Second Infantry Regiment

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Was there any nickname for Charlie 2/2 back in Nam. Bravo was known as Bandits to the members of the company. 

Today's C-2-2 was asking if the company had been known as anything special back in the day. I said I think they were 'Cupcakes' but today's guys weren't impressed. JUST KIDDING!

So if there was a nickname for them please let me know.

Curtis Parker
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Hi John I think that C 2/2 was called "Charlie's Angles" ha,ha,ha,just kidding..really don't remember what Charlie Company was called,the only Name I know is Dating Bravo "Bandits....Were there any other infantry companies in 2/2 Infantry,ha,ha,ha,
Curtis Parker
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John being that Bravo 2/2 was called Bandit's Charlie 2/2 could have been called Crooks...maybe Coyotes or Crocodiles or Chargers...but really I don't think that the other 2/2 Daring companies had nicknames..I give them all my total respect..But the Dating Bravo Bandits are Bandits!!!!

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John, Steve Fee may know.
Stephen R Fee
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C company was called Kelly's Killers...lol. From our CO Captain Kelly, the name stuck even after Capt Kelly rotated out of the field.

Cheers to all you guys, the best human beings I have ever known.
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