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Steve DeLacy
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Does anyone out there have the coordinates, or the cross roads of Claymore Corners?.

Many of my memories go back to that little area of land we referred to as Claymore Corners. A lot of good men paid with their lives along the road the ran beside the numerous NDP’s we established there.

I know the general area, but that’s just from picturing in my mind the various ways we got there from Lai Khe.

I have a topographical map of the area, and would like to be able to mark it. I want to be able to say, "This (X) marks the spot of Claymore Corners."

I may sound obsessive, but as I get older, I don’t want places like Claymore Corners to be lost to history, at least not in my family.

In memory of :

- Capt. Joseph S. Rose, Jr. - 2LT William D. Huyler - PSGT Thomas E. Murray

- SPC4 David C. Stanley - PFC David L. Howard - PFC John M. Keppler

September 14, 1967

Chris Bowman
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Click on the thumbnail below and it should open up full size in a separate window.  If it doesn't work, I can email it.  Darkness Dugan and I both were RTOs in C Co. 2/18 and were at Claymore Corners several times.  Hope you're able to decipher the location.  You're not by yourself with memories from that place.  Last time I saw it was from a med-evac and I wasn't too upset about leaving .....except for all the BROs I left behind. 

Steve DeLacy
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Thanks Chris,

I had no problem retrieving the map and marking my own map.

Thanks again
Billye J.Jackson
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  Hay where canI lay Hands on  Maps of the AO during 66and67.

Dave Davidson
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I was a member of the Big Red One at Fort Riley and went on the the 11th Air assault at Benning and went over with the !st Air Cav.

I am doing research for a friend who's husband was killed in RVN.  It seem like you might know him.  He has a son who can't remember what he looked like and she is trying to find pictures and people who knew him.

His name is David C. Stanley, KIA 9/14/1967.  It appears he was part of the group at Claymore Corners.  Let me know if anyone can help her, and Welcome Home Brother.
Jim Wambold
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I'm researching the events of 9/14/67 at "Claymore Corners" for David Carl Stanley's wife.

Do any of you have access to copies of the Daily Staff Journal (Duty Officers Log) for that day?  I'm trying to gather detailed information and verify the grid coordinates of the incident.

So far I have it located on Map Sheet 6331-3 in the vicinity of coordinates 890-366.

Any additional information will be appreciated.

Jim Wambold
West Chester, PA
Curtis Parker
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I believe that Claymore Corners is in the vicinity south of Phu Loi. Co B2/2 INF under the command Captain George Gratzer was down in Claymore Corners during 24 Dec 1967 to at least 9 JAN 1968.  The 3rd Platoon lost alot of men on 26 Dec 1967 by a booby trapped 155mm Artilery round during a S&D operation in Claymore Corners; and on 6 Jan 1968 Co B 2/2 had to support the 1/16th Infantry who had made contact with VC in Claymore Corners.

Stephen DeLacy
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Dave & Jim,

I've been in contact with David Stanley's wife via email, and have expressed how good it was to finally connect with someone from David's family after 42 years (to the day!).  Anyway, I told her that her son could contact me anytime, either by email or telephone, and I'd share what I remember about David.
Also, Jim, I'm assuming it's you and Dave that are working together on the "Chester County Hall of Heroes."  I'll get back to Jim as soon as I can with what information I have on David C. Stanley.

For those of you out there that are interested, you ought to check out and see what Jim and Dave have done to honor the war heroes of Chester County, Pennsylvania at: http://dsf.chesco.org/heroes/main.html

Mike Hansen
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I was in charge of the mine clearing operation team.  It was on HWY 13 I was part of the team that set records for finding and clearing mines in the road.  We where from 1st infantry did delta co 1st Engr BTN.
I have a bunch of photos of the area and us in action.  I got caught by 1 mine that took out  a 5 ton dump truck I was riding on the running board of back to our NDP and took a chopper out of the air above us.  We would clear 5 t0 15 mines a day after the VC would spend the night digging them in the wood. We cleared the sides of HWY 13 to give us better vision. There was a big operation going on somewhere around the black virgin mountain where there where many tunnels they would hide in.  Hwy 13 had to be cleared for supplies being transported to the area.  Many more stories of the area.
Walter Pearson
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I think this is the old Claymore Corners today. 11°11'8.28"N 106°43'30.25"E

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Larry G
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You are in the correct area but Claymore Corner was actually further to the right by that small road. That large road curving around to the left was built after the war. Claymore Corner was a 90 degree road junction. Quite a lot has changed in Vietnam, especially the roads and highways. As an example, Highway 13 is now a divided 4 lane that goes around Ben Cat instead of through the center of the town. I was in that area in 2017.

Luke J
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I visited the site today, and hope it's ok i borrowed from Steve's post.

Larry G
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This is a protion of a 1966 grid map from Vietnam showing where Claymore Corners is located. As one can see quite at has changed in more than 50 years.

bmp Claymore Corners map.bmp      

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