Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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Hi BCC, partly you are right after all "NO MISSION TOO DIFFICULT; NO SACRIFCE TO GREAT; DUTY FIRST"...There are two sides to every coin......by the way Ginger is also good to lower the blood sugar for diabetes so is horse meat...food for thought...mmmmm, mmmm, good!!!!! On the positive side if we want to look at the other side of the AO coin at least we don't have to live with being exposed to Agent Orange like the Vietnamese people still have to do, especially the innocent ones who have/HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAR (NON-COMBATANTS).....you guys keep on taking care of yourselves with a little of DUTY; HONOR AND COUNTRY WITH APPLE PIE:::????&&&%%%===####!!!!!!!....Have A Nice Healthy Day..Noli Me Tangere.....One more last word for hind sight BCC who ever was the approving authority to use of Agent Orange including the manufacture and or the distributor someone should have known what the side effects it would have on the troops in Vietnam just like the Atomic Bomb on Japan....there could have been another way to clear the jungles like the Rome Plow operations..haste makes waste. The war makers did not learn from World War I with the Mustard Gas that is still lingering on the old battle fields in Europe that is just as deadly as it was, but again those who make war are not those who fight it and exposed to all things in harms way....money cannot pay for everything, it can only temporarily pacify the suffering
John Venn
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Curtis, Now, who is this Ginger that helps with you high blood pressure and what exactly does she do to lower the blood pressure? (yuk, yuk!)
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John Venn,

I always preferred Mary Ann.
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maryann may help aches and pains for some but here in WI. it will cause you to sing the jail house blues!
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That's Mary ANN, not Mary JANE!!!
Mike Ogden
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Mary Jane? I hear there naming the Super Bowl after her? WOW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's why they have all the Doritos ads.
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MaryAnn MaryJane   same same GI, we know!
Curtis Parker
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Really guys ginger (Not Ginger Rogers..mmmm) tea, ginger bread etc does help lower your blood sugar, now if you decise to add Mary Jane  (2 for a penny as I remember in the good old days) and depending how old is Mary Jane you may have some extra side effects if your heart may not be strong enough.....or you can go the scientific way by mixing ginger and cucumbers to see what happens..you may be lowering more than just just blood sugar..more like lowering your underwear more often throughout the day, then Mary Jane can hand you the toilet paper and blow dry you gently.........but againon a serious note GINGER does help and I'll let you you know about the cucumbers...ha, ha, ha...Have A Nice Day!
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I think y'all oughta move to ColoraDOOBIE for your meeting with Mary Jane.  Me?  I will settle for Gilligan's Island for Mary Ann (maybe Ginger too!)
Curtis Parker
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BCC you can watch Gilligans Island while you also drink Ginger Ale, eat ginger snap cookies and also think about Ginger who ever and still enjoy the thought of Mary Ann/Mary Jane sucking on a cucumber, yuk, yuk.......the hell with diabetes..keep your sweet tooth..hee haaw.........Agent Orange kiss my Ass.mmmm
Steve Fee
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Here is a link to an informative article that breaks down the time line when defoliants were sprayed from 1962 to 1971 all over VN. As one can see the BRO AO was sprayed continuously. Check it out.

By the way I had the upper 3rd of my colon removed in 2000. The VA did it and said that I was "predisposed" to have the tumors because of Agent Orange exposure. Now I am going through treatment for very high and fluctuating(77) PSA counts with my prostate. Can't live forever I guess.

"View spraying missions in Vietnam by date and location"
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Steve, are you still reciding in Vung Tau, Vietnam? My wife and I are planning to go back in couple of years. Like always we will stay at the Rex Hotel in Saigon, please let me know so we can visit you and the family out there.

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Juan, we are back in the states for now. We will be going back fall 2015. Hope to see you all this year at Pigeon Forge.
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Steve, check your back door mail. Juan.
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If you are still searching for info about Fort Leonard Wood, please let me know.
Michael Dillon
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Searching for info and proof agent orange was at and used at Fort Leonard wood . I have a very aggressive prostate cancer . Any help would be appreciated. Mike Dillon contact info mdillond@yahoo.com
Michael Dillon
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Originally Posted by Charlie
If you are still searching for info about Fort Leonard Wood, please let me know.
Michael Dillon
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Hi, I am searching for proof that agent orange was used at Fort Leonard. I have been Prostate cancer gleason 9.any info would help. Thank You Mike
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