Second Infantry Regiment

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A very good friend of mine for over 30 years and a GREAT friend to veterans needs your help this Christmas. Chris Noel, star of Armed Forces Radio "A Date With Chris" during the Viet Nam War, and acted in a myriad of films and TV shows (including "Girl Happy" w/Elvis Presley, founded a homeless program and shelter in 1993. I have a fundraiser on my facebook page. ALL donations go directly to "Vetsville Cease Fire House" a non-profit, tax exempt 501-c-3 charity. Information for Vetsville is in the fundraiser information. Chris was there for us (8 visits to the troops in Viet Nam) and is STILL there for us. All you vets of the Big Red One, especially. She is the "adopted daughter" of the 1st Infantry Division, since Gen. DePuy announced it during Viet Nam. 5 bucks, 10 bucks, whatever you can. It all helps, it all is needed.


MAINLY, put the "Vetsville Cease Fire House" Fundraiser on your FB page, and ask your FB friends to do the same.

Please note. FB does not have my real name. They have my "nom de plume".

View my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/johnb.michaels.5

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