Second Infantry Regiment

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Terry Sage:   I can't say that I remember your face from hhc 2/2 recon...   Were you infused into the recon from another unit that rotated home???... We did have about half dozen guys from I don't know where, come into our unit toward the end of my tour, Gary Petrone  NY, Bryon Barney NY, Dennis Hanson WA whose track was RPG'd, he was burnt badly and dusted off never to be seen again, were some of the guys, if my memory serves me right and you may have been one of the group???
Robert Axelrod:   after a night of contemplating and not remembering ,I am sure I knew you in Nam but can not place where and how... You will have to refresh this olde brain and see where the connection was made, it had to be in LaiKhe or I thought in recon platoon, but I can't place you on a track...44 years will do that to olde brains...ronZ...
Jim Leslie
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I was there in An Loc with Co.A 2/2 Track 124 and was award a silver star. Many great men fought and dead there.
Terry Sage
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Ron,   I came to the  recon platoon from Bravo company the first week in November "68". At that time a Sgt. from each line company was transferred to recon platoon. There was me Gene Montgomery from "C"
company and either Small or Ferris from "A" company. I was with the recon platoon until February  "69" when I became TC on the battalion commander's track.
         On Dec.27 I was the lead track when we went out to help "B" company who had been ambushed. No one mentioned they were surrounded and we drove right in amongst the NVA. My track took 3 RPG rounds and caught fire. luckily no one got killed but all but me got dusted off. Actually it wasn't "my" track
as mine was down being repaired and Montgomery asked me to cover for a TC who was on R&R and to lead.  My track took another RPG on Jan. 12 when we were ambushed on highway 13. We lost James Rush that day and Doc Shannon lost a hand. I included these "war stories" as they may help you remember me.
       Do the names Beagle, my driver Carls side M.G, Beasley, Bauer and Doc Fernandez sound familiar?

     Proud to have served,
                                       Terry Sage
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Terry:   Doug Beagle from Alma, Michigan I do recall the name, but no to the others...  Do you recall the track number that you were on Dec 27th...  If it was the 62 I may have been the TC on R&R...   About in that time frame we got the snot knocked out of us and I believe recon lost 4 out of nine tracks and when I returned from R&R I had no track to return to, until they were replaced or repaired...   Tis hard to remember that long ago...ronZ...
Terry Sage
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Don't remember the track number. Did a medic usually ride with you because there was a medic on the track I was on. How about your crew? I thought they all  were dusted off.

    Terry Sage
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Terry:   I had a medic,black man Jessie Russel very religious,from Indy, wonderful man...  Gene Harris driver   Hawkins & Fred Brueusalas were 60 gunners...  Fred went  home in Nov 68 ??? on red cross leave and returned another unit after 30 days...   I have not made a recon connection with anyone but Fred...It bugs the crap out of me that I spent 40 years forgetting and now I can not recall much when I would like to... I believe most of us are in the same boat...ronZ...
Terry Sage
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  The medic on the track wasn't a black man and I don't recall any of the other names. As I recall we had two sections in the Platoon Doc Fernandez was the medic in my section, he was from the east coast.
   Do you remember your track position on the perimeter? I can't remember my track number for some reason but we were located facing Anloc. Directly in front of us was a berm about 100 yards out that was around a small plane. Behind us was the medics track and TOC. Funny how some things stick in your memory and others don't.
                                         Terry Sage
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Terry:   I hate to admit it, but I don't recall which thunder was which...   The last thunder I called home was on the east side of hwy 13, just south and next door to a small village in which we used to buy GOOk whisky...   I will guess that was thunder IV and the village next door was AnLoc ???...  On that perimeter, were the flame plt, mortar plt, recon plt and some M60 tanks attached to us...  As I recall we had a position facing to the south which was a dozed out pit which was driven into and had about six rows of sandbags around three sides of it in that NDP...   I am sure there were lots of others who guarded during daylight hours while we were out sweeping the road and then gallivanting up and down 13 escorting convoys from LaiKhe to the north...   Bob Axelrod (in country Sep 68) knew the name Beasley and served with him...BEWELLBROther...ronZ...
Terry Sage
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Thunder 4 was at Anloc. We were there from November 68 to June 69. It had a MACV compound and also an ARVN camp close to us. It was a decent size town that from what I've read was the scene of a major battle with NVA in 1975.
     We took over thunder 4 from the 1st air cav. The unit there used jeeps with mounted M60s like the Desert Rats from TV fame. You may recall we had to go to their aide after that got ambushed on a road in  the rubber plantation and got tore up pretty bad. As I recall they were real happy to see our tracks coming. The VC quickly didi out of there.

                   Terry Sage
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track 66 1969 recon black scarfs dimpsy was my sgt. anlocjan 69 thunder 4 then sometime june was moved to thunder 3 n v a big build up fighting their 3 4 weeks hit by 2 sapper attacks finially after the b52 we were needed in the black virgin mtn area line co lost every one except lt and 3 4 troops I was told looking for other track 66 recon squade buds.
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sorry about my typing if you were with us I and others have heart disease from agent orange a going away gift be checked be safe
curtis parker
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Ron and Terry the Thunder that you are referring about is Thunder 3 just North of the village Chahn Thahn on Highway 13 "Thunder Road".  If you can remember Thunder 3 had the 155 artilery Howitzers there. Ron eat a little more fish to help you remember better rather than the horse meat, ha, ha, ha. We all know that 40 plus years are hard to remember names and places, but the events never fade away.  Terry, John Kerins on many occasions talked about Dec 27th and one of his best friends from B 2/2 Mortar Platoon being killed that day. I left Vietnam on 10 Dec 1968 and left the field at Bandit Hill late Nov 1968 just before Thanksgiving before Gary Tucker took over the 3rd Platoon from from Richard Brown who went to the 4.2 Mortar Platoon. I can visualize the battle  of B 2/2 Inf on 27 Dec 1968, probably like on 3 April 1968.  Take care BRO

Curtis Parker
B2/2, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
Terry Sage
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Curtis, I was talking about thunder 4. I drove by thunder 3 but never was in it. Thunder 4 was just outside of the town of Anloc. Highway 13 went past the NDP to Loc Ninh and a cut off from Hwy.13 in Anloc went to Quan Loi. Thunder 4 had a battery of 105s and had a airstrip right next to it .

Terry Sage. 2nd / 2nd
curtis Parker
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Sorry Terry I was reading into Rons description 0of the Thunder on the east side of Highway 13 by a village......Sin Loi GI wrong village...Wrong Sitrep Out, most affirm, most affirm......Have A Nice Day
John Jones
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Originally Posted by Sgt Rock

"First Infantry Division in Vietnam" lists two An Loc battles:


An Loc I; 23-25 May, '69; 2nd/2nd Inf.


An Loc II; 5-6 June, '69


Ron Betts; C co., 2nd/18th Inf.; 11/66-11/67 RVN 

I was wounded June 6th during An LocII ambushed in a rubber tree area by an RPG
John Kerins
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When I arrived in Feb 68, I remember 12 Thunders. Then for the rainy season (April on I think) they started consolidating and expanding some thunders. I think eventually Thunder lV was the Northernmost. But I'm pretty sure there were 12 earlier.
Also we had been in and out of Thunder IV earlier then Nov. At least B/2/2. We pulled road security out of Thunder IV for a while after CPT Burke got hit on 4 JUly.
Curtis Parker
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Hi John I remember that the Thunders started getting redesignated mid Februsry 1968. B 2/2 began builting Thunder 1 on the west side of Highway 13 (Location of the battle of Ap Bau Bang) from scratch  on 15 Feb 1968 when we departed Lai Khe after we fought the TET OFFENSIVE. THAT WAS ALOT OF HARD WORK; DIGGING AND BLASTING holes for for fighting positions and bulding Track positions, laying tangle wire, concertina wire four rolls high, digging in the 55 gallon barrles of Fougas around the NDP etc.....We (B 2/2 Inf) completed building Thunder 1 by the end of March 1968, then we occupied Thunder 2 at the beginning of April 1968. Thunder 2 stayed in place as it was also on the west side of Highway 13...Earlier on the east side of Highway 13 just south of the ARVN Compound at Chahn Thahn was the old Thunder 3 that was shut down....the Thunder just north of Chahn Thahn on the east side of Highway 13 was Thunder 4 where I was on LP on the night 31 Jan 1968 when the TET OFFENSIVE kicked off, that Thunder was closed after TET and Thunder 5 became new Thunder 3, that is where the 155 Howitzers were located...Thunder 2 is where the 105 Howitzers were located.....The new Thunder IV was located further north on Highway 13. In early January 1968 B 2/2 Inf operated out of the old Thunder 3 along with a company from the 101st Airborne Div and a company from the 1st Cavalry Division to conduct a special joint operation that later was canceled the next day..but talk about tension between all three unit in the chow line the night prior. Those earlier Thunders were not built as secure as the new Thunders after the Jan-Feb 1968 TET OFFENSIVE.
Sergio Lugo
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When we departed Thunder 4, the VC/NVA sent their "hasta luego" greeting with at least one mortar round, about 1100 hours.  I don't remember which unit replaced us; someone in an earlier post stated the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment.

Sergio Lugo 
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Thank you for describing thunder 4 I spent time in thunders as my job was with 1st 28 inf. Ist id 68/69. Thunder 4 was a wild place. We lost little joe from philly there in mortar attack. I was on Lp across the air strip. A large cav unit was there and offered a big metal target. I heard the barbed wire creak many times . There was an old rusty barbed wire fence on posts. Before getting onto strip. I called in many times in the beginning of that night . After warning the others in the ndp by radio I moved Lp position 25 yards away from what I knew was a compromised site. As the three of us hit the ground out in open behind a small numb at edge of strip. I kept my eyes on the spot we left. 4or5 mortars went off in that spot and walked over in our new spot and dropped 5 on the airstrip and walked the mortar rounds all around that n d p. They had every bunker and cav unit wired.
Russell maugans
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I flew into that battle as a door gunner. It was hell.
Alvin Howard
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Sergio Sgt. Bondsteel was not a Kia in May he retired from the military and worked for the VA and was killed in a traffic accident
Do Duy Son
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Originally Posted by John Jones

I was wounded June 6th during An LocII ambushed in a rubber tree area by an RPG
Hello sir. I'm studying about that battle. What's your email? Mine is ctlamson@gmail.com
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