Second Infantry Regiment

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gene kantor
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Hi John, thanks for the info on the cable show.  I think you and I met each other at one of the reunions at Owensboro , maybe around 1993.  Sorry but I can't remember what 2/2 company you were with and when.  Thanks again, I know a good many guys still follow the 2/2.  Gene
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I don't know where the misinformation started but the tankers attached to Aco 2-2 during Fallujah battle were 2nd platoon, Bco 1-63 AR. Not 2-63.
Sgt O
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Originally Posted by The Saint
Gene, yes C co was there. I am in contact with a kid that lost his right leg and part of his stomach, he spend about 2 years at Walter Reed Hospital.
He was medical discharged this year and he is residing in Puerto Rico. He and I attend the re-activation of the 2/2 in Ft Hood TX on April this year. I was with B co 2/2 from 1964 to 67, I went to Nam in 1965 with the unit stay until 1967 then I was assigned to the 1st Avn Bde, I stay in Nam until 1970. I retired from the Army in 1981.

Hope this can help you.

The Saint.
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