Second Infantry Regiment

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The ribbon alone represents one campaign.  Each bronze star represents one additional campaign.  A silver star represents five bronze stars.    Example:  I was in country from May 1969 thru August 1970.  Five campaigns were named during that period of time.  Hence, my ribbon, which represents one campaign, has four bronze stars attached, for a TOTAL of five campaigns.

The first 16 of the 17 named campaigns are charted above, and I added the 17th below it.
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BCC, there is something wrong you stay one year and got 5 campaing stars--- I stay in Nam for 5 yrs straight and I only have 6 campaing stars Ribbon plus one silver star. That is what the army issue to me. 
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I was there 15 months, during which 5 campaigns were named, and have FOUR campaign stars attached to the ribbon for a total of five campaigns.  (May 69 to August 70)

Here they are:

Tet 69 Counteroffensive, 1969

23 February 1969-8 June 1969


Vietnam Summer - Fall 1969

9 June 1969 - 31 October 1969


Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970

1 November 1969 - 30 April 1970


Sanctuary Counteroffensive

1 May 1970-30 June 1970


Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VII

1 July 1970-30 June 1971


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Thank you. Maybe I have to contact personnel again.
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The chart that lists all the campaigns and dates is on page 1 of this thread.  Start with when you arrived in country and end when you left.  You are entitled to all the campaigns that occurred while you were in country, even if you were only there for one day of a given campaign.
Joseph J Kopac
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Hi guys. Am a 101st and 1st Cav guy. I was only there from Oct 71 til April 72. When I got my medals years ago I wondered why I had 3 stars on my VSM. Turned out I was in 3 campaigns and didn't even know that I was in any. Had to laugh.
Terry Callahan
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I have two on mine.
John Kerins
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I was there from mid Feb 68 to early Feb 69. Four stars and if I had been there a few days longer I'd have gotten a fifth. (Tet 69)

The ribbon doesn't count as a first award. There should be a star on the ribbon for the first campaign. Pretty sure one campaign one star. Four campaigns four stars.
Luther Patton
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I have three bronze stars.  Arrived Viet Nam June 22, 1967, Left June 1968. 
And I have one Bronze Star for Meritorious Service.
Like I have mentioned before on the message board. If anyone does not have the General Order's for the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Oak Leaf. That was awarded to all of us  per-say.  I can send them to you. It list all of the units, Second of The Second, and First of The Second etc.
Just send me your e-mail on the back channel. And I will send you a copy with the citation. No Sweat. 
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
Freddy Drayton
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Originally Posted by The Saint
The bronze star on the Vietnam service medal (red and yellow stripes) means one additional award of the campaign (service) medal. The silver star on the ribbon would mean 5 additional  awards. It has to do with the number of capaigns you were in, not the peroid of time you were there. You will get an overseas bar ( worn on you green uniform right sleeve) for every 6 months in a combat zone. See the attached picture of this old man.[wink][tongue]

Hope that this will answer your question.
Freddy Drayton
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I am a Vietnam vet 1970, National Defense service medal Vietnam campaign metal with 1960 device, Vietnam service metal with two bronze stars come , why they won't let us put bronze stars on our Leison plate's in Missouri, what do you think about that in your state bronze stars, bronze star .
Curtis Parker
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John,I believe that MG Ware's Dog name was King. Hey Bro's AS a remainder your are authorized to wear the Vietnamese Civil Action Citation which ist Green/Red with a wreath in the middle of the ribbon.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968

Luther Patton
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Your right-on!  King was the name of General Wares dog. King is buried at Lai Khe.
I have the order's and Citation on the Civil Action Award. If anyone need the orders let me know. Like I wrote earlier, if anyone needs the orders and Citation on The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with oak leaf, let me know. E-mail me on the back channel.
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam June 67' June 68'
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