Second Infantry Regiment

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Joe Fair
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There was a fire-base that the 1/2 occupied in May 1969 that set on top of a mountain range. The mountain range as best I recall was called the Razor Backs. I think the fire-base was called Pine Ridge. Is this correct?  From there you could see Tay Ninh City, the Black Virgin Mountain- Nu Bah Dien and Nu Bah Rah the twin sister of the Black Virgin ( I bet I spelled these wrong- it's just been too long). The best I also recall is that there was a fire-base at Song Be that sat right next to Nu Bah Rah. Was the fire-base called Song Be?I'm trying to correctly put all the pieces of my memory together as I plan a trip to Vietnam early in 2012.  The 1st Division Headquarters was at Di An (pronounced Zian). When I was at Quan Loi (I still recall the red dirt) the 1st Cav and 11th ACR were also there. We worked with the 11th ACR out of Quan Loi on several occasions. These guys were great. I just didn't like riding on top on a M113 APC. At Quan Loi I got to ride on a "Mule".  That was an interesting little vehicle. I think these were assigned to the 1st Cav. I never did see one with the BRO. I recall the names of fire-bases Buttons and Mahone but can't recall where they were located. Any help?

I appreciate any help. I want to make sure I get my ducks in a roll for the trip and want to visit places I was at during my tour (March 1969 to March 1970). Thanks.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
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Joe, maybe this will help.

There is a big gap in the web page, for some unknown reason, so as you are scrolling down and come to a big blank space, don't despair - keep on going.


Mahone was also known as Kien. It was south of dau Tieng roughly five miles right next to the river.

If you have access to an old map with the military coordinates, it should be no problem finding the exact location of any given firebase.
Larry G
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On 12 May 1969 Company B, 1-2 killed 33 of the enemy when they attempted to overrun FSB BUTTONS (SONG BE).

This information is per The First Infantry Division In Vietnam, volume III-1969.

Dave Roberts
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This is long after you asked the question, but you are correct it was know as Pine Ridge and was on the Razorbacks.  I was with the artillery there in the spring of 1970 and it was 1/2 of a battery.  Let me know if you have other questions.  Welcome home!  Dave

Steve Anders
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Originally Posted by Dave Roberts
This is long after you asked the question, but you are correct it was know as Pine Ridge and was on the Razorbacks.  I was with the artillery there in the spring of 1970 and it was 1/2 of a battery.  Let me know if you have other questions.  Welcome home!  Dave

Speaking of long after... Do you have any pictures of Pine Ridge after the sapper attack on April 26,70? I have a few and have been searching for more for a long time. We started to rebuild and then Tricky Dick sent us off to Cambodia (all expenses paid vacation) before returning and settling in at FSB Jamie for a bit.
Luther Patton
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In reference to Pine Ridge. I looked it up in the book "Where We Were in Viet Nam" by: Michael P. Kelly, a Machine Gunner D Company 1st/502d Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, from November 69' until he was badly wounded September 1970. Michael passed away a few years ago. You can Google about Michael and the book he authored "Where We were in Viet Nam." The book cost me about $40.00 but it has everything you could possibly would want to know about Viet Nam and our firebases etc.. It truly amazes me on how he put it all together; which took him several years to compile.

It list Pine Ridge,  Grid Coordinates at XT-528-588 appears to have been on Nui Ong (Hill 284, in the Razor Backs).

Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Nam 67-68 
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The grid coordinates of some of the Fire Support Bases that were associated with the 1st Infantry Divison.

FSB Aachen (XT625503) Dec 68

An Loc MACV Compound (XT7688)

Ap Bo La (XT8839)

APF Compound (XS963801)

FSB Apollo (XT637507) October 69

FSB Aspen (XT747801) August 1969

Bien Hoa Airbase (YT041172)

Binh Ninh (XT721858) 214 RF Company July 1969

Bunard (YU266884)

FSB Buttons (YU139073)


FSB Christmas (XT833522) September 69

FSB Dogpatch (XT620645) 1969

FSB Drac (XT903610) Dec 68

Duc Vinh III (7580) (SF An Loc)

Duster Compound (YT127117)

FSB Freda (XT583333) July 69 (Later renamed FSB Tennessee)

FSB Gela (XT604432/605420) September 69

FSB Greene (XT642708) May 1969

FSB GUNNER I (XT995545) (JUNE 67)

FSB Harpers Ferry (XT908306)/(XT912302) Dec 68

FSB Howard (XT703817)

LZ Jamie (XT487721) 1969

LZ Joe (XT628664) 1969

FSB Julie (XT5980) 28 Oct-10 Nov 68

Junction City (XT610348)

FSB Kien (XT521415) September 69 (formerly FSB Mahone)

Lai Khe Basecamp (XT770380)

FSB Lorraine (XT712409) September 69

Loc Ninh SF/CIDG (XU8213)

Loc Ninh SF/CSF (XU733083)

Lundy's Lane (XT575502) July 69

MACV Compound U/I (YU155078)

FSB Mons V (XT583344)

FSB Mons XII (XT636347) September 69

FSB Normandy (XT90273190) July/August 69

FSB Omaha (XT890547) Dec 68

FSB Oran (XT628509)/(XT631504) Dec 68

LZ Phyllis (XT532816) 1969

FSB Pine Ridge (XT522587) October 69

Quan Loi Basecamp (XT815904)

FSB Ramrod (624572) July 69

Remagen I (YT005565)

Remagen II (YT002612)

Remagen III (YT032633)

Remagen IV ((YT056675)/(YT005675)

Remagen V (XT061719)

Remgen VI (YT138792)

Remagen VIII

FSB Rawlings (XT297486)

FSB St. Barbara (XT279679) 1969

FSB Sam (XT592610) May 1969

FSB Sidewinder (XT739821) August 1969

FSB Son (XT682485) September 69

Song Be (YU155078)

Tan Binh East (XT856360)

Tan Binh West (XT876364)

Tan Hung (XT 863876) 399 RF Company August 1969

FSB Tennessee (XT583333) October 69

FSB Thunder II (XT78175560) September 69

FSB Thunder III (XT772656)/(XT772646) Dec 68

FSB Thunder IV (XT763893)

Tong Le Chon (XT624875)

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