Second Infantry Regiment

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Ryan, please get in touch with me. Click on my name and send me an e-mail.


Bob Faubert
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April 20, 2012

A message from Bob Faubert, to all members of the Black Scarves. I talked with Joe Fair yesterday and it was a real pleasure to talk with him. He inspired me to find my old photo albums and copy some of the pictures that I felt would be of interest to all. I will only send a couple at a time just in case there is a computer glitch. 

Bob Faubert, November Platoon A 1/2

Capt. Coker among the men, resupply, outside of Dau Tieng.  South Vietnamese soldiers are walking in the background.


A 1/2 10-69

Sgt. Simon and Miller checking out bunkers. There is an N.V.A. type bunker between the two of them. The only way you can actually tell is by the entrance. See it yet? Keep looking, its there.


November platoon, A 1/2 8-69

Bob Faubert
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Capt. Coker
Bob Faubert
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I will find a way to send the pictures.
Mike Hart
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Just found this site today.  Memories just came flooding back, both good and bad.  I was the FO with A 1/2 from Aug69 'til the BRO left VN in March 70.  I was assigned to A 1/5 and attached to A 1/2.

Joe Fair and Ron Hume contacted me about a year ago but they are the only guys I've talked to since I came home in Jul 70.  I recognize a few of the names from A 1/2:  Coker, Cabera, Curran, Holt, Claflin, Shellenberger, Grey and a few others.

I'm going to monitor this board regularly even-though memories just flood back.

No mission too difficult
No sacrifice too great
Duty First

Mike Hart 1st Lt.
A 1/2 FO

Ron Fichtner
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     Welcome to the site and welcome home.
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Mike Hart, Welcome Home Bro and Thank YOU for your Service!! Like you untill I found this site, I hadn't talked to anyone about the "Nam" since 1969. The great bro's here have helped me a lot, even my wife says that she has noticed the change, for the better. Hope that it does the same for you. Take care Bro. Norm


Bco 2/2 3rd Plt

Tracks 232 & 234

7-67 7-68

Joe Fair
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LT Hart


I am thankful you found this site. It is a great place to share and remember. I look at this site at least twice per week.


Stay in touch.


Joe Fair

A 1/2

March 1969 to March 1970

Luther Patton
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Welcome Home Lt. Hart!  You have found the site that has good medicine for any aliment that you may have after the War!  Per Say!!  All of The Brother's on the message board are very helpful in many ways.
The 1/5 Arty boys were fine artillery men not to say that the other arty Battalions were not!  Because when we needed that fire support they were there for us!  So many thanks to you FO's for calling in the fire support whenever we needed it. Welcome Home Brother!
Welcome to the board!
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon, RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67' June 68'  
Mike Hart
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A 1/5 had 105's is support of us through most of my time with A 1/2.  The Fire Direction Officer (FDO) was the best I ever worked with.  I can't remember his name but we called him the Wizard.  Anyone know who he is?

Christian Pasquariello
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Hello, my name is Christian Pasquariello and my father, David Pasquariello was, I believe, the PIO in the black scarves battalion from Nov. 68 - Nov. 69. His radio call sign was Dracula Zulu. I thought you guys would appreciate this paper he wrote back then: (the guy holding the M60 up is the beloved AC Green!) If you guys would like to reach my dad you can at davidpasq@gmail.com Enjoy.

harold defibaugh
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in one of the pictures of the newspaper is a specialist miller, sam. if it the same one, he was in my platoon for a while before he went to recon.


harold defibaugh

Luther Patton
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Hey Harold,
 I did not know that Sam Miller was in your Platoon.  Sam was from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I ran into him after we returned from the Nam and he like me was applying for a job. And  I never saw him again.
In the pic. where Recon. Platoon 29er Black Scarf's is crossing the river LT. Alex Green awarded the Distinguish Service Cross during the battle Of Loc Nhin is holding the M-60 Machine Gun then behind him is Mike Canity and then Tom McCully both wounded, as well as LT. Green.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
harold defibaugh
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the picture of sam miller looks very familiar to a person in my platoon. he was from ok, not sure if he was from tulsa. he wore those thick glasses and was a native-american. i could be mistaken. i do know the guy i am talking about did go to recon. only say a few other time while i was in country.


harold defibaugh

mike ogden
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 these pictures really mean alot to me, the guy with the black rimed glasses nick name was tomatoe head, sorry I don't remember his real name, he deros shorly after this patol, i'm right in front of him with my sleeves rolled up. I've printed this out for my records and am very thankful for the posting. I was walking point man on this patrol along with Bravo Co., almost had my head blown off by a claymore mine set up in a tree that charlie had set up, was a set up ambush by charlie. Saved my guy's lives this day, knew something was'nt right just before it blew along with ak47 fire. Sun was setting so we pulled back and stayed allnight in a rice patty, got bitten by about 2 or 3 hundred mosquito bites on my back, had afever for next couple of days. Next morning the huey's took us out and as you know recon is always last one's to leave, well here came five huey's as we get fire from the woodline so they leave us out there, AC radioed base camp and Commander told huey pilots to go back in and get us out while under fire, never heard so much cussing coming out of pilots mouths as we clammered to get on board, just another day in the bush, HOOAH 
mike ogden
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 oops forgot to sighn out:
         Mike Ogden
         1/2 HHC Recon 29er Black Scarves
         Big Red One June '68'-Febuary'69'
Luther Patton
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Hi Harold yes, it is the same guy that was in your platoon Sam Miller Native American and wore dark rim glasses i have some  pics of him when we were at Song Be.
Mike I don't mean to correct you but that is not you in the front of Tomato Head and that was his nickname. The guy that you say is you is Doc. Kolarsky Recon. 29er Platoon Medic, he and i went to Tokyo Japan  at the end of April and May of 68'.  I all so have  a pic. of Doc Kolarsky at song Be As well. 
Mike read the caption and it clearly states that it is Dock Kolarsky. Sorry.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battlaion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68' 
mike ogden
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 when I saw AC I guess I got caught up in the moment and that's not no damn da-ja-vue, i'm sure i've shared with most everyone here on the board about the day AC was wia, sorry guy's lots of emotion and memories here, bewellBROthers, god bless, mike ogden 1/2 Recon BRO

Larry G
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Not to get too far off course here but did anyone notice the photo with Major General Keith L.Ware and SGM Joseph A. Venable and the date of the paper?  It is one month and one day before they were both killed when the C&C helicopter they were in crashed.  It happened on 13 September 1968.

harold defibaugh
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these old pics conjure up a lot of old memories long forgotten. i do remember miller being in my platoon for a short while. don't remember when he went to recon. in about august or sept i got transfered back to S4. my platoon sgt,(sgt furbee) made it happen. like i said before, don't know if he did me a favor. had an old sgt named o'grady that was my sgt. he was from ok. i think.


harold defibaugh


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Lute your right on on those dudes in the picture. I remember that day well as I dammed near drowned crossing that river. A new medic ( I think his last name was Miller could be wrong but I remember he packed a 16) and I stayed back while everyone else crossed. After everyone else got over he and I started to cross and a sniper opened up from a tree line.


I remember Lowery came out in the LOH and tried to get the sniper off our back and that Spanky was all pissed off because he was sitting on a dike and when the sniper opened up he had to dive in  the mud and get all dirty.


I can remember we were all pissed that day because we just got clean clothes and had to get them all dirty in the river.



Luther Patton
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Lar, I remember that we were crossing a small river that had been flooded by hi tide and then receded and it was so damn muddy and out to our front was a clearing and we took sniper fire from the tree line and LT. Green called in for a Gun ship and it was one single gunship that came in and it was.... well my first time to see the Huey Cobra in action.  I thought what a freakin cool Gun ship.  Of course it took care of the problem. 
And we all got so muddy.  Now i dont know if this is the same pic. when that happened. I heard that Miller with the dark rim glasses broke the bridge while crossing it and then the rope had to be used for crossing over!  
Good to hear from you Lar.
Black Scarfs
Christian J. Pasquariello
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Im glad you guys appreciate the pics! Unfortunately my father didnt keep much else. I will double check through his stuff.

Larry G
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I am sure that you can tell by the postings just how much the guys appreciate what you put in the message board. You are a wonderful son and I commend you for that.



To all the fellows that knew A C Green, I spoke to him yesterday, he is doing fine, he is retired and working part time as a volunteer at the V A hospital in Denver and said it is the most rewarding expedience being with the "troops" that he has had in a long time. He does not have email so I snail mailed him the newspaper article Christian posted and also all your comments.



God bless you all and our troops,



Larry Grzywinski


2nd Inf Regt Assn

HHC, 2/2 66-67

Luther Patton
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 So glad to hear that A.C. is doing fine and that he is doing what he does best, and that is to relate to a Soldier.
A.C. was and his a fine human being. Loved by all that served with him in Viet Nam.  I was his RTO during part of The Operation Shenadoah Two, and then when he came to Recon. Platoon 29er and I became Point Man.
And thank you Christian for sharing with us.. the photos that your Dad took during his tour in The Nam. 
Thanks Larry for letting us know on how A.C. is doing
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68' 
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