Second Infantry Regiment

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Christian Pasquariello
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My father, David Pasquariello, was PIO with the black scarves from 67-68 at Quan Loi and would like to contact Lt. Green. If possible could you email me his address at chjapa@yahoo.com. Thanks.  
Bill Hearn
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I too want to thank you for posting the pictures.  I commanded Bravo Company, 1/2 for seven months from August '67 to March '68 and then served as 77 Zulu in the the Division TOC with General Ware until August '68.  The stream crossing photo reminded me a great deal of one we made earlier while I was CO.  And J.J. Adams (often comments on this board) who served as Lt. Armstrong's FO RTO while I was Bravo CO might remember the day we were making a shotgun extraction and started receiving fire.  Our choppers circled above for so long that they had to fly off to refuel.  We were eventually extracted but that was a long afternoon.  Sounds familiar to one of the posts on here but, of course, was probably a year or so earlier.

By any chance does your dad have access to any copies of the Danger Forward publication.  I would love to get a copy of the issue that reported on the Battle of Hill 172 and the D-TOC operations.  I lost my only copy in Hurricane Ike in Galvestion in 2008. 

Bill Hearn

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Inre:  Danger Forward.    The Museum at Cantigny has a pretty extensive archive of old Danger Forwards.  They MIGHT have a copy of the issue in question, and MAY be able to xerox a copy for you.  Give them a call.
cary Wider
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Sorry I missed the reunion. When is the next one?
I still make visits to Martinsburg WV VA hospital and would love to look up any members we mite have there.

How can I post a picture.

Charlie and Delta 1st of the 2nd
from April 67-68 
Larry G
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You can find out when the next reunions are by going to the main page and clicking on the EVENTS button.

Bob Borman
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The next reunion is in Jacksonville Fl Aug 2013.
There will be a number of us Black Scarf's at the reunion. I was with B1/2 from Sept 68- Sept 69. Come and visit with us
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I stumbled upon this Black Scarves topic while researching a passed relative James Bidese. Jim would never discuss his time served in Veit Nam so I always assumed it was some pretty rough stuff. I just found out he was in the 1st Infantry Division, 1/2 Charlie Co. Black Scarves. His internmenty will be this Sat the 15th 2012 in Worth IL.
If anyone knew Jim and would like more info feel free
to contact me. shadows865@comcast.net

Thank you all for your service and loyalty to this Country! 
Larry G
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Thank you for notify us about James Bidese passing away.  He is the second 2nd Infantrymen to have died recently.  What is suprising about learning of his passing is that my wife graduated from high school in the same class of 66 as James.
mike ogden
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May God Rest Jim's Soul, job well done troop!!!
 mike ogden
 1/2 HHC & C Co. BRO June '68'-Feb.'69'
John Kerins
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I am sorry for the loss of the Bidesse family.

But it’s some comfort that he and Jack Gallagher of the 2/2 will travel to the final parade ground together. And there before the Lord, both pass in review and receive their final awards and decorations. Eternal life and a crown of glory!

God speed brothers.
John Kerins
B/2/2 68-69

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Thank you all for the condolences, I will pass this on to the family.
Luther Patton
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I send my Condolence's to the Bidesse family as well. May the Good Lord watch over the Bidesse  family each and everyday.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Wesley Pauls
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Regarding the scarves. The story that I was told is that there was a battle with the NVA Phu Loi Battalion which was deeply entrenched and making civilians do their bidding. They used the scarf to keep ants from going down their shirts. The 1/2 kicked their butts and decided that the scarf was a good idea and used it themselves.

mike ogden
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Wesley that just might be part of the history, thank you for sharing BROther!
  mike ogden
  1/2 HHC BRO '68'-'69'
John Adams
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Anyone who was in B company between Aug 67 and Jul 68 I have contacted CPT Bill Hearn, company CO, LT Gerald O'Hare, he was a Plt Ldr, XO and part time CO and finally I have talked to my FO, LT Frank Armstrong. I am hoping I can get them to a reunion in 2013. It has taken 40+ years but I am glad I have had the opportunity to talk to them.
My point is, do not give up looking for your buddies. They are out there and there are ways to find them.

Joe Fair
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John Adams you are correct. Many of our Vietnam buddies are out there. Since my retirement in May 2011 I have been able to contact 23 guys I served with:
Cpt Coker- CO    Lt Zazzaro- Plt Ldr   Lt Hart- FO    SSG Schellenebrger- PSG   Bob Childers, Dwayne Ellrich, Alex Sole, Berl Martin, Jerry Allen, David Nothwang, Roger Lasante, Jeff Mills, Roy Bohn, Steven Gray, Pete Elsos,  Elmo Taylor, Ron Hume, Cary Dawkins, Roger Johnson, Bob Faubert, Joe Spruill's sister (Joe died in 1974 of an anurism) and Earnest Freeman's sister and Ronald Gray's niece (Earnest and Ronald were killed during a ground attack at Quan Loi on May 12, 1969).  It has been most rewarding to have talked to these guys and family members. If anyone knows how to contact Marty Vazanna, John Sutton, Jim Ward, Bob White, or any other soldier of Alpha Company 1/2 please let me know. I will continue trying to make contact. It is great and rewarding to talk after all these years.

Joe Fair
A 1/2 March 1969 to March 1970

Charles diale
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My Father just recently passes away, He was a medic in nam with 1-2 But I never asked him what company he was with I have photos of him with his black scarf on. If there is anyone who can help me with his company it would be appreciated. His name was Hubert Steven Smith I believe he was in Nam sometime between 67 or 68.
Larry G
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We are so very sorry to learn that your father have passed away, we will remember him in our prayers.

We checked our master roster and altho there are 14 Smith's he was not one of them.  You wrote in your posting that he was a medic, we can tell you that all medics were with HHC but were then assigned to one of the companies, A, B, C or D.  Therefore he could have been with any of the 4 companies or actually with HHC.  Hopefully someone will be able to provide you with more information.

Larry & Kathy G

Luther Patton
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 Hi charles,
So sorry to hear about your Dads passing.  I send my condolences to you and your family.
I was a Black Scarf from 1967- 1968.  Here is what you need to do that i think will help you find out what company your Dad may have been assigned to.  On your Dads Black Scarf look at the 1/2 on the scarf and tell us what color it is.
Here are the colors for each Company that was in the Black Scarf Battalion.
I think I got the colors right on what company they were assigned to. 

Please let us know on what you find.
God Bless All Of The Medics that served in Viet Nam.  
Sincerely, Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon, RTO, Point Man 
Nam June 67' June 68'
Charles Diale
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TY for all the info. I just recently found his Discharge paperwork and have discovered he was a Medic for A CO 1-2 Inf from Oct 68- Oct-69. I'm also Pleased to announce that I'm a second Generation Ramrod as I'm ASSIGNED AS A Medic for 2-2 Inf. So to My Father Hubert S. Smith and all members of the Black Scarves who are now my Sister Bn ty for your Service.
Eddie Oliver
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Glad you found this out.That is something to be proud of. I was with Co C 1/2 from 6/68 thur 3/69. Welcome to the board. RIP Smith.
Joe Fair
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I am so sorry to hear that your father has passed away.

I served with Alpha Company, 1st BN, 2nd Infantry Regiment from April 1969 to March 1970. Perhaps you could send me a copy of a photo of your Dad to see if I recall him. I am quite sure I will. I may even have a photo of him.

My e-mail is regniafair@gmail.com

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
April 1969 to March 1970
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Just found this site. Was in country from April 2, 1968 to May 2, 1969. C company 1/2. Haven't recognized any of your names except Lt Green. Did any of you know Mike Foley or Steve Hartford?
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Matt, we have lot of guys from C co 1/2 Bn that come to the reunion.
Luthrer Patton
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 Hi Matt welcome Home Brother, and welcome to the board.
I was with the Recon. 29er Platoon, Point Man.
Matt did you go through Jungle Devil School first?
Lt. Green was the Platoon Leader for Recon. 29er.  I was Lt. Greens RTO during Operation Shenandoah Two. We Were, and  still good friends. Great Man and leader of Men, Lt. Green was.
You will like this web site, we are a Band Of Brother's. Feel free to post anytime.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29erf Platoon, RTO, Point Man
Nam June 67 June 68 
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