Second Infantry Regiment

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  Hi Guys, does anyone know the true history of the     Black Scarves and how and where it all started from?
  I've tried to find this information myslf but have'nt had much luck! Also, does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a few black scarves to share with my family?
                          brother, Mike Ogden
Larry Grzywinski
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This is what I have concerning the scarves, there are others who could tell you more.


"On 30 April 1966 in a sweep through the village of Lo Go the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry engages in heavy fighting, it was during this time that a large quantity of black cloth was captured. This cloth was made into the scarves worn by the battalion for the remaining of its tour in Vietnam. It is from this that the battalion earned its nickname “Black Scarves”.  LTC Richard Prillimen is the battalion commander."


I don't know where you might obtain a scarve, perhaps others that visit thiws message board can help you with that.  These scarves have a special meaning were meant for only those who served with the 1/2 in Vietnam.


Welcome home Bro!


Larry Grzywinski

HHC 2/2 66-67

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there is a medic that wrote a book about his tour with the 1/2. he has the book for sale and also some black scarves for sale. his name is cliff roberson. the web address is http://www.aardpiggy.com/vnmedic.html. i found it under google by typing in black scarf battalion. didn't order the book or scarf so don't know where it is a good web site . have a good day. c 1/2 67-68
Billye J.Jackson
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 This is the story in the yera book also.

SPC Bowman
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hey everyone
i was wondering if there are any person from the original black scarves any where. i would like to talk to one as i am currently in 1-2 inf black scarves. its an honor really. thank you for your time
John (JJ) Adams
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SPC Bowman,

There are several 1/2 Inf who check in here all the time. I do not know if they were with the unit at the time the Black Scarves started but they will now the story.

We are honored by your service and the other men and women in our Armed Forces today. Ya'll are true professionals and patriots and are carrying on the traditions.

Thank you for your service.

John Adams

FO section B Co. 1st Bn 2nd Inf Regt 67 - 68
Black Scarves

Eddie Oliver
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SFC Bowman,

First let me say thank you for what you are doing and second welcome to the board. You are serving with one of the best units in the US Army but I could be a little predigest since I was a proud member from 6/68-3/69 in the RVN. Check back often and let us hear from you. Maybe there will be some others from 1/2 seeing this and will get in on the conversation. Stay safe and carry on a great tradition.

Eddie Oliver
Co C 1/2, 6/68-3/69 

harold defibaugh
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sfc. bowman,

i would also like to thank you and all that serve with you for your service to this nation.
i served with b 1/2 in vietnam, dec 67-dec 68. i do not have my first black scarf, but i do have one that i brought back from nam. i took it to the last regimental reunion in pigeon forge, tn. met a great group of guys.
stay safe, and god bless.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
The Saint
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Sfc Bowman, thank you for your service. The 1/2 Bn went to Vietnam in 1965 together with the 2/2 Bn. We were at Ft Devens, Mass before we went to Vietnam. Although the 1/2 Bn and the 2/2 Bn were together at the same Quad at Ft Devens we never trained together.
Sfc (Ret) Santiago B co 2/2 1964 to 1967.
Vietnam 1965 to 1970.

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SPC Bowman, welcome to your 2nd Inf. message board and thank you and all the others for the job you do. Soon or later a little dude by the name of Johnny Johnson will see your post and give you all the details as I'm almost positive he was there when the Black Scarf material was found in the VC base camp.

Luther Patton
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SFC Bowmen welcome to our board.  Like Harold and Goodmaim i was a Black Scarf Member and very proud of it. I served proudly with The Black Scarf Battalion from June of 67 June of 68'.
The story on how the Black Scarf Battalion came to be was during Operation Birmingham April 24th ----May 17th 1966. LTC Prillerman was the Battalion commander of The First of The Second. Operation Birmingham was conducted in western The Tay Ninh province.
The 1/2 was patrolling along the Cai Bach River which bordered Viet Nam and Cambodia.  The Battalion came under machine gun fire from the Cambodian side of the Cai River where the Viet Cong were dug in.  The Battalion 1/2 fought their way into The Village of Lo Go which would be later called the Battle Of Lo Go.  It was in that village that the First of The Ssecond found huge rolls of black cloth that would be made into Viet Cong uniforms (Black Bajamas's).  LTC Prillaman is the one that came up with the idea of making the cloth into black Scarf's to honor those that were killed in taking the village of Lo Go.  And of course the Black scarf could serve as a towel, sweat rag, and to keep the chafe and ants from getting down into your jungle fatigues.  It served as tourniquet, or a bandage, and a dust mask!
Of course The 1/2 call sign was Dracula and so the Vietnamese being very superstitious thought that the men of the First of The Second wearing Black Scarfs were like a cape that Dracula wore, so the V.C. avoided The Black Scarf'sthe best they could.  It was said in some documents that were found on a Viet Cong, said in part  "Avoid the Black Scarf's.
The Black Scarf represented a dead Viet Cong killed by the 1/2.  One story was told that the Viet Cong put a bounty on the Black Scarf's.
The Viet Cong and NVA feared the Black Scarf's for they knew we would kick their ass.  And we did.  Just check out The Battle Of Hill 172 Dec. 7 and 8th 1967.
I'm a very proud Black Scarf former member.  Check out the links on this message board for the poem written By Sgt. O'Grady.
I hope this helps Sarge we are proud of you young men doing your duty for God, Country, and each other.
I have in my possesion my orignal Black Scarf that i wore in Viet Nam! And one Black Scarf that I'm having other Black Scarf's that served in Viet Nam sign it so i can leave it at the Wall in D.C. for our fallen Black Scarf Brother's.
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company RTO,
Recon. Platoon 29er RTO, point Man
NAM June 67' June 68'
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 SPC Bowmen, I am proud to hear from the young men serving in the  1 st of the 2nd currently, god bless you.
 The original idea behind the scarves was to eliminate, the sweat towels [O.D.]  and to keep the red [fire] ants from falling down our necks, as well as other not so friendlily insects that where clinging to vegetation,   [they loved the Bamboo trees]
    C 1 2
     Feb 66 to Feb 67
     Weapons and 3 rd platoon
Luther Patton
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Frank, that is one reason for The Black Scarf's.
I have talked to LTC Prillamans Daughter, and i have researched a little on the Black Scarf Battalion, and Viet Nam!
The First Infantry Divison, was the best Infantry Divison In Viet Nam!!
It is written in The Ameican Travler.
It is truly an honor to be A BLACK SCARF!
It was forty three year's ago today!  November 29th, 1967, at The Battle of Bu Dop, I lost two very good friend's!!!  James Arthur Snook, and Willie Lee Shegog. 
Their name's are written on the back fender of my custom chopper!! The Second Infantry Chopper.   And yes, it has a Black Scarf Painted on the back fender as well.  I will send you some pictures to you or to anyone else that would like to see it.
The Second Infantry Chopper has won three trophye's which are dedicatedf to all of the other name's that are on the back fender.
If you like to see some picture's of the Chopper let me know.  I know that the other Black Scarf's that you are serving with would like to see it.  It represent's ALL OF US!!!
Black Scarf's 1/2,  2/2!  Big Red One, POW MIA'S!!!
harold defibaugh
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i have seen pictures of luther's custom bike, and there are no words to explain how great it is. i'm sure that to see it in person would be great. luther, you are a master, and what you have done to remember your fallen brothers is great.

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
mike ogden
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 Luther, I agree with Harold, I want to thank you BROther for being a great support for all that are on this 2nd Reg.board!!!, I also am highly impressed with the wonderful witness that's painted on your bike for
OUR FALLEN BROTHERS and also that it's on a Harley Motorcycle that's stand's for American made and Freedom and Liberty for ALL!!!!
         God Bless and May This Be The Merry Christmas Ever Brother!!!
           Mike Ogden
           1/2 Black Scarves
           BRO '68'-'69'
harold defibaugh
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i don't have a custom chopper like luther, but i ride a 07 heritage softail classic, with a big red one sticker, a secinfreg sticker and a vietnam sticker on the windshield. i am proud of the fact that i served with the finest fighting unit in the u.s. military( i'm sure the marines will disagree), but that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

harold w. defibaugh
b 1/2
dec 67-dec 68
mike ogden
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  I also have a bike which is not a Harley but I fly flags that honor our country and I have a I'M TO OF SERVED IN THE FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION patch on it,
                                             God Bless BROthers!!!
    mike ogden 1/2 BRO
Luther Patton
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Thanks Harold and Mike.  Mike actually its a custom chopper that i had built from the ground up.
But just this last Spring I bought a 1998...... 95th Anniversary Harley Davidision Fat Boy and it only had 4,800 miles on the odomter.
The orginal owner bought it in 98 and added a lot of chrome and put about 2500 miles on the bike and then for some reason put the bike in storage  until he sold it to a friend of mine who sold it to me.  It looks like it was  made yesterday.
I said in my earlier post that the custom Chopper had won three trophie's but actually it has won four !
I hope that the photo's come through seeing is believing!  
Luther Patton
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, Novmeber Plat. RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man  

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Lute who the hell is the old guy in the picture with the famed 2nd Inf. chopper?  Man oh man am I glad I look so young, handsome and debonair. I also have a bike I call it the Goodaim Hot Wheels, I'd post a picture of it but I'm afraid all you dudes would make fun of me for riding a Pink model.

Goodaim one "bad" motor scooter.
The Saint
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Luther, nice bike. However as I look at the vest I see the C.I.B. at the bottom of all the patches. That C.I.B. should be above all the stuff, nothing goes above the C.I.B not even the Congressional Medal of honor ribbon.
Just an observation.
Take Care.

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Luther Patton
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Thanks Goodaim, i agree pink would not be a good color, especially if your in the joint. He He!
Yes Saint, i know that the C.I.B. is worn above all other medals except for the Congressional Medal of Honor. I will have to correct that.
  Hell i have seen guys that were wearing the C. I. B. on the right side, during The Veterans Parade.
Im going to attach some pics of my 1998, 1995 anniversary Harley Davidsion Fat Boy!  It to is a nice bike, but nothing like the Second Infantry Chopper! 
Black Scarf's 1/2 

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sgt matt marr
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I proudly served as squad leader [shake n bake] with delta co 1/2 black scarves  summer of 68 to july22 69  . Any one out there remember me?
Luther Patton
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Goodaim, with all do respect Brother, to those Young Men who died in Vietnam!  Its not a scooter!!!  Its a Custom Chopper! Built to honor all those that have passed on, and to those of us that are still alive; Of The Second Infantry Regiment!  WE  ALL RIDE THE ROADS TOGETHER!!
I know that you like it Lar and what it reprsents, and i Thank You for that Lar. You know as well as I.... that I would go on patrol with  The Recon 29er Brother's  in a heart beat and kick some V.C. and NVA  As--!
Or just sit on a  sandbag and have a PBR, or a can of Black Label, and maybe a little tabacky!
No Sweat!
Be Safe Brother!
Black Scarf's 1/2
Mel Perry
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Originally Posted by sgt matt marr
I proudly served as squad leader [shake n bake] with delta co 1/2 black scarves  summer of 68 to july22 69  . Any one out there remember me?

Hi Sgt Marr,

Its been a long, long time Brother.  I was apparently your FO. I also proudly served in the same unit at the same time frame...Delta Co of the 1/2 Black Scarves of the Big Red One from '68-'69.

Geepers, its been a few lifetimes ago.

Tonight is the first time I've been on here, just found this board. 

Greetings to all here and thanks to all that served, especially those currently serving.
Eddie Oliver
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Mel, first let me say welcome home and welcome to the board. I served in Charlie Co from 6/68-3/69. It is good to see another 1/2 posting.

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