Second Infantry Regiment

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john h johnston
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hey gang,   frank beitzel from weopons plt c/1/2 found another one of us.     he found, thomas g. weyenberg who was in weopons plt too.  franks on fire. hes findin people left and right.   thanks frank n welcome aboard tom.               johnny johnston c/1/2 66 67 3rd plt

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   Hey, Johnny, have found any new  c 1 2 guys, since this post originated?

Rachael Metcalf
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 Looking for realative, Jame Metcalf, for family info.

                                        Thanx Rachael

bob graber
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Hey Johnny The wife found the web site and there a some memories that were not all bad. I the one when was called Grab-her or Grabber Dave Washington and I were in the same platoon   How do I send a photo or two.

john h johnston
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hey bob graber.    holler at mccusker n me.   reunion time old buddy.   snuffy smiths kids sure want to talk to you.   theyre starved for info on their daddy.  i told em all i could remember.   yall were close friends, closer than he n i.  holler at us old buddy.   johnny johnston

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