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Luther Patton
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Hi All,

With so much grief and great sadness I write this. My Viet Nam Brother, Black Scarf Brother  and my dear friend Staff Sargent Roy D. Marshall passed away Saturday from liver disease. 
After Roy returned to the World he was stationed in Germany in charge of a Mechanized Platoon, came home and trained soldiers on the Tow Missile, that would eventually fight in the first Gulf War. Sargent Marshall was sent to Korea during the Gulf War as a replacement.

Sargent Marshall and I trained at Tiger Land that is when I first met him. After our Training at Tiger Land we were stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington waiting to be sent to Viet Nam on the USNS Geiger. We would help make up three new companies in The Big Red One 1/2 Black Scarf Battalion, Delta Company.

He returned from Germany, and was stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana as a drill instructor. He was soon married to a sweet lady by the name of Clar.

I traveled many times to Fort Polk to visit Roy and his wife, and they would come and visit me here  in Oklahoma.

I'm so saddened, beyond words.  Roy and I had been through so much together, its all written in my memoirs.

Please keep Sargent Marshalls family in your Prayers. He will be given full military honors and buried at the Veterans Grave yard in Leesville, Louisiana where he and his wife made their home.

May you Rest in Peace Roy D. until we meet again. God Bless You I pray.

L. Patton
First Infantry Division 1/2
Black Scarf Battalion, Delta Company, November Platoon
Recon. 29er Platoon
Nam June 67-68

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A very nice eulogy for your friend and our fellow Ramrod.

Rest in Peace Ramrod.
Eddie (Andy) Oliver
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Luther I am sorry to hear about what sounds like a good man and your great friend passing. Seems like this is happening to often. Thoughts and prayers for family and friends. Rest in peace Black Scarf brother.
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