Second Infantry Regiment

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max w.brown
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I was daring yankee in 1968 under LTC Davisson then just before going home L was under LTC Mckenzi or Greer, I know one of them was 101 air born.I did five majer campains in vietnam as Daring Yankee.

Tom Copeland
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Daring Yankee,


Did you also serve under LTC Davisson in the later part of 1967?

What did you do as Daring Yankee?  It has been too many years to try to remember call signs.  I was Daring 40 in late 67.



max w.brown
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Darning Yankee was the TOC I was senior radio operator from around July 68 and tell I lift in Jan 69.I think darning 40 was the mortar unit.right?

Tom Copeland
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Daring 40 was the Ground Surveillance section.  GS is the small anti-personnel radar units.   (see attached photo) 

I served with LTC Davisson when he first took over as Battalion Commander in the Fall of 1967.

I left Vietnam in January 68, just prior to the start of the TET Offensive.



Richard(Ricky) McCuan
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I also served under Col Davisson. I was daring Yankee on the radio in the command track. Sgt Tockstein was in charge of the operators if I remember correctly. I was there from Nov 67 til Oct 68. I unfortunately don't remember many names. I do have a few pictures but I will have to get one of my smart daughters to scan them and send them. I remember Terry English and a guy named john from LA.

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