprayed. Guys we were drinking Agent Orange chemicals every day we were in our AO. If you recall there were water purification trucks sitting along Hwy 13 every day pulling water from streams and after "cleaning it" pumping it into water cows and trucks or even 5 gal. cans. Those of us who came during and after the heavy spraying were constantly ingesting Agent Orange every time we drank water, coffee or ate mess hall food.

You may have diabetes, lung cancer or prostate cancer or other recognized Agent Orange illnesses but do not fool yourself into thinking you were not exposed to the dioxins. You pretty much had to be.
I strongly suggest you look at the list of Agent Orange connected illnesses and if you have any of these immediately make a claim with the VA (financial help only starts on the date you file a claim).  Also if nothing is wrong now at least get on the Agent Orange registry at the VA hospital. Your exposure will be established and you will get periodic information about Agent Orange. The active cancers will put you on 100% disability until such time as you go into remission, as I have.
For a long time I really did not take the whole Agent Orange issue seriously. After finding aggressive prostate cancer advancing at a relatively young age, I changed my thinking completely.

2. If you need some advice and suggestions regarding dealing with prostate cancer feel free to contact me. cell- 405-209-6688   email  gharing599@yahoo.com


Darryl Schenk
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Like so many others in this thread, I have diabetes and Kidney cancer.  VA accepts responsibility for diabetes, but not kidney cancer.  I was Charlie 40 in 2/2 from Feb '67 to Feb '68.  Has anyone received comp for kidney cancer?  If so, how?  God Bless You All!  Darryl

Luther Patton
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Welcome Home Darryl,
First of all you will be in my prayers!  The answer to you question is that I have a friend, Nam Brother who was in Recon. 29er Platoon with me and he had a kidney removed! Now i don't know if it was cancer but more than likely it was. 
We operated in Combat Zone C or Third Corp which was highly sprayed with not only Agent Orange but other herbicide's!
 He receives a disability probably for PTSD, but I will make contact with him and ask if he gets a disability for his Kidney!
Another Brother that was in our Recon. unit had polyps on the colon which were diagnosed as cancerous and they removed them and he is doing OK!
As soon as i found out I will make contact with you, and let you know.
Words are hard to find to cheer you up, but I will tell you just like my Mother would always tell me and that is "TO KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, AND THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT OK!" 
May God Bless You!
Luther Patton
Black scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO,
Recon. 29er platoon. RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67 June68     
Darryl Schenk
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Thanks for the reply Luther.  I appreciate the info.  We all received "the VietNam gift that just keeps on giving."  I will check out CyberSarge's site.  I have done quite a bit of research previously, but have so far been unsuccessful in convincing the VA that my kidney cancer was caused by my exposure.  Unsuccessful even though the VA doctor determined that he felt it was.  God Bless You and All Our Brothers! 

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Darryl, go to the vet rep at your county he/she will give all the info you need.
Good luck.
B co 2/2 1964 to1967.
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.
Glenn Haring
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Just about 5 years ago exactly (age 58) I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was treated with external beam radiation and brachytherapy seeds. I am within 1 year of being considered "cured" by my docs. The VA did consider this a service related (agent orange caused) illness and the put me on 2 years of 100% disability. Once in remission I now get a partial disability for the after effects of the treatment. I have not seen information regarding kidney cancers in my research into prostate cancers however.

Patrick Schmude
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I was also a part of the Agent Orange study at the Lovelace Clinic in New Mexico in the 80's.  As I recall, the staff told us that they would not discuss the results of the Agent Orange testing but would let us know if, during our exams, they found any life threatening conditions such as cancer or tumors.  I was stationed at Charang Valley which is just northwest of Qui Nhon.  I've never heard anything else about the study and as far as I know my health is fine.  I hope that this helps you.
Jack Durst
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I was with the 1/2 Delta Co. from April 1968 to Dec. 1968.  Like the rest of you I also have diabetes, type 2.  and know of many other vets with the same problems.  It was not limited to us, and most vets I know have some form of cancer or other issues from Viet Nam.  Our government didn't warn us of the issues and I still don't think they are telling us all we need to know.  Only time will tell.

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I went to Vietnam in October 2011, while out there I saw lot of Vietnamese people out in the country side with the effects of agent orange. I have type 2 diabetes and take pills for it also I exercise everyday at the gym.
A friend of mine told me that cucumber is good to low your sugar lever--I try it and is working. My sugar lever is around 106-110 in the morning. So try the cu cuber in your salad it will help.

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I don't think our government knew the issues at the time of our exposure... And what they know now, I am not sure they are honestly sharing with us now !!!   I was there all of 1968 along the  hwy 13 corridor and I understand 83 thousand gallons of stuff was sprayed at some point in time in the general area including the area between Lai Khe and Quan Loi...   Have we all been exposed to agent orange ,YES I believe we were!!!   I am type II and have IHD and have all the other BS that goes with owning CIB...   I have had many hearth cathorizations, a triple by-pass at 49 yrs old, later a cath and stent placed... Now at 64 yrs of age, July 1st  of 2011 a second triple by-pass and on Sept 6th another cath and stent placement...   The VA does take ownership of my medical issues and provides a hand full of meds, morning and night to keep me going...    I wonder how this will affect my children and  grandchildren in the years to come !!!
     ronziegler 2/2 HHC recon platoon 1/68-2/69 BEWELLBROthers !!!
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When we got to Lai Khe in 1965, each plt was issue 5 fire extinguishers the pump type---with 3- 500 gallons drum of the defoliant--I remember seen a big yellow circle printed on the Grey color drum. We pour the stuff in the fire extinguisher and spray the bushes with it and some times on the other guys. We did that for days inside the rubber plantation at Lai Khe. We have to walk on search and destroy missions in areas where the C-123's have sprayed weeks before, did that for at least a year and 1/2. 
After I went to the Avn, we flew through clouds of the stuff that they were spraying.
I guess I am lucky so far that the only thing I have is diabetes, after 5 years of service in Vietnam.
To those that I mailed DVD's from my trip to Nam, you can see the effects on the people and the children's--believe me still happening today in 2012 out in the mountains west of Saigon.
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Here is a pretty onformative page on wikipedia'




Has an enlargeable map of Ranch Hand missions.


Also shows that 2,45,5,T was contamunated with TCDD as early as 1952.

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BCC, thanks for the info, looks like after I left Nam, I spent 13 months on the DMZ in Korea only to be sprayed again, if only I was that lucky with the lottery.


Ron,  That's the tragic part, the VA is sort of taking care of us, but what about the after math to our kids and grand kids, the reports show that a lot of these problems will be passed on, the Government is starting to taking responsibility for the Vietnamese people, but it's a little late for those exposed 

Donald Boat
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with all that agent orange stored at Lai Khe in Nov 1967 the ammo dump exploded and as rumored that the agent orange was stored at the dump so thats what you will never hear I was there when that happend and they took blood from us but never put out any results I was the medic in the 8" Bat about 100 yeards from the ammo dump I have skin problems but the Dr who aproves the clames in oour area states that if its not open and bleeding that its not agent orange so until she retires in awhile will we hear in southern Oregon will get any thing done GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND WELCOME HOME  DONALD BOATY D BAT 8TH BN 6TH ARTY 1ST INF   
Donald Boat
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the repersentive of DAV told me that there are birth defects in children of vets of nam who were in the 3 corp area so check it out these children can be treated by VA 

Charlie 40
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Daring 40.  We were on that operation, also.  That was one of the areas that I thought of when I was told at Lovelace Medical Center that I had been in contact with AO.  Later, I recalled waking up one morning at Lai Khe with an oily residue all over us  and everything else.  (We were required to sleep under the stars that one night.)  We were told that day that it was mosquito spray.  In retrospect I sincerely doubt it.  I read that shortly after I left country that they abandoned the Lai Khe site.  In the 1990s I was told by a VA staffer that their records indicated that I had been "sprayed on."  Dioxin, the gift that keeps on giving -- diabetes, asthma, kidney cancer, etc.  But thank God I am still alive.  So many have given all! 

Originally Posted by Daring 40

In October, 1967, we took down the Ong Dong Jungle (Heart Shaped Jungle).  It was a VC hide out that had been sprayed more than once but the over growth kept coming back and climbing up the tree trunks so we got the mission to ride guard while the rome plows took it down.  Talk about exposure to Agent Orange.

Daring 40
Curtis Parker
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Hi guys I geuss that I'm a member of the AO CLUB also being that we all operated in the same area Highway 13 and Lai Khe. I remember while being assigned o B 2/2 Infantry from 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968 while on S&D operations we would fine empty OD Green 55 gallon drums in the jungle east and west of Thunder Road "Highway 13" and I was in Lai Khe December 22-23rd 1967 when the ammo dump blew and was at Thunder 1 in March 1968 wathcing the ammo dump explode again at Lai Khe..... after reading all of these threads and also suffer fromType II DIABETES with irregular heart beats I can see how now I was exposed to Agent Orange. I am getting VA Benifits for Type II Diabetes 10% and I am happy to know that by taking medicine for Type II DIABETES percentage can be increased. All of you guys keep on taking care of yourselves and may God bless all of you....!

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967- 1o Dec 1968
Luther Patton
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Like I had posted before.  I had Prostate Cancer, so my Prostate was removed last summer. A.O. was the cause.
One has to remember that not only was Agent Orange sprayed on us, or we had to patrol in areas that were sprayed etc. But during the dry season when it was used. The dust in the air was so bad or in the jungles where A.O. was sprayed.  We breathed in a lot of that dust that was mixed in with A. O. after an area had been sprayed. You see where I 'am coming from!
Like death,  Agent Orange does not discriminate.
Black Scarf Battalion
Nam June 67' June 68'
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I play a little devil's advocate here.

Most of us are in our sixties or older.  Many of us are effected by A/O (Dioxin).

We know that A/O took away the enemy's concealment.  Had that not been the case, how many of us would have died in our teens or twenties, and not be able to have this discussion today?

It is a two edged sword.


Make use of this medical care, and at least get a physical at your nearby VA, and if you have any A/O related maladies, FILE A CLAIM.
John Venn
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Let me add on to BCC's post.  How many folks in VN who never got near the sprayed areas have received the presumptions for health related issues?  The Government did not have proof that AO DEFINITELY caused any illness.  Folks who put one foot on the ground from a chopper, delivered the mail and flew to their ship are covered.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy anytime a vet gets a benefit and in this instance I think the Government handed us a huge benefit!  Think about it, they could have thrown life style issues into the mix or made the vet prove that it was dioxin  (only three hundred pounds of dioxin sprayed in VN) that caused his illness.  They didn't and that has been good for us.
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